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RES-Q Wedge – weekly review

    Recently, It’s a Preemie Thing teamed up with Res-Q Wedge to host a giveaway to one lucky preemie mom to give a preemie some relief from acid reflux.  My son Spencer had horrible reflux and I wish I had known about the RES-Q Wedge! One of the things we requested from the winner was a weekly update on how her baby is doing so others can follow the progress as well.  After all, don’t […]


Baby Signing Time

If you haven’t heard of Baby Signing Time, you haven’t read many of my posts as I frequently reference them as my son is hooked! I purchased the first set of four of the Baby Signing Time videos for my son Spencer as we didn’t know what to expect after he was diagnosed with a rare brain malformation (Rhombencephalosynapsis). I swore I wasn’t going to let me son watch any television for the first few […]


Simple Wishes Hands Free Pump Bra

As I realized I needed to write another review, I was shocked that I hadn’t done one on my beloved Simple Wishes hands free pump bra!  When my son arrived at 29 weeks, I was blessed by many wonderful lactation consultants in our NICU, that each offered tips, ideas, support and some GREAT recommendations.  I remember the first lactation consultant I met, Carol, as she was so cheerful, a NICU Nurse who came into my […]


Nap Nanny

After 64 days in the NICU, we brought our son home finally and were learning to deal with acid reflux amongs other things.  He wouldn’t lay flat without being fussy, and the fact that he had bilateral inguinal hernias that would need surgery when he finally was big enough didn’t help either.  I didn’t have a wedge, and was at a loss what to try, so went on the preemie parenting board on BabyCenter and […]


BabyLegs – Review

I remember being pregnant looking at all the wonderful items that I would be able to purchase for my son and thought that BabyLegs were beyond adorable, and that I’d definitely have to get some eventually!  What I didn’t realize is that I would actually receive my first pair of BabyLegs in a gift bag from our Family Support Group while in the NICU over Christmas.  My son was a month old and still not due for another 7 weeks.  […]


Kokopax Review

After starting off wearing my preemie son in carriers such as the Wrapsody and Pikkolo, I had heard great things about the Kokopax from a few friends and was dying to try one.  Then, all the stars aligned and I was able to have the opportunity! Another friend of mine has a Kokopax and before her daughter was finally walking, she was one very frustrated young girl.  The only way they could make her happy […]


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