3000 Fans Giveaway! **CLOSED**

CONGRATS TO:  Amber A for winning our 3000 fan giveaway!  Please contact me at to claim your prize!

OH MY!  We’ve hit 3000 fans in less than a year, THANK YOU!  Although we just had the Mother’s Day Giveaway, since we hit 3000 fans today, let’s do one for It’s a Preemie Thing! 

One lucky winner will get either TWO onesies/t-shirts for your little one – or – one adult shirt and one onesie/t-shirt (and if one of you few triplet mommas win, I won’t disappoint you)!

Here’s how to win:

1.  You must be a fan on It’s a Preemie Thing  FB page (

2.  Tell me how you found out about It’s a Preemie Thing (friend, NICU, ad, giveaway, etc) and what onesie/adult shirt you’d like (hey, I’ll even do a custom one for you as long as it fits on the onesie/shirt).

For bonus entries (enter separate comments):

3.  Tweet the following:  3000 fans #giveaway @apreemiething, register to win at

4.  Share on your FB page

5.  Tell me what you’d like to see either on the blog (more reviews, more articles) or sold on the website

Contest closes at midnight, 7 May 2011 PST.  Winner will be announced 8 May 2011.

Spencer and Natalie at Seattle March for Babies 30 April 2011

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  • I saw you on the March of Dimes fb page!

  • Ohhh! I Love giveaways, and from IAPT is even better!!!
    I found Its a Preemie Thing on facebook, which led me to the blog and store – I was desperately looking for some sort of support after the premature birth of my son. I had more questions than my head had room for, and I found alot of answers and support from the facebook page and the blog 🙂 Thanks 😀

    • **And the onesie i’d like is “Stunt Double in Training” (my son is wearing a stylin new helmet) & “I know im cute, you can stop staring”….. both are quite fitting for him 🙂 Thanks again!

  • I first found out about IAPT from the preemie board on Baby Center.

  • I would love a onesie that says 2 pound miracle or My grandpa was a preemie.

  • I believe I saw you on the March of Dimes FB page as well. I am so glad i LIKED the page. It has become one of my favorites. Thanks! I would LOVE to have a shirt for my 7 yr old and a onesie for my 3 month old that said NICU graduates along with the dates they were released. I think that would be REALLY cool.

  • I heard about this site from a friends facebook page. I would love a onsie that says nicu grad and one that says no really, I’m one. Thanks for all you do for preemie families!

  • I found your page from a photography page! I’d love to win “I’m older than I look” or “No really Im one” onsies for my little man! 🙂

  • Found out about IAPT on BBC 🙂
    I would love a NICU Grad shirt.

  • I shared your giveaway on my facebook page. It would be fun if someone I knew won.

  • Already FB fan

  • oops I forgot what shirt I would like. First I found you from a friend on FB. I would love the toddler shirt for my daughter that says Don’t let my size fool you. She is tiny but very strong!

  • I would love to see articles about homemade baby food or more about preemie development.

  • LOVE when you have a give away!!!! I heard about you from being friends with Preemie Prints, and they were a fan of yours. I would love any of your shirts, but I think my little twins would look cute rocking “Its a preemie thing” onsies! lol-
    I will certainly share this with my friends on my page, and one thing I would like to see blogged about more, is “the lonliness”. Im a stay at home single mommy of 4 baby boys three of which are under 1 yr old and I LOVE them so much, but I get really sad and lonely sometimes and I would love some help with coping skills, and see if there is anyone out there I could network with about it.

  • I also shared the give away on my facebook page.

  • If I remember correctly a friend of mine who recently had a 30 weeker, just a few days before my 35 weeker was born, had “liked” your FB page and it showed on my wall she had “liked” it so I decided to go check it out. Having 2 preemies myself it just seemed appropriate to add you and I loved your story behind SUCH a good idea!!!
    Id love to have a 2t shirt that says “I was a preemie” and a 12mo onesie that says the same thing. How cute would it be for my daughter and son to have matching shirts saying proudly they’re preemies? 😀

  • I would love to see you carry more books on preemies ( maybe even my book someday ?). I read everything I could when Haley was in the NICU. Knowledge really is power!

