9000 Fan Giveaway!

**CONGRATS GO TO: Sara, Kristen Pentz, Anna Witt, Brittany Moomey and Katy L for being the 5 selcted via!!  Please email me at for your code to order online for your free shirt!**

Wow…I am humbled that so many of you are following It’s a Preemie Thing on Facebook!  Since we launched on Labor Day 2010, it’s been amazing to learn about so many of your miracles and hopefully you don’t get to tired of watching mine grow. 😉  Since just FIVE days ago we needed 400 fans to hit 9K and I gave you a challenge to help me reach 9K in a short time AND YOU DID, it’s time for the payback!

I am giving away FIVE shirts (5 winners will win 1 each) for a onesie/little T-shirt or Todller T-shirt (up to 6T) for helping us reach our goal.  But PLEASE don’t stop spreading the word, I’m already building quite a giveaway for 10K fans!!


1.  Go to our It’s a Preemie Thing online store and select your favorite onesie/little T (0-18 month) or Toddler T and come back here to the blog and tell me size, color and saying you’d like to win!  MOST of our newer sayings are on the print on demand section and you have to actually look under the T-Shirt Wizard to see them all. 😉  Comment on THIS post what you want to win and what you like the most about IAPT (products, info, topics on FB, etc).

2.  TWEET about the giveaway and be sure and tag @apreemiething and give a second comment that you’ve tweeted for an extra entry!!

3.  Add a picture of one of our shirts (or your fav product) from our website to your Pinterest board and leave the link to your pin as an additional comment for an extra entry!!

4.  Check back on the blog on Friday to see if you’ve won!  Contest ends on Friday, 28 SEP 2012 at 9pm PST, winners will be posted here on Saturday!


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  • I love the Fun sized saying on a long sleeved royal blue onsie. My little man would look so cute in it. Thank you for the contest!

  • 3T Navy with NICU Grad Class of 2010. 🙂

    • 😉 And since I hit enter too soon! I love that the products help raise awareness out in the world with just having our kids wears them! I get asked questions all the time about them! 🙂 And I love sharing!

  • I would love a heather grey 2T shirt that says “3 pound miracle.”

  • Love this saying! “Once Tiny… Always Strong!” With footprints in the middle of the the two sayings 29 wks 3 days, 2 lbs. 14 oz on pink shirt, size 2T.

    • IAPT helped me to realize that I wasn’t alone out there! I am always able to connect with the things you post about on FB. And your products, well I’ve always wanted something from IAPT but I always find it hard to choose something because I love everything you’ve got. And I love that in a way, it’s our way of helping our babies speak out for themselves, who they are and the struggles they’ve been through to get to where they are, facing the person reading the shirt at that moment in time.

  • I Rock the Camera on fuschia, 4T. I love IAPT because it’s completely unique for our little guys. I got some awesome t’s for my 23 weeker from IAPT and get complemented on them all the time. Wish they still fit! My micro has outgrown toddler size shirts, so this would be for my little girl!

  • I Like the foot shirts ( Navy and white feet) size 18 months and saying 35wks 6days on one foot and other foot 5lbs 1.6ozs

  • I LOVE the awesome shirts! Thanks for doing so much for so many families!
    Size – 3T
    Color – Royal Blue
    Saying – #37. I’m a 23 week miracle

  • Hi, great idea for a competition prize! I would love a size 12-18 mths size shirt or onesie saying yes I know I’m cute, you can stop staring! Love it! Everywhere we go everyone says how gorgeus our little man is. He was born at 30 weeks just over a year ago weighing 1150 grams and he has just hit 8 kilos 🙂

    • In royal blue please 🙂

  • 3 pound miracle in 3t

    What I like most is not feeling alone. I can connect with what you post!

  • Toddler 5T White shirt Black Lettering (Million Dollar Miracle)

    What I like best about IAPT : IAPT is a voice to show the world about preemies and mirco-preemies. Keep up the good work!!

  • And I tweeted!!!

  • Once Tiny… Always Strong! With footprints in the middle of the the two sayings, gestational age 22 weeks 3 days and weight 1 pound 1 ounce) 18 months Black with Raspberry Sparkle Lettering.

  • I would LOVE to win!
    IAPT gives our preemies a voice! That’s what I love! I love being able to celebrate all these little miracles in the world. 🙂
    I would like to win a black 3t toddler shirt that says
    Once Tiny
    (25weeks, 2lbs 2oz)
    Always Strong!

    God Bless 🙂

  • I love the info and topics on FB. I look forward to Good News Mondays and hearing about everyone’s accomplishments and how much our babies have overcome.

    I just adore the footprint shirts. If I win, I’d like the royal blue onesie size 12 to 18 months to show “30 weeks” and “3 lb, 9 oz”.

  • I LOVE the footprint onesie with the gestational age (33weeks) and the weight (3pounds, 14 ounces) in blue or other “boy color” in a newborn size. I think the best thing about IAPT is that until I found sites like this I felt very alone as a preemie parent and it is a very healing thing to have a community that understands:-)

  • I would love a purple little ones t-shirt with the saying “No really… I’m one!”

