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Thank you so much for participating in our 3rd Annual For the Love of Preemies Giveaway!  It’s a Preemie Thing will be giving away FIVE $25 gift certificates for onesies, t-shirts or scrub tops, so you can get something for your little one(s), yourself, another family member, or even your favorite NICU Staff since we carry scrub tops and 1 $25 gift certificate from Togs N Things!

I (Julie) launched It’s a Preemie Thing in SEP 2010 (on Labor Day…pun intended) after my son was born the day I hit 29 weeks on Black Friday 2009, I couldn’t find sarcastic shirts for a preemie and so well, why not start my own company and make them?  I now print all the shirts myself, and most are custom with the help of 2 very part timers (Garen & Michelle), Michelle is also a preemie mom of twins!  So know that all of our clothing is printed by a preemie mom for your preemies!

Be sure to check out our website at and see what you could win.  Remember, we start at preemie sized kimonos, have toddler (2T, 4T and 6T), Youth shirts and go up to Adult 3XL, so it’s NOT just for the wee ones!

With the March for Babies coming up, we also do team shirts!!  Please email us at for more info on pricing for teams!!

SisterShirtsAll of my friends with “termies” loved my shirts and were asking for them, so in JAN 2012 I launched Togs N Things and we’re adding in a $25 gift certificate for the “Termies” in your life!  We also have a fantastic line of custom newborn photographer onesies that are a big hit!  Be sure to enter for this one also!


Giveaway ends 03/24/13 at 11:59 PM EST. Entrants must be 18 or older and located in the US only (If winner outside of the US for THIS giveaway, you can pay for shipping). Winner to be chosen at random. All entries must be properly recorded in the comments to count (i.e. Link to tweets, Facebook page, etc). Winner will be notified via email and has 48 hours to respond. If winner does not respond, a new winner will be chosen and notified. By entering this giveaway, you agree to all of our terms and conditions.

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  • my preemie was born 3 months exactly. She will be 3 this June. They really didn’t tell me why I went into preterm labor. I had my gall bladder taken out 2 weeks after I had her so my guess is that my body was trying to fight my gall bladder infection and kicked me into labor.. but I wouldn’t change a thing because she is on the top of all the charts that the developmental clinic and her drs have .. 🙂

  • I love all of your products Julie, I have several already, I love your website!!!!

  • My son was born on March 6, 2010 at 27 weeks weighing 1lb 13ozs. He spent 75 days in the NICU and transitional hospital. He just turned 3 and doing better than anyone could have dreamed of. He is full of life. Talks up a storm and is starting hockey lessons in 2 weeks.

  • My son Jack was born at 28 weeks due to severe preeclampsia. He spent 112 days in the NICU and came home with an NG tube and on O2. He is now 2.5 yrs old and a super, super happy little boy! He does still have BPD/CLD and reflux, along with OT, PT, and Speech every other week.

  • Jonah Rule Dobson was born at 28 weeks and 2 days – I was diagnosed with preeclampsia at 27 weeks & had to be induced… Scariest time of my life! Jonah was born and weighed 1 lb 14 oz & was just 13 inches long. He spent 98 long days in UW Medical Center’s NICU in Seattle, who we’ll be forever grateful to. He is our little miracle baby and is now 17 months old & amazing us every single day.

  • My Peanut was born at 35 weeks and is now a beautiful 2.5 year old that brings me so much joy everyday!!

  • We love It’s a preemie thing! Not only do we have many products but we get so much support on the facebook page. I don’t know where we would be without all the love and support from people all over the world.

  • My twin boys were born at 28 w 6 d…they are now 9 months actual, 6 1/2 corrected. They spent 48 days and 143 days in the NICU and the younger one has had 6 surgeries so far. We are walking in a local March of Dimes March for Babies and would love to make t-shirts for them!

  • My little boy was born at 34 weeks and spent 16 days in the NICU and is doing great!

  • My son was born at 26 weeks 5 days due to placental abruption. That was the scariest thing I think I’ve ever had to deal with! I didn’t get to see him until a couple of days after he was born, because I was too weak to get out of bed due to losing so much blood – every time I tried to get up my vision would go black and I’d almost pass out. He was in the NICU for a little over two months, and came home the week before Thanksgiving! 🙂 Best reason to give thanks EVER. He is 3 now and doing wonderfully! He has no ongoing health issues at all. 🙂

  • My preemie was born at 32 weeks in 2010. She’s now a healthy and happy 2 year old. I’d love to get her another “nicu grad” shirt!!!

