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As a parent of a child with a rare hindbrain malformation (Rhombencephalosynapsis), we have been very fortunate to live near Seattle Children’sHospital and the University of Washington.When Spencer was diagnosed, we were informed there were approximately 50-100 reported cases worldwide, and here we were, just a short ride to the nearest location researching hindbrain malformations!

Now it’s time to raise a pint for research, and to salute all the families that have been diagnosed with Rhombencephalosynapsis, Joubert Syndrome and any other hindbrain malformations.  Not to mention, raise some money for the research that will hopefully impact those diagnosed, or future individuals diagnosed.  You know, help the team continue their vital research on congenital neurological defects that affect the hindbrain.

So…join us for our 1st Annual Beer for Brains event!

WHEREBlack Raven Brewing Company in Redmond WA 

WHEN:  7 DEC 2014  from 1pm – 5pm

WHAT: Relaxed event, watch the Seahawks on TV, raise funds for an awesome group of researchers (who will be there) for some AWESOME people all over the world (some of their parents will be there)!

HOW Much: 

$30 ticket will get you in the event and even buy your first round!
$45 ticket will get you in the door, your first beer and a SWEET Beers for brains t-shirt!
Or you can just donate and Raise a Pint from Afar and help us raise funds for the UW Hindbrain Malformation Research Team!

You can also just purchase a t-shirt! Not to worry, most of this will be donated also!!

You can also make a donation directly (and it’s tax deductible) online for the UW Hindbrain Malformation Research.

Spencer using his walker and probably listening to Baby Signing Time!

Can you say Rhombencephalosynapsis?

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