  • Hi!

    I found you last year when I had my micro preemie and was looking for NICU support . I would love to win the “I am older than I look”. My 7 month old is finally 11 lbs! We are growing slowly but surely. 🙂

  • I am a big fan!

  • Learned about IAPT when you were doing “market research” on BBC last summer.

    I’d be delighted to have the “Million Dollar Miracle” saying on a blue 6-12 month onesies.

  • I found this website on facebook…love the shirts! I like the nicu grad shirts

  • I found out about you from a friend who recommended you after my preemie was born.

  • I think you should carry baby books for preemies. (To clarify – books for recording information, not for learning about preemies.)

  • I would love if you had more info and books on was so hard to find things when my daughter was in the nicu

  • I am a fan!! I have been for a while. I think I saw your link on Graham’s Foundation, not sure. My son has a shirt, so I’d prefer 2 adult, so we could match, but I understand. I like Proud Preemie Parent. If getting onesie, I like NICU grad. Your so sweet to cone up with all this. 🙂 if this baby I am currently carry comes early, I will have to get her one. 😉

  • Oh, goodness… I honestly can’t remember how I found you. I hope that doesn’t disqualify me :). Oh, wait! I think maybe it was through Keri Meyer’s Photography. Maybe? Anyway, obviously a fan on facebook already :). If I won I think I’d get a “It’s a preemie thing” tshirt for my daughter and myself (I’ve been eying the adorable pink glitter lettering you just started using).

  • I was just thinking to myself, you should sell sibling shirts, like my brother/sister is fun sized, etc.

  • I think baby books for preemies are a fabulous idea! There are so many firsts only preemies experience. I also think something neat would be some kind of a charm or bracelet for mamas.

  • I also shared on my facebook page :).

  • I saw a post from you on the March of Dimes facebook page. I would love a shirt for my five year old that says NICU grad and one for his little brother or sister with brother/sister of a NICU grad.

  • I am a facebook fan! I want the “I only eat on Tuesdays” onesie REALLY bad. We get comments daily on how small my dtr is!!! 🙂


  • I’m a FB friend … I found you on March of Dimes FB

  • I was looking for stuff on preemies thru my facebook and come across you guys and man I love it. So glad I found you!

  • Yayy for 3000 fans and giveaways!!!!

    I found your online store because I was looking for micro preemie clothes online while my daughter was in the nicu, then that led me to your facebook and I’ve been a loyal follower ever since. I love your facebook and all my fellow preemie moms (and dads!) 🙂 I seriously love ALL your onesies, so I don’t think I can pick right now!! lol. One of my faves is ‘I’m older than I look’…it’s especially fitting for days like today…Kayleigh had a Dr appointment and I was talking to a mom in the waiting room who goes, “Oh your baby is so cute. I have another little one at home, but she’s not little anymore like yours, she’s 7 months”….I laughed, “My daughter’s actually 8 months” LOL…then explained she was born just over a pound, 3 months early (didn’t want her to think we don’t feed the little bugger 😉 haha)

  • Shared on my FB as well

    I’d like 2 onesies!!

    O2 isn’t just for old ppl
    I’m older than I look

    Both girl onesies in the gilttery pink- unsure sizes if I win I’ll let you know!
    ((You already have the ones already on site, no custom))

  • I would like the two onesies please…the NICU GRAD…and if possible can I get one blue and one purple.

  • I would love to see more articles about preemies on your blog! 🙂 That would be awesome. And I’d love to see even more funny onesie’s on your store site…even though it’ll make it even harder to choose from then lol 😉

  • Shared on facebook!!! 🙂

  • One day after saying It’s a preemie thing (the easiest way for me to explain to family what was going on) for the 1000th time, I just put the phrase into the search bar and I found you 🙂 I can’t put into words how much your site has saved me, I don’t feel alone anymore.
    I would want an “I earned these rolls” onesie for my daughter, because she did earn them:-) and for myself I think an IAPT shirt would be fitting.

