We ask that only parents with preemies enter our giveaways as we know some of you have huge medical bills to pay off, and we want to give you something for all you’ve been through!  You don’t have to have a brand new preemie to enter, although some may be more size specific. 😉    Check back to see what we have to offer, or contact me at if you’d like to give something away to a preemie family! 

Thank you to all the manufacturers, creative mom’s and amazing photogs who have donated items to share some joy in a preemie families life in the past and going forward!  We will have random giveaways, but DEFINITELY check back each February for our huge “For the love of preemies” giveaway for preemie only families!!  Go to our Current Giveaways page to see if there are and Giveaways happening now!


Current Giveaways