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Congrats to Charlene Connell!!


One of my favorite items when Spencer was released from the NICU was my Wrapsody…I could keep him close and protected and away from germy, gross hands that needed to be FAR away from him!!  My dear friend Katy just closed her doors from Regarding Peanut, but before she did, she donated a Wrapsody for when I hit 5K fans…she rocks!!

This Wrapsody does NOT have a box, but it does come with all the information and an instructional video.  You can also read the previous review I did on a Wrapsody if you want to find out more what it is!  The one I have is the Lily which retails for $79!

To enter:

You must be a fan of It’s a Preemie Thing!  Leave a comment below and tell me how you heard about It’s a Preemie Thing, and why you want to win the Wrapsody!

Bonus entries (leave a comment for each that you do below, giving you more chances to be selected):

1.  Follow us on twitter: @apreemiething and tweet about the giveaway and be sure to tag us on the tweet!

2.  Go like Togs N Things, our sister store that will be opening soon supporting the termies in our lives. 😉

Contest will close at midnight on 4 Nov 2011 and a winner announced on 5 NOV 2011!

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  • I liked togs and things

  • It has been so long since i heard of It’s a preemie thing but i believe through another preemie site. Sure glad i did 🙂

    I would love to have a wrapsody for my son as it is getting to be Flu and RSV season would be a great way to carry him in public and help people to understand not to touch. Also would love to be able to carry him around as i am doing things because of seizure like activity i cant leave him alone or not be watching him at any time so makes getting things done much harder. Wrapsody would make life easier and i have hear GREAT reviews on it. Might also help with his reflux since he is upright.

  • I heard about IAPT while in the nicu with my 2nd preemie. I have had my heart set on a wrapsody since I brought my lil miracle home,but since I had to quit my job to take care of my lil man, it is out of my price range. I opted for a sling instead, can’t even use the thing! Would so love a wrapsody!!!!

  • I like togs and things.

  • I love to carry our preemie and do not have a wrap. The baby Iran is getting snug now that my little 3 lb guy is 13 lb 🙂 I would love to win a wrapsody to use. Keeping our baby snuggled is the best way to keep people from walking up and touching them during col, flu, and RSV season.
    I heard about It’s A Preemie Thing from a FB search. I need to custom order a “Yes, I’m really 2” t shirt for our beautiful 27 weeker dd. She has mild CP and the most amazing zest for life! She is so small many people ask when she’ll be 1. Small but mighty would be another t shirt idea 🙂

  • I am a long time fan of IAPT. I am expecting our second child this spring and wearing the new little one would make it easier to play and take care of my former preemie.

  • I am a fan of Togs N Things

  • I heard of IAPT through facebook preemie group. I would like and VERY MUCH appreciate the wrapsody to keep my new arrival in when she gets here, because although (Lord willing) she’ll be a termie, I’ll still be a germaphobe and overprotective of ppl wanting to touch her 🙂

  • P.S. and I wore Lily a lot, but I had a sling and I don’t think it’s safe like the wrapsody, so it is retired.

  • Found your site while “Regarding Peanut” was in her final days. Baby wearing is so good for all babies, not just the itty-bitties: Bonding and keeping germies away from our wee ones.

  • Now a fan of Togs and Things. Yeah for Termies!

  • I found IAPT when searching for preemie clothes. We loved wearing my son, but by the time he finally left the NICU there were too many tubes and wires for wrapping. My daughter is coming home soon on oxygen, and this would be great for wearing her while taking my son to therapy – we have to be out, but wearing her will help keep people away.

  • I liked Togs N Things

  • I tweeted – @kadiera

  • I found IAPT while looking for cute preemie clothes. My sweetums is now almost 1!!! I would love a Wrapsody because she is finally too big for the Moby. 🙂

  • Liked Togs n Things

  • Tweeted! @jwoolley11

  • I saw one of your products shared by someone on fb. I LOVE Wrapsody, and DH says I can’t buy any more to wear my 22 mo old preemie (wearing a size 9 mo). I am a fan on fb.

  • I found IAPT from a fellow preemie mom. I would love a wrapsody now that it is RSV season again. I have to keep her well with her BPD, and what better way than having her snuggled right with me! I likde TOG N THINGS and now follow on twitter! 🙂

  • I found IAPT while my daughter was in the NICU! I love your products and the support I get from the facebook site 🙂 I would love to win a wrapsody for my daughter!! 🙂 Thanks for the chance!

  • I am also a fan of Togs N Things! 🙂

  • it was either a friend who suggested your site or there was a link on my facebook sidebar when i found you! i would LOVE to have a wrapsody because we have baby #2 on the way and i was never able to get anything like this with emalee 🙁 i had friends who had the moby but it looked SO confusing and by the time i got one, i still couldnt figure it out, the material is heavy and i couldnt get em in and out by myself. this one looks way better and would come in handy with 2 kiddos!

  • I would LOVE the Wrapsody to use with our little man who was just born on Sept 26th at 26 weeks and is currently in the NICU. With our older son, who is 5, I used a wrap and LOVED it to death. I unfortunately sold it thinking we weren’t going to have another baby and then we were surprised with our little miracle boy, who has been a double surprise with coming so early.

    The wrap would come in handy for keeping him cozy and comfy, helping with bonding, and keeping unwanted strangers and germs away from him.

  • Fan of Togs N things

  • Found your site when searching for support when my 26 weeker was born in February. Would love one as my preemie has sensory issues and constantly wants to be held tight and close. With 2 other children, its hard to get much done!

  • Like togs n things

  • I heard about IAPT from Katy long ago. 🙂 I would give the wraps idly to a good friend who just had a baby!

  • I like Togs n Things

  • Tweeted the giveaway @motherunadorned

  • I found out about It’s a Preemie Thing through Keri*Meyers*Photography sharing a link on facebook. The Wrapsody would make carrying a baby so much more convenient!

  • I follow you on twitter

  • I like Togs N Things

  • I heard of IAPT through another preemie mom’s blog and I’m happy I did. I would love to have this Wrapsody for all of our travels back to the hospital for check ups with our 26 weeker. It would make me feel better to keep him away from more germs.

  • I found IAPT by searching “preemie “. I would like to win a wrapsody to make carrying dd easier and to keep her away from strangers who always want to touch her.her

  • I became a fan of IAPT when a preemie mom friend told me about your site. My son was born at 25 earlier this year, but is now home. I would love to win the Wrapsody so that he can be close because that is where he is most comfortable. He is very sensitive to stimulation still and being held close is the most calming for him. This would be awesome. We have another sling, but I do not like it as well and he has a hard time being comfortable in it. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • I am also a fan of Togs n Things, now as well. Thanks

  • I found about IAPT while looking for a preemie support group on FB. I adore wrapsody and think they make amazing wraps.. even when our lil preemies arnt so little anymore!

  • fan of togs and things

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