  • I found you on a Facebook search and one of my fellow twin mom’s had also “liked” your page already. I have twin boys, 36 weeks, one in the NICU because he was 3 pounds, and one who came home with me. I would love the copy/paste shirts, or one that says “It’s a TWIN thing!”
    I already like you on facebook, and I really enjoyed your photos of the March for Babies walk. We did the one in NJ, and my Mom’s Club raised more than $1000 dollars.

  • What I would like more of in your store is twin/multiple shirts, especially since I don’t know any twin moms who went full term (even though I am sure there are plenty :). Thanks and keep up the great work!

  • My History teacher told me about youf Facecbook page, and the cute onesies. I went and liked it!!! Not too many site offer preemie clothes especially fun onesies. The onesies I would like would be: NICU grad and 1lb Miracle. Thanks for having fun ways for preemies to express themselves:)

  • I would also like to see a new item sold…an adult shirt that says ” I survived the NICU for my Preemie/s” because it is a struggle for not only the preemie but also for the parents themselves.

  • Also shared the page on Facebook. 🙂 Can you tell I want these shirts?

  • I found your Facebook page listed on my friend’s page who is a NICU nurse in your area. She is a high school friend and I moved away in college, so we aren’t near each other anymore.

    I love the onesies that say “NICU Grad.”

  • I LOVE your blogs. I would also like to see inspirational quotes and poems, more fun onesie sayings and maybe some for other members of the family…grandma, grandpa, aunt, uncle..etc…My family was so proud of the stickers they wore for the MOD walk, which stated how they were related to a preemie 🙂

    • Randi, I do have Proud Preemie Grandparent under the print to order! 🙂 But could expand for the rest of the family! 🙂

  • hey julie! congrats! id love matching Ts for oliver and I in green that promote IAPT.. my phone is being lame and super slllllllllow so tell me if you make ‘toddler’ sized shirts or not? I’ve already posted on fb! I don’t currently have a twitter but, I may just start one and ill share there too!

  • I just shared on Facebook!

  • Faith5410 just tweeted!

  • I found you from a friend on FB (and I dont’ even know how she found me to be honest). We both have similtar stores, both have 28 weekers who were born 9 days apart. If I were to win, I would like the “I earned these rolls” and “2lb miracle” or even “my mom was a preemie” onsies for my beautiful little munchkin.

  • SHARED on facebook

  • what I would like to see more of… different colored preemie long sleeve onsies (unlesss you’ve gotten them reciently) white is a really bad color for this house!! lol and socks… the booties are great but preemie socks are so hard to find!!!So are preemie shoes and bunting bags.

    • Karen, the preemie size only comes in white, but I do have fuchsia, green, purple and royal blue in 0-3 and up! 😉

  • I commented on someone’s status about premi’s an they said that we should check out your page an i did and i LOVE it. I had my first child 11-10-10 he was 6 weeks premature he was 4lbs 14oz. I would like a onesie that say’s “Nicu Grad since 11-20-10” in 6-9months. Or a medium t-shirt that says “Mother of a preemie since 2010”

    • Or both if I can!!

      • I also shared on FB =)

        • And a medium shirt thats says “Proud Grandma of a preemie since 11-10-10” and instead of “Mother of a premie since 2010” I want “Mother of a preemie since 11-10-10”

  • I am already a fan. I found you because my hospital’s NICU had the sign up that said “please wash your hands before touching mine”. I loved it and wanted one for my son’s carrier. I can’t remember if I did an internet search or if there was a label on it that directed me to you. I was in the hospital on bedrest for 2.5 months….trying to stop my preemie from coming any sooner than he did! Water broke at 23 weeks, delivered at 32 weeks.

    I would love a NICU Grad onesie 0-3 months. Someone else suggested having sibling clothes – I think that’s a great idea! I know my 14 year old would proudly wear something relating to her little brother being a preemie, big sister of a nicu grad etc. THANKS!!

  • Found out about IAPT thru fellow preemie moms. I’d love to win “I’m only fed on tuesdays” and “multi-million dollar miracle”

  • I found you on accident when I searched for a preemie group on facebook and your name came up. I really love your post (esp. good news Mondays) and the video links that you post. I would love a shirt for my 18 month old that says “Two pound miracle” and one that says “NICU Grad 2009” both in 2T.