  • Oops, forgot the size! It would have to be in size 3-6 months 🙁

    • Michelle, I recently did a “Seriously…I’m Two” in a 3-6 month…so hang in there momma! <3

      • That was supposed to be a smiley face! LOL!!! Even if my daughter was a termie, genetics wouldn’t be on her side size-wise 😉

    • Oh, and what I love most about IAPT is the awesome sayings you come up with for the T-shirts 😀

  • Love your products and follow you on Facebook!!!
    We like the tiny ts in black 6-12 mth with once tiny always strong. 33 weeks 4 pounds 5 oz. it’s for a little girl!

  • I’d love to win but I have a trio so I couldn’t pick just for one of them. I would love for them to each have a red shirt size 6-12 months with the foot prints with their weight in one foot and A, B, or C like I have on the back of my shirt you made me and my husband for their birthday 🙂 What I love about IAPT is the community of parents who have walked the preemie/NICU journey and support each other along the way with encouraging words, humor and a listening ear!

  • Even though everyone has a different story, we all have so much in common! I love reading about everyones situations! Congrats on 9,000 fans!!! I would love a 2T royal blue with white writing that says “4 pound miracle.”

  • What I like best about IAPT: the products remind us to be thankful about how far our little ones have come!

    Favorite Toddler T: Size 2T, Fuchsia, saying: Footprints with “28 wks” in one foot and “2lbs 10oz” in other foot 🙂

  • I would be so happy to win the shirt that says once tiny always strong with the footprints saying 24 weeks and 1 lb. 1 oz. in navy blue (or any color really) for my 3 year old son. He wears a size 2t. I love the designs this site offers. Thank you for giving us such a great opportunity to show everyone how far our little miracles have come.

  • I also tweeted! @ABruntStorm

  • I want to win! I would love the “once tiny…always strong” shirt for my new preemie with the stats 34 weeks and 4lbs 5 oz Size 3 months

  • Toddler Tee size2T with saying: “Once Tiny… Always Strong! With footprints in the middle of the the two sayings” “30 weeks,2lbs 10oz”

    What i love about IAPT is all the info,the sayings for shirts and the friends you make.

  • Congrats!!! I would love to win a size 12~18 m shirt/royal blue with the saying ‘2 lb miracle’

  • I would love a size 3-6 month onesie from my micro preemie born in March. Footprints with “26 wks” in one foot and “1lbs 5oz” in other foot

  • Would like a royal blue t-shirt in 12-18 mo size. Front: Foot prints with “28 wks, 2 lbs” and to read “Once tiny, always strong” If possible I would love it if you could add somewhere on it “TTTS Survivor” and on the back “NICU Grad Class of 2011”.

    I love that IAPT celebrates how awesome and special preemies are while bringing awareness with it’s adorable products.

  • Once Tiny… Always Strong! With footprints in the middle of the the two sayings 34 weeks, 4 lbs 8 oz. in green! Little T in 12-18 months.

    I love Its A Preemie Thing because it is a great community for mothers of premature babies. I am the only girl who is the mother of a preemie in my friend group, I felt kind of out of place because I didnt make it full term I didnt get the countdown to 40 weeks or the whole fancy newborn photo shoot or a normal birth, I would appreciate each and every little milestone and they just didnt understand. They didnt quite understand, that I went through so much with giving birth so early and having my son in the NICU which was a traumatic experience and I just wanted someone to relate to. And on your site and page I found so many online friends to relate to! Who understand the fear pain and emotions that we go through! Also preemie clothes are so hard to find and your site is great with the phrases and the clothes i can keep for my son to look at later on in life as a keepsake. Nothing beats personalized preemie clothes. Thank you for all you do for us preemie families, It really does mean a lot!

  • I would love a long sleeve onesie in 0-3 months in royal blue with footprints 31 wks & 2ibs15oz. I love the Facebook page and the products, I wish I had found this before my little guy came home! Love everything!!

  • It’s so hard to pick up 1 saying as my favorite, But I think I found it… Footprints with “29 wks” in one foot and “2lbs 5oz” in other foot. I would need it in size 2T with 33Weeks and 5lbs in purple. Congratulation on 9000 fan’s!!!!

  • I love the foot prints 32weeks 3.5 lbs in a 2t

  • I would like to win a short sleeve shirt that says “Once Tiny… Always Strong!” With footprints in the middle of the the two sayings (23 weeks…1 lb 5 oz). Size 2T, black with white lettering.

    I love all the fun IAPT shirts with sayings that I can relate to. I also love Good News Mondays. =)

  • I’ve tweeted about the giveaway!

  • I would love a short sleeved black tshirt with white writing with the 2 footprints. 27 weeks, 2 lbs 8 oz :). I’m trying to decide on a size, he’s currently between 12-18 months in most clothes, closer to the 18 month size. I’m afraid the 12-18 month size might not fit him very long, but the 2t would be way too big! I guess if I won I would prefer 2t because he could grow into it!

  • Oh! And I absolutely love this site! Great merchandise, and lots of great comments from other preemie parents who know what it’s like!