  • My 31 weeker was born sept 9 2012 with a grade 3 brain bleed. She spent 76 days in the Nicu battling nec, pyloric stenosis, and a systemic yeast infection. She just turned 6 months old and is a happy healthy girl with no sign of her past other than a few victory wounds!

  • My lil man was born 29 weeks early and spent about 2 mths in the NICU. He’s now a just turned 5 year old healthy, smart, over active, loving wonderful kiddo. If you seen him today you would never think he was born 2pds 13oz. He brings so much love and joy to our life <3

  • My Preemie born 28 weeks 1 day in August 2012. We have no clue what caused my preterm labor. He has been a fighter/over achiever from the get go. I was out on hospital bed rest at 24 weeks 4 days gestation Told at 25 weeks that if things didn’t reverse he would be coming he .managed to stay in until 28 weeks. But that wasn’t without excitement.

  • My precious 28 weeker has brought with him a whole new perspective on life. He us our miracle in more ways then one. We have seen God’s Grace, Mercy and Love more and more because if Hezekiah. And we are looking forward to getting our first shirt from It’s a Preemie Thing!

  • Love it is a Preemie Thing.

  • LOVE It’s A Preemie Thing!!!!! Julie is the best!

  • I love your website! I have been toying with wording for a shirt for my ex 25 weekers first birthday!

  • Our son was born at 24 wks n 5 days weighing in at 1 lb 8 ozs 12 inches long. He spent four long mmonths in the nicu. He was on a ventilator for 51 days then bipap for 3 weeks then finally o2 which he came home on along with heart monitor. While in the nicu he had Pda surgery and 2 chest tubes and the pda surgery. He is definitely our little blessing. Today he is 18 months talking up a storm and just learning to walk. He is a happy healthy amazing toddler. We thank god every day for him:)

  • I have a 3 year old former 27 weeker who is doing beautifully. I also have an almost 2 year old who was a former 25 weeker. She has a VP shunt and g-tube and is getting very close to walking, I am also currently 18 weeks pregnant and expected to go term after a trans-abdominal cerclage.

  • My son was born at 28 weeks he was 1pound 6 oz. we spent a little over 8 months in the hospital he has a trach and g tube, but is doing amazing now! He is a very happy little guy!

  • My daughter was born at 28 weeks weighing 1 lb 15 oz and at 15 inches long and spent almost 3 months in the NICU. She had a brain bleed on her left side and feeding issues due to her being a preemie. She has grown by leaps and bounds in the 5 years since we left the NICU. She is about to celebrate her 6th birthday in May and she is in gymnastics, going for her goal of going to the Olympics. She is a very intelligent young lady. We all love her very much.

  • My preemie princess was born on Jan 19, 2010 at exactly 34 weeks at 4 lbs 15 ozs due to my incompetent cervix. I found out I was dilated to 5 cm and 75% effaced at 24 weeks… water broke at 32 weeks…..and I was induced at 34 weeks. She spent 8 days in the NICU and did amazing! She continues to surprise us every day with how smart, bright, witty and funny she is!!

  • Finn was born at 26 weeks 5 days weighing 1 pound 14 ounces. he is now almost 18 months and 19 pounds – still a peanut! We had had a relstively uncomplicated journey since our 84 day NICU stay, but he still had some gross motor and speech delays, as well as those pesky premature lungs! he is a joy to all who know him and he has changed my life in SO many ways for good!

  • My preemie was a 27 weeker who is now 2.5. He survived NEC (5 surgeries). He spent 4.5 mths in hospital, but today is thriving. He is not delayed in any area and recently mastered the potty 🙂 . I’m so proud!

  • My princess was a 24 weeker, now 8mo actual. She is doing amazingly well!!

