Holding Gianni

I received this from a fan of IAPT and had to share!!  I am the mother of a 28 weeker preemie who is now 6 years old. My niece who is 10 years old has written a wonderful paper for her homework assignment about my sons birth and being premature.

By: Arianna Raimonde

Date:  11/11/12

     Have you ever gotten to hold your baby cousin that is a miracle baby?  I have, and this is the story of how I got to hold my baby cousin.

My cousin’s name is Gianni.  He is a preemie baby.  This means that he was born very early.  He was born exactly 3 months early.  He only weighed 2 lbs. 12 ounces.  He is a miracle baby because he almost died, since he was born so early.

Gianni’s hand was the size of the tip of my uncle’s finger.  When I first saw that, I was in shock.  I never knew that there can be a hand that small!  Well I guess I was wrong.

When my aunt was pregnant with him I was scared.  She didn’t look like herself because she wasn’t wearing her glasses like she usually does.  Before she pregnant with him, she was really really skinny, when she was pregnant she was a lot bigger than usual.  Now that I think about it, it doesn’t matter how she looked she is my aunt and she gave birth to the best cousin ever!

When Gianni was born I was only five.  When he came out he had to go in an incubator because it kept him warm.  He also had to have tubes up his nose.  They put the tubes up his nose because he could not breathe on his own.  The doctor had to also give my aunt medicine before he came out.  While Gianni was in my aunt’s stomach she got steroid shots, so Gianni could receive the medicine before he came out.  My aunt had to get these shots because Gianni’s lungs were not developed and this medicine would help him when he came out.

Every time we went to go see Gianni we had to look at him through a glass window.  The reason for this is because he was in a room where all the preemie babies were kept.  If you went into the room you would have to wear a gown, mask and gloves.  They had to wear this because the doctors and nurses did not want germs in the room, it was to protect the preemie’s.  This made me angry because I wanted to go in the room and see him, but I couldn’t because I was too young.  But my parents and older sister got to go in and see him, so I couldn’t wait until he went home and I could really see him.

Gianni didn’t come home for 2 months!  I was so happy when he came home.  It made me sad to see him with tubes in his nose, but when he came home he didn’t have the tubes anymore, so I was so glad.  I thought he was never going to come home.  I thought he was going to stay in the hospital forever.

Once he came home, my mom, my sister and I went to go see him.   I was excited to see him for the first time since he came home from the hospital.  When we got there I finally got to see him!  He had a blue hat on with blue socks and a diaper.  He was so cute!  He was also very quiet all the time, he didn’t even cry.  My aunt was there too, she was laying on the couch trying to rest.  So, when she closed her eyes and went to sleep, I asked my mom if I could hold Gianni.  I could see in her face that she was worried, but after I begged on my knees, she said yes and I couldn’t believe it I was so excited.

I sat on my aunt’s big brown chair and my mom handed me Gianni.  He looked so cute in my arms.  I told my mom he felt cold, so she picked him up and wrapped him up in a blanket and gave him back to me.  All I was thinking in my head was that after 2 long months of waiting, I finally got to hold Gianni when he came home!  He kept on staring at me, it was cute and funny at the same time.  Then my aunt woke up and saw how peaceful he was in my arms, so she got him his bottle and fed him while in my arms.  This meant so much to me that my mom gave me Gianni to hold and my aunt didn’t take him away from me.

Now Gianni is 6 years old and in Kindergarten here at SVF.  Sometimes my aunt has to give him pediasure because he doesn’t always eat what my aunt and uncle give him.  If he doesn’t eat the food he needs, then he doesn’t get the nutrients he needs, so that’s why he needs the pediasure.  But besides that, Gianni and I play all the time especially sports like baseball and football.  Without him I would be lost because I live with all sisters and I always wanted a brother, and Gianni is just like a brother to me.  He is the best cousin ever!

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  • Thank you so much for posting. Arianna is my daughter Gianni is my nephew. He is our angel boy. We are so grateful to have him in our lives this caring,happy,loving,adorable preemie baby has made such an impact on our family. May God bless him and all preemies.

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