  • Wow! I love the onesies! As our NICU graduation approaches, it would be fabulous to win one of your onesies. I would like the blue one, with the 2 feet. 27 weeks, 2# 5 oz. in 6-12 months.
    Thank you for making preemie awareness stylish! 🙂

  • What I love about IAPT is that they Get Us preemie families and what we’ve been through!
    I would love to win a white 18-24 month onesie with the famous IAPT footprints (25 weeks, 1lb,12oz) for my miracle princess!!!!

  • Would love a 5T Navy Blue Footprints- 28 Weeks on one foot & 2lb. 4oz. on other!

  • I would love a NiCU grad-2010 18mo in grey,black,blue or white for our NICU reunion coming up

  • I love the footprints with 23wkr / 1.4lb in either foot. In grey! 18month 🙂

  • I love million dollar miracle and Yes I’m two

  • hi, i am from germany, but i love to win, too. is it possible for me to take part in this contest. i have no twitter but i will post on facebook. i would like to have a 6T in light blue with the 43. (Footprints with “31 wks” in one foot and “1399 g” in other foot) on it. in germany they don`t have something like that (babyfootprint on a shirt, like yours). maybe i win one, i find them so cute.

  • once tiny always strong 1 pound 11.5 ounces 27 weeks gestational

    • size 2t

      • I love all your products:) You are amazing and thank you for all you do

  • I need another NICU GRAD class of 2010 in 3T blue. He outgrew his last one!
    Gonna have to replace his other two soon too 🙂

  • I would like to win a 2t toddler shirt that says “NICU Grad of 2011” black shirt with fuchia

  • I tweeted as @soupermommy

  • My pin 🙂

    3T blue “NICU grad class of 2010”

  • link to my pinterest board with 2 pictures of me in my shirt and my daughter in hers.
    i love IAPT, the shirts and sayings bring awareness to premature babies but in a positive light. there is great information on the website, its always the one i give out to those i know who have a preemie or there is a possibility of them having on.

  • I love the Once Tiny……Always Strong shirt 31 weeks 3lbs (4T in Green, unless you have a 3T)…….There was so much stress in my life when my youngest son was born…..My oncle and father in-law were both going through caner treatments, it was my last day of work as we were moving back to our home town (2hrs away.) All of this was happening in December!!!! On my way into town for work/drop of my 18 month old son/regular Dr check up, I realized something was very wrong as I clued in that I was in labour!! We have come through a lot as my son had to stay in the NICU for 2 months while I travelled back and forth between the 2 cities….I’m grateful for my family and very proud of how far my son has come!! I would love to have a shirt so everyone else can see how special and how far he has come too!!

  • Would love a black size 2T “I’m proof miracles do happen!”. Thank you!

  • I pinned it on my fashon board as well!! I love these shirts!!

  • 9-12 months long sleeve onsie pink God’s 1 pound miracle… Would look adorable on my daughter. I love this website. Emotionally it has gotten me through the roller coaster ride of having my 27 weeker. I will be ordering shirts from you every year for our March of Dimes Walk!!!

  • Footprints with “34 wks” in one foot and “2lbs 6oz” in other foot in 4T Black t-shirt please!!!

  • I would like the black shirt with the sparkle raspberry that has the feet print with one saying 27wk -2lb6 ounce size 12 months please

  • I like the products because it makes people aware of what our little miracles have gone through. And they are so cute a stylish:)

  • I love the footprint shirts 24 weeks 1lb 7oz.

  • I tweeted for an extra entry .:) I hope my Logan wins!!

  • I love the one that says walking for me, 22 week miracle. . . I actually love them all but that might be my favorite. In black long sleeve with white writing in size 3t 🙂

  • I like the miracles do happen (seeing how he was never suppose to be born) in a size 12 month in blue. But all your stuff is amazing and wonderful!

  • I would love to win a 3T Fuschia shirt with purple sparkle writing that says (with footprints!) 26 weeks 1Lb. 7oz.

    What I love most about IaPT is that products are made by a mom of a preemie! The products are well made and super adorable! I tell everyone I know who has a preemie about all of the awesome items!

  • I pinned to Pinterest also 🙂

  • I like the Once Tiny…Always Strong in Navy blue. My daughter wears a 4T & was born at 27 wks, weighing 2 lb 1 oz. Thanks for supporting preemie families! I like the FB feed/updates.

  • I love the 2t fushia Nicu grad shirt. I love everything about Its a preemie thing. . . how you raise awareness and have cute products for preemies

  • I love IAPT because it allows me to show off my pride for where my son came from and helps me to embrace the situations we’ve been through. It raises awareness in a very fun, cute, conversational way.

    I would love a green onsie with the footprints on it.
    29 weeks 2 pounds 8 ounces

    And lets do size 3-6 months since he’s almost grown out of 0-3 and I want him to wear it lots.

  • Tweeted (not that I’m EVER on twitter!) and following you now! Preemie <3

  • 3T Black with sparkly pink foot prints 25 weeks, 1 lb 14 oz Once Tiny… Always strong.
    Good job on everything you’ve done. I find your company such an inspiration, having had our preemies close to the same time I love to see what you’ve done with the preemie experience.

    I did a pin too, hope I entered that right for an extra entry.

