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NICU Gift Bags – Christmas 2013

So I thought I might just post this for many who are considering doing gift bags for families in the NICU over the holidays.  Spencer was born on Black Friday 2009 and we weren’t released until 64 days later so spent Christmas and New Year’s in the NICU (and yes, that’s Spencer in the picture in the stocking).  We had a few former parents bring us small gift bags by and it meant the world […]


What it is like to have an early baby

NOTE: Other than grammatical errors, this post was originally written three years ago, the week Aeva came home from 92 days in the NICU. An update is included at the end. My husband had posted all of my Facebook notes that were written from the NICU as everyone requested updates on Aeva’s progress. A popular question, with which I still have a hard time dealing with, was, “how are you doing?” I don’t think I’ve […]


Snoedel Review

As a mom of 4, I never ever imagined I would ever be thrown into any unknown parenting world. After 4 kids, I was pretty sure I had seen or done it all. When pregnant with my 5 th , my normal was forever changed by the birth of my first preemie at 34 weeks due to HELLP. All my “attachment parenting” styles were thrown out the window at delivery. No skin to skin contact after […]


A teenage dad’s perspective on twins

My name is Keith.  Three years ago, I was finishing up my last year of high school, and I was your typical 18 year old and the most important things to me were working out, music and fast cars.  Then I met a girl, and we fell in love. I would have never that my goals, priorities and my whole life would be changed so quickly.  She got pregnant, and we were terrified as she was 16.  A […]

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