1 Hour Free One on One Parent Coaching Session with Families Blossoming, LLC

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Families Blossoming LLC is a unique business specializing in providing coaching-based emotional support and other related services, post-NICU or post-diagnosis, to parents of children born
prematurely, parents of children who are sick/medically vulnerable and parents of children with special needs.

ebook cover picture, Differently Abled but Still Able, Nov 2011GIVEAWAY:  A 1 hour one to one parent coaching session with Families Blossoming’s Founder and Principal Coach, Gigi, over the phone

About the founder:  Gigi is 1st and foremost a preemie and special needs mom. Her precious son Alejandro was born at 24 weeks in London, England weighing 645 grams and is now legally blind with moderate developmental delays. She is also a Professional Life Coach and Founder of Families Blossoming LLC. Gigi very quickly realized how easy it was to lose yourself and feel stuck when caring for a child post-NICU, and like many preemie parents, felt a sink or swim reality once she arrived home. This was further impacted by the challenges of raising a child with special needs. She also experienced first-hand the gap in the long-term emotional support for parents post-NICU. Inspired by her son, Gigi sought to change this pattern of feeling lost and stuck for all parents and Families Blossoming LLC was born.

Gigi received her BSc (honors) in Occupational Therapy (USA), her MSc in Health, Population and Society (UK) and her Diploma in Personal Performance Coaching (Distinction), UK. She is passionate about helping preemie and special needs parents thrive and using proven coaching techniques, genuine compassion and an overdose of laughter, she helps them reach a point of hope, clarity, direction and optimism for their lives.


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  • My son Jack was born at 28 weeks due to severe preeclampsia. He spent 112 days in the NICU and came home with an NG tube and on O2. He is now 2.5 yrs old and a super, super happy little boy! He does still have BPD/CLD and reflux, along with OT, PT, and Speech every other week.

  • My son luke is 2 years old he was born at 33 weeks. He stayed 43 days in the nicu he has a weakened immune system. He has severe astigmatism, strabismus which he has already had one surgery for but it didn’t fully correct it so he may need another, hearing problems, spd and eating issues. He sees an ot for eating therapy once a week an it for sensory therapy once a week, pt 1x a week and speech therapy once a week. I also just had my son Ganon at 35 weeks in January he required no nicu time but has severe reflux, feeding and weight gain problems and hearing problems. They keep me busy but I love my preemies

  • Kayleigh is a former 26 weeker, she’s now 2 1/2 and an amazing little girl!

  • We have 2 preemies:
    Alex, a 27 weeker (660 grams), now almost 5, mild CP, asthma, sensory issues, non-verbal, formerly tube fed, formerly trached and vented, possible ADHD, and possibly a genetic syndrome.

    and Bethany, a 28 weeker (885 grams), now almost 2, non-verbal, partially tube fed, trached, vented at night, and possibly a genetic syndrome.

    Both were early due to pre-eclampsia; both have spent significant periods of time in the hospital (Alex was in the NICU 291 days, Bethany 164 days in NICU, home 5 days, readmitted for 90 days)

  • My son was born at 26 weeks and is now 2.5 years old. He is on thickened liquids and has been for over a year but we feel really blessed.

  • My 28 weeker is doing amazing. He is trying to start putting his weight to push off with his legs.

  • My 32.5 seeker is beauTiful and thriving!

  • I <3 the Subway Art baby girl pink printable birth announcement sign

  • Subway Art baby girl Turquoise!!!

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