  • I love the once tiny always strong shirt in pink size 24 months. My daughter was a preemie, totally shocked that I had a preemie when my six other kids were full term. It was alot harder on us cause I couldn’t go everyday to the NICU and we had our other kids at home and we homeschool. I love this site I didn’t find t until a few months ago. But I really felt like the only person struggling with a baby in the NICU. I wish I would have came across this site when my daughter was born so I knew I wasn’t alone. My daughter was born at 33 weeks and weighed 4lbs 10oz.

  • “I’m Proof Miracles Happen” Royal Blue, 12-18 months.

    What I LOVE about IAPT is that if not having a preemie robs most of us of doing what full term parents get to do, you make clothes small enough for our miracle babies! It is so much more than a shirt or onesie or anything to do with the apparel. It has to do with making the mother and father’s feel like their itty bitty baby is no different than a full term baby! YOU ROCK!

  • I want Isaac newton was a preemie.. Gray shirt 6-12mos with pink sparkle lettering! I just ordered the preemie princess shirt for my daughters one yr birthday! I’ll be sharing on fb soon:)

    What I love the most about iapt is the same about life after Nicu and Graham’s foundation too! It’s knowing I’m not alone. It’s knowing that is ok to laugh. And cry for that matter:)

  • I would love “No really….I’m one!” in raspberry sparkle in 6-12 month White Baby T! My daughter turns one in december so this would be perfect!!!

    I love iapt because I think you give hope and bring humor to preemie parents in a time that isn’t always so funny. I know you gave me a little laugh when I needed one when I found you!! Great Stuff!!

  • Oh how I love contests! LOL!

    Finn *needs* a 6-12m long sleeved onesie in green that says “Elf Sized” for Christmas season! I think it would be GREAT for him to wear it in our Christmas card pictures…

    I love reading everyone’s comments!

    • I forgot what to say I loved most about IAPT! I think this is a WONDERFUL resource for so many reasons, but right this second I would have to say the PRODUCTS are my favorite thing! I can’t wait to receive the custom March for Babies shirts we ordered! SUCH a unique way to show our preemie pride!

  • I pinned this a long time ago! But I think it still counts!! Love your stuff!!

  • So excited about this contest! I tweeted! <3

  • Hi! We’d love a Toddler T in size 4T (I don’t see 3T as an option) in royal blue with white vinyl lettering, saying “it’s a preemie thing”. Tweet done and here is my Pin Thanks!

  • and…what we love most about it’s a preemie thing is the connection to so many preemie families and the humour and fun you put into our experiences (in a positive way.) Thanks!

  • We love IAPT! I would love to continue this tradition of using the “Once Tiny,Always Strong” with the footprints for my 23 weeker that weighed 14 ozer. for our NICU reunion t-shirts and one for my son’s BIG SISTER TO A MICRO PREEMIE! Blue or green for my son and black (5T)with pink sparkles for my daughter (6-7) I also would like a shirt for my daughter with footprints 40 weeks and 5lbs 12oz. to match her micro preemie brother! These shirts are absolutely amazing and we are asked everywhere we go where people can get them!!!

  • Love the shirts and says. 2t heather grey I’m older than I look.

  • I look at your stuff all the time and wish i could get some of it for my lil Annabelle but because of her being Preemie she cant be in daycare and there is no one but me to care for her and we get just enough to get by and this will be her first christmas and shes starting to catch up and i would love to get one of these for her. in a 12month size i wasnt sure how you wanted this done so i did the wizard and just copied it thank you so much!

    On a black tee shirt
    Location of Saying Front Standard & Back Standard
    Front Standard Saying Once Tiny… Always Strong! With footprints inbetween (please specify gestational age and weight you need )
    Additional Information 30weeks 2lbs 7oz
    Text Color Chosen Purple Sparkle
    Back Standard Saying Multi-Million Dollar Miracle
    Additional Information null
    Text Color Chosen Purple Sparkle

  • i love the 0-3 month onesie in green saying nicu grad and i love this website!!

  • I love your site!! It was so hard to pick just one! But I really love the Once Tiny….Always Strong, 30 weeks, 3 lbs 6 oz in 0-3 months. In purple. I’m so glad my nurses from the NICU told me about your site! The I’m older than I look onesie that Harper wears gets a lot of laughs. 🙂 thank you for this giveaway!

    • I meant purple sparkle! 🙂

  • I love the black with sparkly pink lettering that says one pound miracle.

  • I would love to win a Toddler T-Shirt: 2T; color: Fuchsia; Front Standard & Back Custom: 2lb Miracle on front, and Twin sister of an ANGEL on the back; with white vinyl……. PLEASE! (fingers are totally crossed)!

  • I love everything about this site and blog but just knowing I’m not alone as a preemie mom always helps and I can always relate to alot the other moms are going through which helps out so much when I get overwhelmed with stuff my son is going through…. We would like to win the black foot print shirt with 28 weeks 2lbs 3oz in a 6-12 month…. Thank you so much for doing this contest 🙂

  • I would love the foot print onsie size 12 months, black with white foot prints.
    Justin was born at 32 weeks and was 4 lbs 9 oz.
    Justin is my third son. My first was born at 25 weeks and passed away 6 days later. Justin has sensory integration issues. I would love this for him.

  • I pinned several things from the site, but here is a link to one for a contest entry! 🙂

  • Love the shirts. I’d get 3-6mo royal blue Half Year Full Attitude!