  • Aiden was born on January 28, 2011, 16 weeks early and weighing 1lb. 13 oz. Up until the day he arrived, my pregnancy was perfect. I went into labor for unknown reasons, and he was born at our home hospital. They did not have the level of NICU that Aiden needed, so the team came from another hospital in the helicopter to take him to their NICU. He had nearly every complication that micro preemies have including: a PDA that had to be surgically closed, a Grade IV intraventricular hemorrhage, breathing issues caused by BPD, bowel perforation, renal failure, and several blood transfusions. He had a five day trip to Boston Children’s Hospital for emergency injections in an attempt to save his vision from ROP and fought to learn how to eat, breathe and grow.
    Right after mother’s day, Aiden was doing well on moderate oxygen and learning how to breastfeed. Then he stopped breathing. He had contracted RSV and once again was fighting for his life. He fought hard for ten days in an induced coma before he finally began to improve. Another two months of growing and healing and our little miracle was finally ready to come home.
    Aiden came home on oxygen and used it until he was almost thirteen months old. He also came home with a G-tube for feedings and struggled to learn to eat for another eight months after discharge. He had to take kidney medications until he was 24 months.
    Our little miracle is 25 months old and is astounding every person he meets. He is now 27 lbs, eats like a grown man, does over 100 words in sign language, knows each letter by name and sound, talks like crazy, has perfect hearing, good vision, and is a busy, curious, sweet little boy.

  • My sweet boy Holden decided at 32 weeks he wanted to meet us :). I had developed pre-e and was in the stroke range. Holden had developed fetal hydrops. After 29 days in the NICU (we are so lucky it wasn’t longer) he came home. He’s 3 now and I cannot imagine our lives without him. He is the sweetest little boy who tells me he loves me more. If only he knew 🙂

  • I adore the shirt I got from you last year and wear it all the time! Thanks for hosting a giveaway!

  • My daughter was born at 32 weeks in December 2011. She is now 15 months old and thriving! We bought her a “NICU Grad” onesie for or local March for Babies last October. We love your shirts/sayings and got many compliments and questions on where we got our daughter’s onesie. This year we plan on ordering shirts for our whole team for the March!

  • My girls were born @ 29w3d at 2lbs9oz each — they are now 4.5 months old, home, medical equipment free, and continuing to grow and grow! 🙂

  • My preemie was born at 34 weeks. He had a bout of NEC. He is now 15 months and doing great!

  • My DD was born at 36 weeks with respiratory issues and jaundice. She’s now 5 and (mostly) healthy and only has a few delays.

  • I hope I win.I have always wanted a shirt for my girly

  • Our 26 weeker Adeline was born in June 2008. She had a 135 day NICU stay and 5 surgeries (NEC, PDA ligation, ROP treatment, and 2 follow up abdominal surgeries). She was a delayed walker and talker, participating in speech therapy/PT/OT from her hospital release until she graduated at the age of 3.

    I cannot believe my baby is about to turn FIVE. She’s a walking, talking, running, jumping, tumbling, singing, reading, chasing, laughing miracle–we’re thrilled to be representing Hand to Hold this year and getting to represent PREEMIES everywhere on our trip to Disneyland this fall (thanks to Neotech)!

    For the record, we also have an 18 month old termie–EVERYTHING is possible with God. <3

  • Just born Thursday! 31w5d, doing well. 3lb13oz 17″. I just joined the premie club!!

  • My boys, Christian (1lb15oz) and Landon (2lb3oz) were born at 27 weeks. Christian spent 6.5 months in the NICU and Landon spent 11 weeks! They are now happy healthy 2 year olds!

  • 🙂 You know my preemie all too well! Her photo is above! Miss Q was born nearly 8 weeks early due to complications from pre-e. She’s now almost 3 years old and the big sister to a termie! Q’s big brother isn’t a preemie, but he’s a NICU grad!

  • My son Zakary was born at 29 weeks. On March 25, 2010. Weighing 2lbs 10oz and 15inches. He was born early due to porno. He spent 6 weeks in the NICU. He came home a month before his due date. His hospital stay was fairly smooth. We had a few minor issues. He will turn 3 years old tomorrow at 12:15pm. Along with Zak we have 2 older kids. They handled the whole NICU ride quite well. And now all 3 are healthy happy kids.

  • Addy was born at 26 weeks and 4 days! 2 lbs 4 oz, 74 days in the NICU. Getting ready to celebrate her 2nd birthday June 2nd! 🙂

  • My preemie was born at 29 weeks with TEF/EA, IA, Hypospadius, VUR and Severe GERD. Despite his many medical issues he is doing fantastic and I’m so in love with my little man!

  • Thank you It’s A Preemie Thing. I am so excited 🙂 By the way we love our first onesie it was a huge hit with our Preemie’s Primary NICU nurse.

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