  • I found you on facebook while on my 40 days of hospital bedrest. My 31.6 week miracle is now 28lbs at 11 months..I think the shirt should says I EARNED THESE ROLLS!!!

  • Found you on FB and would love a “multi-million dollar miracle” shirt in a size 5t

  • Congratulations on 3000!!! I found your website when I googled (is that a word?) preemie clothes when my daughter was in the NICU and then became a fan of your facebook page. I love love love the “I earned these rolls ” onesie Maddie just hit 18 lbs!!! 🙂 and The Proud preemie grandparent’ because my daughter is the pride and joy of her grandparents !! 🙂 Great giveaway!

  • I found you by way of My3rdBaby: EllieAdorn Blog. Love you both!

    I would love to have “I’m older than I look” on a fushia onesie for my 17 month old (today), 15 pound peanut!

    Congrats on hitting 3,000! That is amazing!

  • I am a FB fan, found you through a wonderful friend!!

  • I found you through the Washington State March of Dimes page!

  • I tweeted about it too 🙂

  • I found you when I did a search for NICU blogs due to my daughter being in the NICU. Its been so wonderful to hear what other people have gone through. Great knowing like I am not alone although it feels like it at times. I would love a NICU Grad shirt in pink for my little one to wear to the NICU reuion. I can’t wait for that 🙂

  • Shared on FB!

  • And shared on FB! I would like a toddler T that says “I was a preemie!” in size 5T. Congrats on 3,000 fans!

  • I would also like to see more clothing for sibilings who weren’t NICU babies and clothing in children’s sizes. I have a big NICU toddler now 🙂

  • I commented on someone’s status about premi’s an they said that we should check out your page an i did and i LOVE it. I had my first child 11-10-10 he was 6 weeks premature he was 4lbs 14oz. I would like a onesie that say’s “Nicu Grad since 11-20-10 with footprint if it fits″ in 6-9months and a medium t-shirt that says “Mother of a preemie since 11-10-10 with footprints″ and “Proud Grandma of a preemie since 11-10-10 with footprints″. An you should also have a bigger selecton in colors.

    • Of colors.

      • You should make hats that say stuff for the baby or adults. And onesie’s an t-shirts that say stuff on the front and back of them.

  • I am a fan. I found you while looking around on the web for preemie support and clothing. I would love a onesie that says “I earned these rolls” and one that says “why walk when Mom can carry me?”

  • Oh my gosh I’d LOVE to win this!!!

    I found you when my 2nd preemie was born at 29 weeks. I looked up “Preemie” on facebook and came across your page!

    I would love the “I Earned These Rolls for my 29 weeker. She’s 7 months old (4.5 adjusted) and weighs about 16 lbs…and was born at 2 lbs 10 oz. <3

    or the fun size adult t shirt 🙂

  • Shared on my facebook page!!

    found you when my 2nd preemie was born at 29 weeks. I looked up “Preemie” on facebook and came across your page!

    I would love the “I Earned These Rolls for my 29 weeker. She’s 7 months old (4.5 adjusted) and weighs about 16 lbs…and was born at 2 lbs 10 oz. <3

    or the fun size adult t shirt

  • I’d like to see bumper stickers and buttons added on your site. And you should also do custom March of Dimes t shirts <3

    found you when my 2nd preemie was born at 29 weeks. I looked up “Preemie” on facebook and came across your page!

    I would love the “I Earned These Rolls for my 29 weeker. She’s 7 months old (4.5 adjusted) and weighs about 16 lbs…and was born at 2 lbs 10 oz. <3

    or the fun size adult t shirt

  • I was introduced to IAPT by Cheri SoVery, a new preemie mom who spent like 170 days in the NICU. I’m so glad she did (introduce me)! Though I’ve never won any giveaways (even though I really wished for one of the photography ones), I love reading the blogs and all your posts and the posts of other preemie moms. My daughter was born at 28 wks, after my water broke 9 days earlier. She was pretty much out of amniotic fluid, and flipped over breach and used her feet to navigate her way out. I won’t go into the whole story, but it was a very traumatic birth for both of us, I didn’t even get to see her for 4 days which was the hardest thing ever. We spent 3 1/2 months in the NICU, where she learned to stay up all night! 😉 She has been through so much over the last 3 years and we are so lucky to have her with us. Your FB page and blog remind me of this every time I get discouraged with a new diagnoses. So thank you!