  • I love your stuff!! Thank you so much for bringing light to those who are on that NICU rollercoaster now and to those who have been there before it means alot!!
    I would choose a purple shirt with “Once Tiny… Always Strong! With footprints in the middle of the the two sayings please specify gestational age and weight you need)” For my Preemie Princess who was born at 29 weeks and weighed 2 lbs 3 oz. I would need it in a 3T! 🙂 <3

  • I pinned a few things this morning! New to pinning so I Hope it works! I love It’s a preemie thing!

  • I love the black t-shirt with the NICU Grad Class of 2008 in 6T. Thanks for having this giveaway. My son’s picture looks great in the online catalog (toddler sizes). 🙂

  • I love knowing that I’m not the only one who has struggled with being the mom of a preemie. I would love to win the fushia “once tiny…always strong” with 30 weeks and 2lb. 11oz in a 4t.

  • I’d love a Black “I was a preemie” white short sleeved onesie with black letters. in a size 24m

  • I would love a purple 2T shirt with the Footprints and “35 Weeks” & “4lbs 9ozs” and of course then I’d have to get a pink one for her identical twin too 🙂 I love IAPT for all the great FB posts and that I have a place I can send new preemie families I meet to find great products and helpful support.

  • Addie has outgrown her “one pound miracle” T-shirt in size 3T, so I’m going to go up to size 5T for lots of room/time to grow. (She’s been 31 pounds for nearly a year now!) We love purple, so that’s what I’m hoping for!!

    You started IAPT long after we were home from the NICU, but I have loved being able to continue to connect with the preemie community and cheer on other miracles! Our second (full-term) baby had brachycephaly and just graduated from six months in the helmet…I would have been *devastated* if we hadn’t gone through everything else with Addie first.

    You’re the best, Julie! You deserve all the recognition in the world for this awesome job you’re doing!

  • 4t black
    nicu grad 2010 (front)
    Million dollar miracle (back)

  • I like the teal onesie (with chocolate lettering) size 3-6 months with the saying once tiny – always strong (35 weeks – 3 lbs 5 oz)

  • Green 18 months once tiny always strong, 29 weeks 3 pounds 6 ounces. I love your products, help spread the word about prematurity 🙂

  • Im older than I look, black 6-12 months

  • 12-18month purple Little tshirt “Once Tiny… Always Strong! ” With footprints 25wks1d 1lb 15oz What I love most about IAPT is that your shirts are so playful but at the same time show sooo much pride in our tiny loves. My Ellie is at 6 weeks in the NICU and not probably coming home until November sometime, and a LONG way off from fitting a t shirt but I wanted something that she could wear and show how far she has come for awhile. Thank you so much for doing this!

  • I would love to win “God’s 1 pound miracle”. My daughter Leah was born at 1 pound, 3 ounces and 11 inches. She’ll turn 3 in Feb. and she truly is a miracle. She spent 89 days in the NICU before joining our family at home. She didn’t require any surgeries and when she came home it was without tubes, wires, or oxygen. I’d love a 24 month shirt for her in black with raspberry sparkle for her to wear to her 3rd birthday party.


    I love how It’s A Preemie Thing isn’t just a store, but a community for preemies and their families. It’s great to post my concerns and have them answered by fellow preemie moms and to know that I’m not alone.

  • I’d love to win the “NICU GRAD Class of 2011 purple onesie, size 6-12months. My daughter graduated from the NICU on December 29, 2011. We are walking in our local March for Babies October 14th. I’d love for my daughter to sport a NICU Grad outfit, but the March of Dimes does not have any in infant sizes.

  • I’ve got twins, so if I win I’ll have to buy the other! 😉

    Size – 3T
    Color – Royal Blue
    Saying – one foot (32 wks) other foot (3 lbs 7 oz)

  • I am buying this even if I don’t win and my little miracle will be wearing it every time we visit our NICU parent meetings.

    Size – 3-6M
    Color – Black
    Saying Front – one foot (29 weeks) other foot (1lb 4oz) (white)
    Saying Back – NICU GRAD 2010 (white)

    I love It’s A Preemie Thing, a store, blog and info center bringing all us preemie parents and friends together. LOVE IT!

  • I love the “multi million dollar baby” in green, size 12 month. I love all of your shirts and the cause behind it.

  • i’d love the short sleeved onesie 18-24mths in purple
    i’d love the one with the two footprints 1 saying 27 weeks and the other 1 saying 1lb 12oz. I would love to win i love your clothes they are so soft and even stay soft after a lot of washes 🙂

  • I forgot the colour of the shirt >.< Colour:Black

  • I LOVE the Toddler Tee (2T) long sleeve shirt!!!

    Color: White

    Font: raspberry glitter

    Front: I’m proof miracles do happen!

    Back: Got Sanitizer?

    What I LOVE about IAPT shirts are the quality, the options and the SUPER CUTE sayings! I’d love to have one that said :
    “Polymicrogyria & Arthrogryposis – Any Questions?”

  • “Once Tiny… Always Strong!” With footprints in the middle of the the two sayings 29 wks, 2 lbs. 8 oz on pink shirt, size 3T.

