Crane Humidifier

Our family was fortunate enough to win the Crane humidifier from the For the Love of Preemies Giveaway. There were several ADORABLE humidifiers to choose from.  We chose one of our two year old daughter’s favorite animals….an elephant, Elliot the Elephant to be exact.  Our daughter is convinced that any and all packages are for her and was quite excited to open this one.  She jumped up and down(yes she jumped and got some air…one of her PT goals :-)) and then excitedly yelled “elephant”.

The weather was pretty warm when “Elliot” joined our family, which meant there were no asthma attacks or colds.  We decided not to open him until he was needed.  Our daughter kept reminding us that we hadn’t opened him yet :-).


The weather here has been inconsistent recently, which meant both our two year old and 7 month old ended up with colds.  It was time for “Elliot” to work his magic!!!Our daughter was so happy to FINALLY open the box.  She helped put him together, which was extremely easy.  We filled him  with water and to our surprise….not one drop of water leaked!!!  It was time to turn “Elliot” on… Our daughter seemed afraid, our previous humidifier made a rather loud noise which terrified her.  We turned the knob and the only thing we heard was our daughter…” yay I did it”.  She loves him!!!


“Elliot” is easy to assemble, very easy to clean, works quietly and efficiently, has an automatic shutoff sensor(perfect for this forgetful mommy) and he’s a lot of FUN!!!  “Elliot” has been a wonderful addition to our family, our daughter’s imaginary chicken even likes to perch on him from time to time :-).  I highly recommend purchasing a Crane humidifier…. for yourselves, your children, and don’t forget they’re a hit with imaginary friends too 🙂


-Randi Phillips-

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