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Scentsy, Music, Wall Letters, Stroller Strides and MORE!

WINNERS:  Alexia Joie Savianeso – Wall Letters! Tressa S – Scentsy Prize Rosemary – Baby Blanket Music Katelyn – Stroller Strides of Bellevue one month pass! Carmela B – Stroller Strides of Bellevue one month pass! Courtney Campbell – The Painted Diaper Karen F – Allergy Apparel and More Tutu Hope S – Stuff So Simple Banner So many cool prizes, so little time!!  Check out these amazing prizes you could win!! Wall Letters:  Josselyn’s […]


Can I have my body back now please?

I did not meet my husband until I was 35 years old, and we were married when I was 39.  At my wedding, I had amazing abs, shoulders and yes, my butt was pretty stellar for a 39 year old. And the most important thing, my butt and thighs were not merged into one.  You could tell where my butt ended and my thighs began.  Not anymore…I’ve been caught with a case of uni-butt. Keep in […]

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