  • I want the “I earned these rolls” in a size 6mn black with white writing for my little guy. He was born in Sept at 26 weeks 1lb 8oz and is going to be 1 tomorrow and is finally 14lbs. He definitely earned the little bit of chub he now has.

  • I would like to win the little tshirt.. 1 pound miracle.. size 9-12 months. I love all of your shirts!!

    • I forgot to say a color… we would like BLUE, GREEN, BLACK or BROWN 🙂

  • I love It’s A Preemie Thing! If we won, we would like a NICU Grad 3T shirt in Green or Pink

  • I would love to win a 24 months black with raspberry sparkle with the saying “God’s 1 pound miracle” for my princess’ 3rd birthday in Feb. I love It’s A Preemie Thing and the community Julie created.

  • Tweeted 😀

  • Royal Blue 5T…28 weeks 3lbs 5oz (my not so little man’s graduation is the 22nd!) I love this site for so many reasons, for one it unites so many preemie parents, some old, some new and when you’re first faced with the issue you don’t realize how many families it truly affects. I know with my first i was amazed to see how big of a issue it truly is and had an amazing Pod and NICU family, but this site would’ve been great at the time to see that there is light at the end of the tunnel and things DO get better. Its an inspiration for parents of new preemies. I also like the awareness it brings theres ALOT of ignorance regarding preemies.

  • I would love the footprints in a 4T 🙂

    I love IAPT, the shirts are very well made and great conversation starters that help us spread preemie awareness.

  • Pinned to pininterest

  • I love “I earned these rolls” on an 18 month onesie. I want to win! 🙂 I love your website and how you celebrate the preemies. Yay for preemies!!

  • I love my two shirts i just ordered, the quality is outstanding and they are super cute and fun and I love telling other’s about the page and Jacob’s NICU journey.

    I would love a Royal Blue 2T shirt that says Gastroschisis Preemie Miracle!

  • 0-3 months. Once tiny…always strong. With footprints 5lbs 4oz. Pink:) I love everything about this site! Im a young mom, so i really had no idea how hard and stressfull my baby girl being in the nicu would be. I love getting on your fb and seeing that im not alone. I love how every question i have had was already answered before i could even ask!:) Thank you sooo much for everything you do!!! You are truely appreciated!

  • I also tweeted about the giveaway!

  • The best thing about IAPT is you can find humor in the same place you find support. Nice to be reminded to smile once in a while! 🙂 I would love to win a custom short sleeve onesie in royal blue (size 12-18mo.) with the following saying on the front: Do these glasses make me look fat? And would also like to have the “It’s a preemie thing” saying on the back. Thanks!!

  • Size – 3T
    Color – Black
    Saying – one foot (24 wks) other foot (1 lb 9 oz)

    I love this site, you are doing a great service of raising awareness!

  • I would love to win a 6T black shirt with raspberry sparkle with footprints saying 32 weeks 2lbs 11oz for my daughter!

  • 4T Royal Blue with ” 3pound Miracle” on the front.!!!!

  • Hello i would like God’s 1pound miracles 12-18 month and purple

  • IAPT- raise awarness for babies born prematurely! We need to keep groups like this a top priority…..these babies are our future!

  • The reason I like your website is for the awareness that you raise and the support you can find from other preemie parents. as a mother of 2 preemies if I just wish I woulda found this website sooner. you’re doing a great job in a great service!

  • 2T NICU Grad Class of 2009 T for a girl any color =) Love them all so hard to choose just one!

  • (#51) once tiny …always strong 26weeks (twins) 2lbs & 2lbs5oz

  • Jack’s 2nd bday is coming up. I’m torn between a new 1lb miracle shirt or Really, I’m 2!

  • I LOVE the lap tee saying “Once Tiny… Always Strong!”

    Size: 12-18 months
    Color: Fuchsia
    32 Weeks 2lbs 8oz

  • Love the 2T green 2 pound miracle tee shirt 🙂 All of our preemies are miracles from God!! Thanks for raising support for our preemies!

    • I also pinned it!

  • It is so hard to pick just one favorite because all of your shirts and onesies are adorable… However I would love the footprint ones in a 9 month with a 2.5 pound miracle

  • 43. Footprints with “24 wks” in one foot and “1lbs 13oz” in other foot

  • I love the Once Tiny… Always Strong! With footprints in the middle of the the two sayings please specify gestational age and weight you need)! I want it in purple ! thanks for the great sweep!

  • i forgot size 0-3 m and 28 week 2lbs 9oz

  • I LOVE everything about your page, especially your FB page. I enjoy logging on and seeing the posts from IAPT. It seems like whenever I have a concern ab something and I log on facebook, I can look on your page to answer my questions.

    I am in LOVE with the Once Tiny…Always Strong onsie (or tshirt not picky lol). I would love this for Chase in a onsie size 18-24 months. He was born at 30 weeks weighing 3lb 7.8oz and 17 inches.

    I have become friends with several other preemie parents and have pinned a link to your onsie on my pinterst

    I would tweet ab it, but I am not a member of twitter. =)

  • “Multi-Million Dollar Miracle” on a 12-18 month tee in Royal Blue.

