Hats, Hats and More Hats!

WINNERS LISTED BELOW for each shop!!

Ok, for preemie parents, it’s always so hard to find really adorable hats for small heads, but we’ve had a plethora of donations for hats, and with all those little heads out there, I wasn’t about to turn anyone down!!  SO…here’s your options!

1.  Suzy’s Craft Shoppe:  FROGGIE Newborn Crochet Beanie and don’t fret, you don’t have to wait to win!  20% Off, Use Coupon code SUZYSALE20  CONGRATS:  Nel deS

2.  Nature Mamma Handmade:  Any item on my store any color any size. This may include a character hat, mittens, leggins, sleepers, blankets or anything pictured on my facebook albums 🙂  ALSO…purchase anything from my store during the giveaway mention LOVE OF PREEMIES to get 20% any order.  SWEET!  CONGRATS:  Christa O.

3.  Kandislei Co.:  I would love to donate 2 hats from my etsy shop, Kandislei Co. One owl chullo (boy or girl) and one hat of the winners choice!  ALSO offering 20% off any order in my shop during the duration of the giveaway.  Example of the owl hat is in the picture to the right.  OH how cute is the owl hat??  CONGRATS:  Addie H and Meredith V.

4.  Vine Street Goods:  Offering  a hand-crocheted organic cotton premie hat. (In color and size of the family’s choosing)  Ex: http://www.etsy.com/listing/76974527/organic-cotton-baby-boy-hat-blue-button, PLUS a 15% discount for any premie families during the giveaway. CONGRATS: LIZ D.

5.  Twiddlebits Boutique:  Twiddlebits is donating 3 crocheted preemie size hats. Two are red with a white bow, the other is brown with a pink bow.  CONGRATS:  Chelsea H., Chantelle A., Randi P.

6.  Julie Bee Photography:  4 newborn hand-crocheted hats as well as 4 newborn floral headbands (and if you’re in PA, check out her waived session fee as a photographer in the Photographers giveaways!)  CONGRATS:  HATS: Jean W., Anna W., Catherine R-W, Meghan A.     Headbands:  Michelle R-D; Kristen B., Gretchen P., Jennifer M.

7.  NRB Designs:  Offering one of my hats that can be done for just about any size, with boy girl, or twins.  Also, use discount code of FBFRIENDS 15% off any item on my etsy site. CONGRATS: Karie M!

8.  Kokopax:  2 sun hats, I have a Kokopax carrier and love their sweet sun hats as well!! CONGRATS: Claire J and Jessica R.

9.  Artsychameleon Props:  HUGE fan of this shop and she donated last year for both hats and as a photographer as well.  Her stuff is adorable and cheerful…  CONGRATS Angelica B!

10. A fan:  So…a wonderful gentleman from Seattle (THANK YOU ISSAC!) has donated two more hats from Artsychameleon Props!  Both are for sweet little preemie girl heads and are INSANELY Cute!!!  Both are small enough to fit my fist balled up, so if you’re sweet princess still is tiny, these are ones you want to win!  One of the hats is like the image to the right, just in shades of blues, purples, coral…it’s beautiful!  CONGRATS:  Rachelle W. and Jennifer J.

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  • Ava was born at 34 weeks in August. She is almost 6 months now!

  • My little zo was born about 8wks early she is now 16mo old and the only health problem she has now is reflex and delayed a bit but she is on the road to being 100% health.

  • My little bug was born at 32 wks and is now 15m. She’s just starting to love hats, and I’d love to win one for her!

  • We just adopted a little man Christopher that was born at an est. 26 weeks. His mother did not know she was pregnant. He weighed 1 lb. 8 oz at birth and has been our miracle. He is now almost 5 months old and weighs 11 lb 4 oz and all is well.

  • Congratulations to all the winners! You can still use the promo code LOVE OF PREEMIES and get 20% off during this week to order anything! Congratulations!!

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