LG Tone Pro Review

I was asked by Andy the PR Guy from AT&T to try out the LG Tone Pro wireless stereo headset and I have to admit, was rather excited!  I have yet to find a Bluetooth device that I really like and stick with as I’m not a huge fan of always having something in my ear.

Tone ProSO HAPPY that I agreed to review the LG Tone Pro Wireless headset!!  It actually has a stylish band that sits around your neck, and you can keep the ear buds out when not in use.  But not to worry, if your phone rings, the band vibrates so you know you can put it back in your ears.  When you turn it on, it also informs you of the level of your battery on the device (it comes with a USB cable to plug in and charge).

You can slide the ear buds back up into the band, or just let them hang out.  I forget I actually have it on and have to admit to jumping a few times when a call came in and it vibrated.  If you have the ear buds out, you may miss a text or two…but if you do have them in, it will tell you who you’ve received a text from and ask you if you’d like to read it or ignore it.  For some reason every time I exit my text function on my phone it tells me “call ended.”  Haven’t figured that out yet, but it doesn’t annoy me.

I was also pleasantly surprised with how well the microphone on the set works quite well!  It must be the quad-layer speaker technology and a MEMS microphone that comes with it (for you super techie types).  I have been on a few conference calls and asked if I was clear and everyone said yes.  I even let my husband try it out and he thought it was pretty cool (for a Microsoft techie, I guess that is a good thing).lg-tone-pro-Black

And one of the best things…I just turned on Bluetooth and it found the device and asked it to sync. I didn’t have to install software or anything else, VERY EASY!!  Did I mention my 5.5 year old (you better not forget the half or you will hear about it) asked to use them to listen to music from my phone?  He walked around with them and I realized this may be GREAT for trips with him as well!

And while I was listening to music on my own, you know, while he was playing and I had housework to do, the band vibrated to let me know I had a call coming in as well.  I am definitely impressed with the LG Tone Wireless stereo headset!  I wish I could say I’d used the “Jog buttons” but the most jogging I get is chasing around my son who rarely sits still.  It does have volume and music controls and an easy call button that I do use on my Nokia Lumia 830 I push the call button and can also do searches on my phone, which I found by accident… yeah me!  You can find an approved list of synching devices for the one I tested on the bottom of the page located here.Tone Pro workout


AT&T is running a Back to School promo now until 24 SEP 2015 on all LG Tone wireless stereo headsets in pink, orange, silver, gold, red, blue, black and white. From now through Sept. 24, save 10% on all LG Tone Bluetooth headsets.  So don’t miss out, get your own today or buy one for your kids for Christmas, you know it’s only 3 months away. 😉


I was not compensated for this review, I did receive a LG Tone Wireless headset in black to review the device. 

About the Author: Julie of IAPT Howard

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