  • Navy 1 Pound Miracle size 2T

  • short sleeved onesie, white, 6-12 months, i’m proof miracles do happen. after trying for a baby for 6 years and having 7 angel babies he definately is proof miracles do happen <3 keep up the great work i love them all !!

  • oh and i love the fact that you create these special items for our little miracles, im sure we are all proud of them

  • I really enjoy reading the Facebook posts and the feeling of normalcy, I guess?, that it gives me. I would love to win a green or blue tiny tee 18m with the “Once Tiny… Always Strong!” With footprints saying 28 wks, 1 lbs. 12 oz in white.

    This was a HARD decision to make! All of your tees are so cute. I would love to purchase one.of each 🙂

  • Hi, my wife and I enjoy the site and blog and the products. It allows us to feel a part of something and not this weird isolation of having this miraculous boy we always are preparing to “explain”. I’d like to win the green or blue tiny tee 18m with the “Once Tiny… Always Strong!” With footprints saying 28 wks, 1 lbs. 12 oz in white.

  • I love this website! Your shirts are so cute, and it is a great way to let the world know how proud we are of our miracles! I would LOVE to win “Once tiny… Always strong” long sleeve onsie in fuchsia 6 months. 24 weeks 1lb 13oz. Thank you for the contest and all your hard work at raising awareness!

  • Also tweeted 🙂

  • Little t-shirt 12-18mth black
    Once Tiny… Always Strong! With footprints in the middle of the the two sayings 26wk gestational age and weight 2lbs 3oz

  • “once tiny… Always strong” 30 weeks 3 lbs 6 oz on the feet 2T t shirt white with black sparkle! IAPT, like everyone elses comments, helped me feel comfort knowing we weren’t alone. Obviously delivering my babies 10 weeks early was not something we planned and going into NICU mode took some adjusting. My son spent his first 218 days living in three different NICUs. Hardest time of my life. Always wondering when and if I was going to take him home. It was hard to see everyone lives around me going on about their normal business when it felt like mine was standing still. Having a preemie is a very special blessing. It’s taught me so much! I celebrate the smallest milestones that usually get taken for granted. I love IAPT shirts, their sayings make me smile and laugh! Thank you Julie!!

  • A navy blue 2T shirt, with Seriously…I’m Two.

  • Once tiny…always strong with feet saying 28 weeks 2 pounds 5 ounces. I love your designs and can relate to your posts! Love It’s A Preemie Thing.

  • Long sleeve black T w/ Raspberry Sparkle
    Size 3T
    I Earned These Rolls!!!

    I love IAPT shirts & FB posts. So glad I stumbled upon you! No idea my sweetie would be born 13 wks early. You have helped me feel the support of a community. I can relate to a lot of what you post. Keep up the great work! Wish i had found you when she was still in the NICU!!

  • I like the Fun Size one! 🙂

  • I would love the blue 2T for my good friend that has a preemie that says “2 pound miracle”.

  • I tweeted! I would love the blue 2T for my good friend that has a preemie that says “2 pound miracle”.

  • footprints! 12-18 months, purple short sleeved onesie with white text, 28 weeks in one, 1 lb 15 oz in the other.

    I love IAPT because no where else has stuff like this, which is so fitting for our kiddos (I also have a 4 year old who was a 27 weeker, 1 lb 7 oz).

  • I would love a blue, 2T, shirt with “Once Tiny… Always Strong!” With footprints in the middle of the the two sayings please specify gestational age – 32 weeks – and weight – 2.5 pounds –

  • Once Tiny… Always Strong. Feet saying 23weeks 4 days. 1lb 6.5oz. In purple. This is an amazing shirt and I would be so happy to see my baby girl in it!

    • That is also supposed to be a 4T

  • 2 pound miracle shirt in 2T fuschia with black sparkle lettering. Wanted black t shirt, but you’re sold out 🙁 I will take what is left 🙂 Thank you for letting me be part of your giveaway….

  • Here’s my Pinterest link!

    but I’d love to win a blue, 2T, shirt with “Once Tiny… Always Strong!” With footprints in the middle of the the two sayings please specify gestational age – 32 weeks – and weight – 2.5 pounds –

  • I’m sorry that should say 3 pound miracle 😉

  • Thank you for the contest! We would love to have a Black 3-6 month little T that says Once Tiny…always strong. 28 weeks 1lb 13oz!

  • Short Sleeve Onesie: Size 6-12 months
    Green with white

    Front: Fun-Sized
    Back: 2 Pound Miracle

    I love IAPT because everything hits home with me and it helps me feel like we belong somewhere when most other parents/families have little to no understanding about life with a preemie or what it is like to go through a NICU experience.

  • Green short sleeve onesie
    size 6-12 months

    Front: Fun-sized
    Back: 2 pound miracle

    • and I meant to add that I love everything about your products and your FB page. They have helped me to feel like we “fit” somewhere when most other moms/families don’t have a clue about what it means to have a NICU stay or a preemie. When everything else is meant for full-term healthy babies, IAPT gives our little miracles a space in this world that is just for them 🙂

  • I tweeted and I pinned <3 good luck everyone!