  • Oh, I forgot to add my shirt requests (if I win). We would like a green adult “proud preemie parent” and a 4T. Could the Purple or Pink 4T shirt say, “No really, I was a preemie!” (no one believes she was only 2lb’s at birth when they meet her) She’s just turned 3, actual age, not adjusted, and she’s just over 39in tall and 35.5 lb’s.

  • I found you on FB after a friend who also had a micro prem at the same time as us ‘liked’ you. Once I found your FB page I hunted for your web page and my love affair began!!! I love all your shirts and the blog has been such a help – sharing in you and your beautiful boys ups and downs is so special and inspirational. My bubba was born at 23 weeks and was 580 gms! Weve had him home for 4 weeks now and knowing we’re not alone has meant so much-having a sense of humor has also helped which is where you come in! Your shirts make me smile every time and even have a little chuckle!!! Thankyou!
    If we win we’d l love the ‘ I’m only fed on Tuesday’s or one that says ‘I’m not small, I’m fun sized’ or ‘ I earnt these rolls’ oh far out!!! Too many great shirts to put my bubba in!!!

  • I found its a preemie thing by doing a search on facebook for preemie groups so I could learn more about what to expect with my preemie and found this amazing group and support of parents of preemies, I am so glad to have found this page thank you so much, I had so many questions and found some amazing support on its a preemie facebook page, I have to say I looked at tons of pages but this one is the only one I use.

    If I win I think I would want, I am older then I look, I am so tired of people saying on wow she is so tiny for her age, Its like no way thanks for telling me, and for the adult shirt I guess it would be my kid is fun sized.

  • Twitted on twitter @cristaholly

  • post on my status about this giveaway
    3000 fans giveaway It’s a Preemie Thing, register to win at

  • I would love to see more articles, also maybe something for parents of preemies to connect by location, I would love to get my daughter together with other babies around her age, because people do not understand why she is not doing what most 7mo old babies are doing.

  • I’ve been a fan since my son was born in February. I found you on FB when a friend of mine who had a micro-preemie on the same day as my 29 weeker ‘liked’ your site and told me about it.

    I’d LOVE to win a onesie with “babies go… beep beep beep” and/or an adult t-shirt with “My kid’s so fun he beeps!”

  • Shared on my FB page 🙂

  • I’d love to see
    **More reader’s before/after pictures
    **Highlight a preemie each month with their birth story and progress.
    **More preemie-sized onesies with sayings especially NiCU grad. (I’m going crazy having to wait until Seth fits into 0-3 month clothes)
    **It’s a Preemie Thing beanies

    • I also shared on my NEW twitter @lennonlullaby! not, that I follow anyone (but you) or anyone follows me.. hey, its less than 12 hours old..

  • I found you through my micro mamas preemie group, we would love shirts that say God`s one pound miracles as both me and my son were born under 2 pounds

  • A friend recommended you!

  • I tweeted you at @randomkat.

  • I found IAPT’s website first when I was searching on the internet for resources for preemie parents. I loved the products (even bought a Proud Preemie Parent shirt) and then liked you on FB. Love it!!!
    I would love to have the “I earned these rolls” onesie and one that says “2 1/2 pound miracle” if you could make it.
    I also shared this on my FB page 🙂

  • I shared on FB (I keep forget to adding, I’d love a shirt that says I Hold Small Miracles Daily, even though I don’t work at the NICU, it applies!).

  • I’d love for you to carry a shirt that says something like, “Crisis? I can’t handle any crisis; I’m a preemie parent”

    • Grrr… I meant, I CAN handle any crisis! Sigh. Premature articulation!

  • I first found you on my own after I had my 1 lb 1 oz baby girl Elaine. I was searching for clothes and any information about preemies since my first child was 3 days late! I was kinda new to all this! 😉 Still in the hospital (UAB Women & Infants Center) waiting one our countdown to really began!

