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Wrapsody Giveaway!

**Winner has been emailed!** My favorite wrap when Spencer was still in the NICU and after we came home was my Wrapsody,  and the amazing women behind the company have once again donated a Wrapsody Stretch to our giveaway!  Valued at $84 these are soft and silky — soft like your favorite T-shirt. The process of hand-dyeing and batiking removes much of the lengthwise stretch but leaves the widthwise stretch, making these super supportive and […]


Wrapsody – 5K Fan Giveaway!

Congrats to Charlene Connell!!   One of my favorite items when Spencer was released from the NICU was my Wrapsody…I could keep him close and protected and away from germy, gross hands that needed to be FAR away from him!!  My dear friend Katy just closed her doors from Regarding Peanut, but before she did, she donated a Wrapsody for when I hit 5K fans…she rocks!! This Wrapsody does NOT have a box, but it […]


Wrapsody: The Wraparound Carrier Review

Babywearing…a term foreign to me as I entered into my sixth month of pregnancy.  It sounded rather crazy to me, I mean…babywearing? Did you wear them on your head, or maybe as a shawl?  Just one of many terms I had yet to know as I went on my merry way of my first pregnancy.  I had after all registered for a Baby Bjorn, because that’s what all moms did to carry their babies…right? But […]

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