Bel Scriba- IAPT 5K Fan Giveaway

Congrats to Katie Steele!!! 

SO excited to be able to offer one lucky winner a Minkseez/Binkeez blanket combo from Bel Scriba!  You can see what a Minkseez is at but I will warn you, you’ll want one immediately!!

What’s more amazing, is the two owners (an amazing Mother and Daughter team) donate many of their items to NICU’s across the country to give precious preemies the gift of warmth and love.  They pay it forward by picking someone and donating to their NICU so that NICU will have amazing items for preemies to be snuggled on.  I was the lucky recipient of some gorgeous items for my NICU and was beyond honored by these two ladies!!

With more than a single serving, each Bel Scriba, LLC creation is designed from top to bottom using only the best ingredients including a dash of happiness, a pinch of love, lots of sprinkles of sweet baby wishes and the secret ingredient of Binkeez.

To enter:

You must be a fan of It’s a Preemie Thing and Bel Scriba!  Below, leave a comment and tell me how you heard about It’s a Preemie Thing, and what you’d like to win from Bel Scriba by visiting their site!

Bonus entries (leave a comment for each that you do below, giving you more chances to be selected):

1.  Follow us on twitter: @apreemiething and tweet about the giveaway and be sure to tag us on the tweet!

2.  Go like Togs N Things, our sister store that will be opening soon supporting the termies in our lives. ;)

Contest will close at midnight on 4 Nov 2011 and a winner announced on 5 NOV 2011!

About the Author: Julie of IAPT Howard

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  • I am a fan! The Binkeez and Bloomseez are adorable!

  • I am a fan of Togs N Things!

  • Found you through a search on Google, looking for clothes for our little man who was just born on Sept 26th at 26 weeks currently fighting in the NICU. I would love the Becca Minkseez, they all look amazing though.

  • I came across “it’s a preemie thing” fb page while looking for other mom’s who had a preemie. Love the page!! Would love to win a Bel Scriba Minkseez (with hot pink color) blanket for my little girl! 🙂

    I also liked Bel Scriba Minkseez and Togs N Things fan page! 🙂

  • Fan of Togs N Things & Bel Scriba

  • I would love the Isabella pattern for my Isabelle. 😉

  • I like Togs n Things!

  • I heard about It’s a Preemie Thing on FB. I would love to win the Binkeez in Hilary and the Minkseez with black/white zebra on the front and paris pink dots on the back. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Found IAPT from the Grahams Foundation FB page. I’d love the blue Minkseez blanket. My son was born 10/12 weighing 15oz. He has a long road ahead of us but he is doing great!

  • Those look gorgeous! I would love to win one for my daughter! So wonderful that they donate them to NICU’s, my daughter got a few things while she was in the hospital..two knit blankets, a couple handmade hats and a stuffed animal (we still have them all and treasure them!)…it would bring a little joy into a very hard situation, that people cared enough to donate their time and talents to people they never even met, just amazed me…good for them! I found IAPT when my baby was in the NICU, so happy I found such an amazing site!!!

  • Also a fan of Togs N Things!

  • I heard about It’s a Preemie Thing on Facebook by doing a search. My daughter was born 2 months early and I wish I would have found the site back then. I know she would love to have a Minkseez ! She loves to cuddle with things but not as much as I love cuddling with her !!! Thank you for doing such special things for the special little people in our lives ! Keepup the good work :0)

  • We are IAPT, Bel Scriba and Togs n Things fans!

    After looking over the Bel Scriba products I have fallen in love with everything and would love to win a Minkzee for Allison!

  • I’m a Fan of Togs N Things

  • I’m also a fan of Bel Scriba

  • i found this website while looking up march of dimes information. My son Trapper was born at 32 weeks back in July. He is doing great but having problems with his bowels. i would like the OH POOP bloomseez for him…maybe it will help remind him how to poop!”)

  • I found IAPT last year after our daughter came at 25 weeks. Happy and healthy a year later. She loves to cuddle so a Minkseez in Catie/baby pink paisley would put a smile on her face. So appreciate the pay it forward program.

  • Niva binkeez is my favorite! And I heard of your site on March of Dimes fb page

  • Follow you on twitter, and included you in a tweet!

  • Liked togs n things

  • I found IAPT from a fellow preemie mom. I love the minkseeze and the binkseez they are all so cute! I like Togs N Things and also will tweet this on twitter! Thanks!

  • I found IAPT while doing a search for “preemie”. I Love the Victoria Minkseez.

  • I liked Togs n things:-)

  • I came across your site while searching for support and info when my 26weeker was born this past February. I would love one of their minkeez.

  • I now like togs too

  • I found you through the keri Meyers Photography facebook page. I’d love a Beary Sweet Burpeez 🙂

  • I follow you on twitter!

  • I liked Togs N Things!

  • I discovered It’s a Preemie Thing through another NICU mom’s blog. It helps me stay connected now that I am home with our little son. I am a mom of a 26 weeker that loves to cuddle. He is now 5 months old and has discovered that he loves things near him and loves to hold on to blankets. I know a Minkseez would be fantastic. There are too many choices that I know anything from this Bel Scriba would be amazing.

  • Heard about It’s a Preemie Thing through another preemie mom.

    If I win, I would love to win a Minkseez™ Baby Blanket with Catie (hot pink/lime dots) for the front and the hot pink dots for the back color. It would be such a cute first baby blanket for my 27 weeker who is 2 months old now and has been in the NICU for 64 days as of today. Hopefully coming home soon in December.

  • Fan for Togs N Things

  • Found you when another “local” shop closed her “doors” –Regarding Peanut.

  • Just became a fan of Bel Scriba– you are right, gorgeous “lovies” (as my kids called them). I would love to have a Minkseez with Jack and Cappuccino for my fabric selections to wrap my little man in for “lovies” and “snuggies”.

  • I think I heard about its a preemie thing via a side add on facebook or it might of been another NICU mom 🙂 cant remmeber now! I’d love to win the cake with the giraffe ontop! or anything really I have boy/girl twins! trying to get preg with another baby (IVF again) and praying for a full termer this time round1

  • also faned togs n things

  • I love the wyatt or Kayden in Binkeez, and jack or Maggie is gorgeous in the Minkeez. I just became a fan of their page and Wow!! Thanks to another preemie mom I have been a fan of yours for awhile. Thanks for everything.

  • I am also, now a fan of Togs n Things. Yay

  • I can’t remember how I heard of it’s a preemie thing. It was on the sidebar on one of the pages I like just the other day I think. If I won I would love either the Avery or Angelina binkeez. I also loveee the oh poop or going places bloomeezs.

  • I also am a fan of Togs N Things now

  • I found about IAPT while looking for a preemie support group on FB. The Michelle pattern is gorgeous!

  • fan of bel scriba and togs and things!

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