  • I found It’s a Preemie Thing quite a while back through a Micro Preemie friend. We absolutely love your site. I love the funny onesie’s. My son was the 23 week 14 ozer.! He is still on O2, so I love the onesie “O2…it’s not just for old people” and also the NICU Graduate with maybe his birthdate and discharge date in sizes 2T. I would love a t-shirt for myself in a Medium…maybe a custom t-shirt. Thanks again for everything you offer on your site. We love hearing news, updates, information, etc. Keep up the good work!

  • I am already a fan of IAPT on fb, of course. I can’t remember how I found you. It might have been a preemie parent support board, or maybe a google/yahoo search for preemie clothes. I was looking for things for my little sweetie to wear while in the NICU – she swam in newborn size.

    I went looking for clothes and found wonderful support and hope from your story and other preemie mammas. And its kind of a good thing I never got around to ordering preemie onsies…she only wore that size for about a week!

    I would love either the “I earned these rolls” and “NICU Grad” onesies for Elizabeth, or a matching “My Kid is Fun Sized” and “Fun Sized” for both of us!

  • I tweeted!!! @jwoolley11

  • I found It’s a Preemie Thing from March of Dimes FB page. I would like the Proud Preemie Mom shirt for myself. 🙂 I don’t think you need much to add to the site or FB page. We all kind of help each other in away.–But that is just me. I find help information all the time or support when I need it, and support other moms too.

  • Shared on fb!!

  • I found IAPT thru a friend on FB. 🙂

    I would love a t-shirt for my son (adult size) that says ‘My sister is fun-sized” and a onsie for her saying “Fun-sized”. 🙂

  • I found out about you thru my wonderful friend Cristi Comes!! I would love a mama shirt for me and a t-shirt for little Kylie:)

  • I shared your giveaway on my personal FB page AND my LillyBelle’s Closet page. 🙂

  • Oh, and I just shared on my FB page and my Doll Baby page!!

  • You know what I wanna see! LOL! Hoodies that say NICU grad that look “collegiate”. 🙂

  • I can’t think of much else I would like to see, either. Maybe if there was a way to help fans connect with each other – like a preemie play date finder or something like that. I live in the Detroit area, and I wish I could find some other preemie moms. I know I coul dpost to your fb wall – thats always an option!

  • I found you while doing a search on FB and I am sooo glad I did. I would love an o2 is not just for old people onesie (size 6-9mons, she still weighs 15lbs) since she was on o2 for many months even after coming home!!
    I would love to see mommys connecting with each other on here. There are many preemie moms and some may like to meet other moms that can related to them and their babies.

  • I love this Blog and FB page. I just now following on twitter. This site has really helped me deal with being a premiee mommy. I’m not sure what I want adult t-shirt to show how proud I’m of this site or onies for Brenton
    big fan

  • I commented on someone’s status about premi’s an they said that we should check out your page an i did and i LOVE it. I had my first child 11-10-10 he was 6 weeks premature he was 4lbs 14oz. I would like a onesie that say’s “Nicu Grad since born11-10-10 discharged11-20-10 with footprint if it fits″ in 6-9months and a medium t-shirt that says “Mother of a preemie since 11-10-10 with footprints″ and “Proud Grandma of a preemie since 11-10-10 with footprints″. An you should also have a bigger selecton of colors.You should also make hats that say stuff for the baby or adults. And onesie’s an t-shirts that say stuff on the front and back of them. Or you should also make personilazed onesie’s that have the baby’s birthdate an how much he or she weighed at birth etc..

    • You should make pillows or pillow cases!!

  • I shared this on my FB page!

  • I found yall by browsing on FB one night in the NICU with my 3 month early 1 pound 5 1/2 oz 13 in long preemie. Its so lonely living in the hospital with a 5 day old baby so i was wanting some support I love the site! I love the onsies for Kannan that say “Got Sanitizer?” or honestly anything or a med T-shirt for me that says I love my 1Lb 9Oz Preemie Kannan or something to the effect?

  • you know im a fan!!! i found you when i was looking up preemie sites while on hospital bedrest!! i would LOVE a onesie for zoe that says “preemie donna princess”!!!!!

