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A Pound of Hope:   Jennifer Alfred, Liz Dobson, Katelyn Day

For the Love of Babies: Anna W

Preemie – Lessons in Love, Life and Motherhood:  Mandy Gramkow

The Preemie Parents Survival Guide to the NICU & Little Man the Movie:  Tracy Regusci


We have some amazing authors who have graciously donated a book (or several) for our 3rd Annual For the Love of Preemies giveaway!

All the prizes are listed on the rafflecopter form, but you can find links to their books/Facebook Pages and a little info just below!

A Pound of Hope

A Pound of HopeThis is a must read story by every parent with a premature baby, because it’s like finding a close friend in the NICU…you understand each other. It is a must read for the family and friends of those with preemies, because it will help them to finally understand what a parent goes through with a fragile preterm baby. And, it is rare chance for all health care professionals who work with hig-risk pregnancies, preterm infants and disabled children to see the medical world form the vantage point of the parent. It will open your eyes to the experiences of these families and it will teach you how to better help your patinets.

This is the incredibly true story of what it takes to bring about the miracle of survival for one pound babies. THREE COPIES TO BE GIVEN AWAY!!



For the Love of Babies

For the Love of BabiesDr. Sue Hall has been a doctor specializing in Neonatology (Newborn Intensive Care) for nearly twenty-five years. Before becoming a physician, she was a practicing social worker. As she works to improve the health and well-being of the babies under her care, she offers support to their families, bringing her singular insight into their circumstances and their challenges. Every family hopes to bring a healthy baby home from the hospital. That is Dr. Hall’s wish for every family also. She’s been helping to make it happen throughout her career.

Dr. Hall has chronicled some of her experiences with babies and families in crisis in her debut book, FOR THE LOVE OF BABIES: One Doctor’s Stories About Life in the Neonatal ICU, published June, 2011 by WorldMaker Media.









Preemie – Lessons in Love, Life and Motherhood

Preemie Kasey M“My premature journey began in November of 2000 when I thought I’d given birth to the smallest baby ever born. She arrived four months prematurely, weighing one pound, eleven ounces. After my daughter was born, I longed for a compassionate woman who had been in my shoes to sit on the end of my bed and share her story with me. It wouldn’t matter how different or similar our stories were, just to have someone who understood what it felt like to know trauma…

That woman never arrived and I was left lost, lonely and terribly wrought with guilt and fear. No one should have to feel so alone. So… I’d like to sit on the end of your bed and share my story with you. Your story and mine are sure to be different, but if hearing mine allows you a moment away from yours, if it helps you understand what a friend, neighbor or family member is going through, if it leaves you with a sense of hope, then my story was worth writing down.”


The Preemie Parents Survival Guide to the NICU & Little Man the Movie

The Preemie Parent's Survival GuideThe Book:  Taking a different view on supporting families who have just been exposed to the NICU, little man Writer/ Director Nicole Conn and Founder of Preemie Magazine,
Deb Discenza have joined forces to help take the preemie books of old to an all new level. Clear-spoken and from the heart, it’s a parent-to-parent must-have
guide with tons of tips along the way. Conn and Discenza have created the essential hand-book to surviving the NICU.

The Movie: 

Nicholas is born 100 days too early and weighs only one pound. From his frog like legs dangle blood pressure cuffs the size of band-aids. His heart is the size of a cashew.

little man is the story of how a micro-preemie brought a family to it’s knees. Throughout his struggle for life, so struggle filmmaker Nicole Conn and political activist Gwen Baba to keep their family from disintegrating under the unrelenting stress and chaos of hospitals, emergency medical crisis and a crushing blow to trust.

Life partners strong for seven years, they and their two-year-old daughter, Gabrielle, have it all. They’re on top of the world until their surrogate becomes pregnant with their son.

What do you do when a pregnancy goes bad? When a partnership is torn apart by opposing belief systems, when a small infant lives in the surreal world of the Neonatology Intensive Care Unit for 158 days? Nicholas goes through medical procedure after medical procedure – because science and medicine “can” keep a fetus alive. But at what price do we hold onto a life?

Conn is obsessed by her son’s need to be here. Baba is terrified that long hospital stays and the mini-hospital   in their own home will erode the family to a place of no return.

Through the decisions and challenges that most will never know, we witness the very candid portrayal of a marriage perilously close to disaster. How does one couple cope with the endless medical needs of Nicholas’ life and still maintain a life that resembles normal for their daughter? and will they, like their son, make it against all odds?

little man explores the core of the human spirit as a family realizes that they are capable of enduring what they never though possible.

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