  • I LOVE the saying Once Tiny… Always strong with footprints (32weeks, 3lbs8oz) on a black tee size 6t. I love IAPT because it gives us mommys comfort were not a lone as well as a way for our babies to represent who they are & how far theyve came in their little miraculous lives. I also love following IAPT on FB for inspiration. Even though my son was a NICU Grad in January 08 sometimes I still need that comfort.

  • 2T Navy blue T-shirt with the saying “stunt double in training” for one of my twins. (Obviously I would then order a green one with the same saying). What I love about IAPT, is the connection I feel with other parents who have been/going through what we’ve been/going through. That the smallest thing are what matter the most. I also love looking forward to Good News Mondays on FB.

  • My little miracle Cecileigh would look absolutely ADORABLE in the long sleeved onsie with “God’s 1 pound Miracle” written in purple sparkles! She has a tu-tu that would go perfect with it! 0-3 months. Thanks for all of the resourceful links, blogs, etc…They have really helped me through Cecileigh’s journey!

  • I would love to win a 4T fuschia t-shirt with the footprints “29 wks, 1 pound 9 ounces.”

    So proud of my little miracle baby!

    Fantastic giveaway!

  • I tweeted! @SamanthaPridgen

  • My little Rock Star Sarah would love a little T-shirt (fuschia) 12-18months proudly saying I’m older than I look! Would be perfect since my 24weeker is so small for her age!

  • Short sleeved “2012 NICU Graduate” size 2-t black with fushia lettering. my wife got me on this site, theres lots of info that even dads can relate to.

  • And I tweeted! 😉

  • We would love the once tiny…always strong with 26 wks, 1 lb6oz on a purple 6t. I love these tees and love IAPT!

  • I would love the shirt, “Once tiny, always strong” with the footprints 25 weeks, 1 lb. 12 oz. in size 18 months onsie. Any color is great, it’s for a girl.
    I love IAPT because it is a great inspiration that you were able to take a “negative” circumstance in your life and turn it into something positive!! What a great example to all us preemie parents! 🙂

  • I love the “Fun-sized” onesie- would love it in a tee for my little minnow. she’s just out of 6month clothes now, and a few months shy of being a year old, so black tee with white letters in 9months? Also, if you could make one that says “minnow” that would be awesome. my whole family is into fishing and call her that. thanks!

  • I love the long sleeve toddler shirts in size 2T, whatever color you have available, blue or gray. My favorite saying is, “I’m proof miracles do happen”. What I love most about IAPT is good news mondays, it’s a great start to the week. I also love the articles or information that you provide.

  • I would LOVE a new NICU Grad shirt for Zoe, as she is growing like a weed and can’t fit into any of our other ones!!! I really Love the heather grey with pink sparkle!!! xoxoxo

  • Footprints 29 weeker. 3lbs 2 oz in purple if possible

  • I would live to win a T that says “I’m older than I look”.

  • I would love a Nicu Grad 2010 in a 3t!

  • Tweeted about the giveaway!

  • Toddler Tee, 2T, royal blue, “2 pound miracle”

    What do I like best about IAPT? Julie, of course! Love your compassion, your humor, your creativity, and your excellent customer service!

  • I tweeted!

  • I would love a blue shirt 3t that says “I’m proof miracles do happen”. With footprints on the back saying 32 weeker 3lbs 7oz. I love your shirts. My son would love it for Christmas or his birthday. Bigger size for longer wear.

  • I would love to pay the difference and get a womans black tee size small, for my 15yr old preemie… she was born at 32weeks… 2lbs 9ozs… i would love the once tiny, always strong one… if this isnt an option, i understand!!! I love seeing and hearing of other preemies! They are so special!!!!

  • I would love a 18 month royal blue onesie with white lettering in #49 with “26 wks” & “2lbs 8oz”.

    • Oops forgot to add.. What I love most about IAPT are the adorable sayings on the shirts/onesies! 🙂

  • I love the constant support! Isaac Newton was a preemie shirt in 3T light blue

  • 12 month “I’m older than I look”. Love iapt and all the amazing things you do!

  • Once tiny, always strong. 31 weeks 2 lbs 8 oz grey or green preferably long sleves.
    IAPT helped me get through our nicu days, reading everyone’s stories gave me hope. Now he is 14 months old today, 17 lbs and running!

  • Pinned!

  • Tweeted!

  • Once Tiny… Always Strong! With footprints in the middle of the the two sayings please specify gestational age and weight you need) 32 weeks 3 lbs 0.8 oz ( Royal Blue 12-18 Months littleT) … I wanted to say I’m only fed on Tuesdays because i use to always say to him when he was eating i know you are hungry since we only feed you on Tuesdays 🙂

  • Once Tiny… Always Strong! With footprints in the middle 28 weeks 1lb 12oz. My little girl would love a purple 2T short sleeve shirt with rasberry sparkle lettering.

    We LOVE iapt as the shirts are just adorable and everyone loves my daughters current shirt! You have the cutest merchandise and I tell everyone I see to order the stroller sayings from you. We constantly are asked where did you get that sign for the stroller that says “Please wash your hands before touching mine.” Thank you so much for all you do for the preemie community, you are a true inspiration!


  • I would love a grey 18mos tee shirt that says “3 pound miracle.”
    Thank you

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