  • I LOVE Its a Preemie Thing!!! I am not sure how I found your FB page- I think I found your site first by searching for Preemie things. If I won- I would like NICU GRAD or No Really I’m One for Emily… maybe 9 months :o)

  • I found Its a Preemie Thing on FB while I was looking for support after the birth of my daughter Makena. I love your products and think they are so cute and funny! Only us preemie moms would know lol. I would love to get the I know im cute, you can stop staring onsie and the NICU Grad onsie. Probably in a size 6 month

  • I first found out about IAPT on babycenter. I don’t know what onesies I would want yet if I were to win.

  • I am a Facebook fan. I found you on a babycenter post. I would love “fun sized” and ” no really I’m one”.

  • I am a Facebook fan. I found you on a babycenter post. I would love “fun sized” and ” no really I’m one”. In 3-6 mth

  • I found y’all through a friend. I am so glad I did. This page has helped me so much!!

  • I believe I was doing a “preemie” search on Facebook and found you! I would like a onesie that says either Million Dollar Baby, Funsized, or I’m only Fed on Tuesdays! Its so hard to decide, or Id like an adult shirt saying My Kid is Funsized. Love all of your products!

  • A fellow NICU parent had a NICU grad on her daughter! The rest is history! You have given hope and encouragement to so many of us, 3000 and counting! If love to win an I earned these rolls and no, really I’m one for my 28 weeker, who turns one in June!

  • I love your stuff! It is all SO cute. I found you by searching preemie on FB after my thrid preemie was born. I would LOVE to have a little shirt for her that says ‘I am older than I look’ she is almost 14 months and is 16 1/2lbs. People always think she is around 6-7 months old. (She still wears mostly 6mo clothes)

  • fan on facebook! i just searched facebook for “preemie” one day and voila, found you! i just bought a “i earned these rolls” tee for my super chunk 29 weeker & would love a shirt for myself!

  • I found it’s a preemie thing a few days after my daughter came home from the nicu, via a facebook ad, that then lead me to your store. I love the sayings on your shirts, I think they bring a light hearted approach to what really is such a scary event and time for any preemie parent. Plus having a place to share fears and ask questions with other mums that are going through the same thing has been so helpful,for me as a first time parent having her come 2 months early I felt like I had no idea what to expect or how to cope with the emotions. There were many a moment when I felt alone and like no one else understood, esp when all my friends had full term babies and they just didn’t get it. BUT I love having a place to turn, and even offer advice of my own from time to time.

    I would love a ‘no really i’m one’ onesie for my daughter, we will be celebrating her first birthday in June and it would go so great with the zebra tutu she will be wearing 🙂 She’s gotta look her best on her BIG day!!!

  • tweeted it! (i’m @brittanysusan)

  • would love to see more articles about preemie mom issues. for example, i’m currently dealing with some PTSD and in birth trauma therapy for it. i’m always on the hunt for other moms who’ve dealt with it as well.

  • I found out about It’s a Preemie Thing by doing a “preemie” search on FB! I’m so glad I found you! As the mom of 2 rowdy boys (2 & 8) and now an 8 week old 27 weeker (still in NICU) it has been wonderful for me to find other moms like me and share preemie experiences. I would love a small things matter in the nicu shirt & it’s a preemie thing onesie 🙂

  • I found you on the preemie board on bbc when you were first starting the business and looking for t-shirt ideas!

  • I learned abotu IAPT on BabyCenter by you when you were buildling it and I couldnt wait to shop!

    I would love a “No Really im One” Blue Short sleeve Onesie and maybe a “Former 3 Pound Miracle”

    • And I shared this wonderful giveaway on my FB page!~

      • And I would love to hear more personal stories from some of your Preemie friend followers, we can all learn so much from each other and grow together relating with each experience.

  • Friends fb page. “I’m older than I look.”

  • I already a fan of “It’s A Preemie Thing.” I found the fan page by searching FB for Preemie Support. I ordered the NICU Grad Onesie a few months back for the Minnesota March of Dimes Walk. The quaility and fit is fantastic!

