FitBit Charge Review

Right before Christmas 2014, my wonderful husband purchased me a Fitbit Flex as I wanted to once again become more active.  I was so happy with my Fitbit Flex, it tracked my daily steps and I was able to track this on an app online!  I could monitor my water intake, which of course made me want to drink more, as well as my food intake.

But then in March I was contacted by Andy of AT&T and asked if I would be willing to try out a Fitbit Charge in exchange for a review.  SURE…why not have another fun toy for a short time?  Little did I know that my Fitbit Flex would never be enough again…

450711-fitbit-chargeI received my Fitbit Charge and was instantly smitten…not that I didn’t love my Flex, but now I could continue to monitor my stats but even see more things while wearing it!  The Charge has a more interactive screen that not only shows you the time and date (if you want to see the date, your choice) but shows the actual amount of steps you’ve taken, stairs climbed, distance gone, and calories burned!  But even with all of that, one of my personal favorites is that you can set silent alarms that will vibrate on your wrist to remind you of things…you know, like appointments, or when to stop printing shirts and go pick up your own preemie from school. 😉  A single button on the side lets you cycle through your data. The Flex, on the other hand, doesn’t even have a full display, just a row of lights that you activate by tapping it.

The Flex is a tracker inside a wristband, and it pops out for charging. That’s great if you want to change the band, but bad because the tiny device is easy to lose. The Charge, is one piece only. It comes with a USB charger that locks into a connection point on the underside of the display.  So you have to pick the band that you plan on wearing daily, but I’m ok with that.  And the beauty of the Charge is it actually holds the battery charge for up to 5 days!  I even tested this when we went on a short trip and I forgot the charger.  I didn’t need to worry, it stayed strong the entire 4 days I was gone, and I put a LOT of distance in walking on that trip!

I also like that my Nokia Lumina has the Fitbit app so I can sync with not only my phone, but my Microsoft Surface or my iPad Mini (can you tell I like my gadgets?).  The app is easy to use, and you

Easy to use/read Fitbit App

Easy to use/read Fitbit App

can even add friends so you can have some friendly competition to keep you motivated.  I will see there are days I’ll realize I haven’t gone nearly far enough and get my self up and busy!  And if you have an IPhone or Android device, you can also set up caller id to show up on your Charge!  Unfortunately my Nokia doesn’t work with the Charge, but since it does sync for everything else, I was ok with it.  Did I mention it even has a stop watch feature if you need to time yourself, or even use it for splits if you’re training for a race?

So when it was time to hand the Charge back over to Andy, I realized that I just couldn’t go back to the Flex.  My husband even offered to buy me a new Microsoft fit tracker, which has LOTS of bells and whistles, and I realized that I didn’t want to be tethered to all of that info at all times.  There are times when it’s nice to have something to do just what I want it to.  My son Spencer who is 5, even wore my Flex one day as he wanted to know how far he went…I laughed when I realized he goes much further than me, but that one never slows down…and that’s a whole different story!

So if you’re looking for something that measures steps, distance, stairs, sleep, calories burned, and activities get you motivated, and is comfortable to wear, you will enjoy the Fitbit Charge!!


I was not compensated for this review, I did receive a Charge to use for a limited time to review the device and then returned it… but I then went out and bought my own. 

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