    I would love the onsies that say, ” 3lb Miracle” and the t-shirt “It’s A Preemie Thing”

    P.S. I also shared this on FB page and FB Photography Fan Page.

  • I’m a fan on FB.
    I found your Facebook page while I was searching for NICU mom/preemie groups on FB.
    I was one month out of the NICU with my baby, (twin born at 29weeks, twin brother passed away, and we spent 77days in the NICU) and looking for any one who had been through/going through what I was.
    Love your shirts, and I would like a 12month onesie, and adult L.
    My baby is a 1 lb 6oz miracle, and I LOVE the “It’s a Preemie Thing!”
    Thanks so much!

  • Already a facebook fan!!

  • I found you thru BBC!! We would love a Its a Preemie Thing or 3lb miracle!

  • I would love more reviews on the blog! I trust your opinions. We also love your shirts so more of those would be cool too. Maybe hoodies this fall?

  • I don’t remember how I found you– I think I was just looking for Preemie stuff on Facebook (already a friend)… I would like an “I’m older than I look” onesie, or a “My kids are fun-sized” adult shirt for my husband or a custom onesie that says “Miracle of Modern Medicine”.

  • Just shared the giveaway on my FB page!!!

  • I found out about iapt through search on Facebook I put in preemies and it came up !! I would love to win a custom preemie princess, got sanitizer ? Or it’s a preemie thing for my Lil girl in size 12-18 mon.. Happy mothers dAy !! Being a preemie mom is the best in the world !!

  • I found you on the internet while searching for preemie websites. I’d like the I earned these rolls and 2lb Miracle onsies.

  • I shared on FB

  • I’d like to see more shirts/sayings for the older siblings of preemies.

  • Found out about IAPT from the Preemie board on BBC

  • I would love one of the NICU Grad shirts for my little one and if possible one that says Mommy of a NICU Grad for me =)

  • I would like to see more items for the rest of the family especially older siblings

  • Tweeted <3 (nicolejb2005)

  • I saw one of your shirts on a friend’s profile pic. I would be happy to own just about any one of those cute shirts for my little girl~

  • I learned about iapt recently after my first nephew, Anthony, was born a week before my own term son, 10 weeks early due to what we now know was complications from iugr due to cystic fibrosis (he was finally diagnosed recently). He was 2 lbs and 12 inches at birth and since I was there as they wheeled him out of the or into the nicu, he was the smallest baby I’ve ever seen. My sister found solace in ur site during her “preemie two step”, the two steps forward one step back that preemies do which in the nicu.

    If I win, the onsies will be given to my nephew. The older than I look one would be funny, since when in public we are always pointing out that Anthony is older than my bigger yet younger son, and the got sanitized onsie would complement my sister, who has of course become a fanatic so that we don’t get Anthony sick and protect his lungs from the cystic fibrosis. Thanks in advance!

  • I learned about IAPT on facebook after I delivered my son at 29 weeks. I love all of the onesies but my favorite is “no really I am one”. I would love to win that for my son, his 1st birthday is 2 weeks away! I hope I win! 🙂

  • I am already a FB fan! We met on the Feb 2010 BB on BabyCenter… Then we both moved to the Nov 2009 BB! :o/ But I love your items!! <3

  • I found you through a friend on facebook. I have three preemie graduates so I think I would want two NICU Graduate shirts. 🙂

  • I have liked IAPT for a while. I found you through FB while trying to connect with other preemie families (the hospital we were in had a non-existant support system). I would love 6-9 month onesies saying “Million Dollar Baby” and “NICU Grad”

  • I saw you on mod Facebook page. Also have one of your onesies. Would like to get one for myself but it’s so hard to choose! Probably one that says it’s a preemie thing! And I want a few other onesies for Catalina.

  • I love good news Monday!

  • I just found your facebook page from another micropreemie mom…I have a 3 1/2 year old that was born at 23 weeks. I LOVE these shirts and wish I would have found them sooner. I would love a t-shirt that says “Got sanitizer?”, or NICU Grad. These babies are all miracles!

  • I believe I found your page through another preemie mom on Facebook. I would love One Pound Miracle for my 26 weeker who is now five years old! For myself I’d like IAPT.

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