5K Fan $25 Gift Certificate from It’s a Preemie Thing!

Congrats to:  1) michele reyes 2) Danielle Thor  3) Mary Kate Corbyons  4) Abbi Pena  Please contact me at sales@itsapreemiething.com to claim your prize!!

There will be THREE…wait…let’s now make that FOUR lucky winners drawn, each will win a $25 gift certificate to be used on a onesie, t-shirt (infant, toddler, youth or adult) or scrub top!  Must be a fan of It’s a Preemie Thing (IAPT) to win.

My very own little 29 weeker.

How to enter:  Leave a comment on this post (NOT on FB) and let me know how you heard about IAPT, and what is your favorite onesie, t-shirt or scrub from http://www.itsapreemiething.com that you would like to win!

Bonus entries (leave a comment for each that you do below, giving you more chances to be selected):

1.  Follow us on twitter: @apreemiething and tweet about the giveaway and be sure to tag us on the tweet!

2.  Go like Togs N Things, our sister store that will be opening soon supporting the termies in our lives. 😉

Contest will close at midnight on 4 Nov 2011 and a winner announced on 5 NOV 2011!

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  • We would love a I earned these rolls shirt in a 12-18 month <3

  • My favorite is a chocolate with raspberry sparkle that says Seriously…I’m Two. I also love the My Kids are Fun-sized for my 2 teeny people.
    At this point, I don’t remember how I heard about IAPT but I am sure glad that I found it!

  • Liked Togs and Things!!

  • Oh and I found you from a recommendation from a friend when we were in the NICU

  • been here since the beginning. i would love a “Totally Two” in a 2t

  • Honestly it was so long ago i am not sure how i heard about It’s a preemie thing but i think another preemie page.

    Would love to win either 4 pound miracle, NICU grad class of 2011 or it’s a preemie thing. Just so hard to choose.

  • I liked Togs and Things

  • I found out about IAPT from Project Sweetpea.
    I would love a new preemie princess for my sweet Katelyn a 1lb 30 weeker.

  • I found IAPT blog through another preemie mom friend. So glad I did! 🙂
    I love the “No Really I’m One” onsie best and would love to win it!

  • I heard of IAPT a year ago, when i had my daughter at 24 weeks. I think i was just looking online for/about preemies and found this! I would love to win a shirt for her saying im older than i look, or million dollar baby!

  • I found IAPT when looking for preemie support groups on Facebook…and boy am I glad I did!!!! My favorite sayings are “Happy due date to me! I should be one!” and ‘G-d’s 3pound miracle” But honestly I love them all! 🙂

  • Heard about It’s a Preemie Thing from my friend Rachel.

  • Liked Togs-n-things. Can’t wait to get my girls matching shirts and one for daddy too:)

  • I liked Togs and Things.

  • Liked Togs N things!

  • I heard about it after my son was born 7 weeks early and was looking for things related to my son.

    If i won i would enjoy receiving either 4 pound miracle, NICU grad class of 2011 or it’s a preemie thing.

  • I heard about IAPT while in the nicu with my 2nd preemie. I love so many of your sayings. I guess my favorite is the fun sized one.

  • I don’t remember anymore how I found you… but I have a preemie, so because of her, I’m sure :). The t-shirt we would love to win is one with the raspberry glitter writing that says, “Isaac Newton was a Preemie.”

  • I like Togs N things.

  • I love the “I’m older than I look” because it’s so perfect for my tiny little guy!

  • I like the “no really I’m one” & NICU Grad,I was sent over by a photographer!

  • Been here since the beginning 🙂 Found you on BBC on the PP board. Since we have a couple of your shirts, I think Afton needs the 2010 NICU Grad!

  • As my bonus, I liked Togs N Things

  • I heard of you way back in the day on preemie support group on babycenter. I love my sons “its a Preemie Thing onesie!

  • I love the “I’m older than I look”and heard about your page through my fb preemie friends.

  • I heard about IAPT while my son was in the NICU born 9 weeks early. I just searched ‘preemie’ on Facebook and came across it. 🙂 The onesie I like best is “I’m older than I look” and “3 pound miracle.” I’m having a hard time choosing between them! 😉

  • I LOVE IAPT!!! Would love to win a scrub top for one of our NICU angels that says: “I work with small miracles every day”!! Thanks for the giveaway.

  • I would love to win the preemie princess shirt in 2t in black long sleeve for siennas upcoming precious preemie fashion show!!

    • I heard about IAPT through the search in facebook by searching preemie !! I needed to know we weren’t alone after our 25 weeker !!! I love your site and page!!

  • I did a preemie search on fb and found your page. As a mom to 7 preemies, I wish I had a page like this to go to with our first preemie 15 years ago! I love the got sanatizer long sleeve onesies. With RSV season here our 7 mth old 30 weeker needs one. I love your site!

  • I heard about IAPT from a fellow preemie mom on FB. I love the 1lb miracle shirts!

  • I would love an adult “proud Preemie parent” tee. I found its a preemie thing on facebook after having my 25 wkr and needing some support.

  • I love your site!! If we win I would love a 12-18 month Nicu Grad

  • I was referred by a friend to your site. Love the preemie princess onesie! Totally fits my little one!

  • I love love the “I earned these rolls” shirt. My 28 weeker is 6.5 months and 19lbs!!!! He earned every bit of it. : ) I found the page after searching for support for preemies online.

  • I love most of your products. I even love the new scrubs to nurses. Not sure what I would order. I do love the one pound miracle shirt… Multi million dollar baby shirt.. My former 23 weeker would totally rock that!

  • I am not sure how I found IAPT, but have been a fan for a long time. I would love a shirt that says “My grandpa was a preemie too!”

  • I was refered to your sited from a blog I follow. I would love for 26 weeker son to have a got sanitizer onesie. Especially s we start our first RSV season.

  • New fan of Togs N Things

  • I found IAPT while searching the internet for preemie things (clothes, articles, blogs, support etc.) after my son was born. LOVE your products (have a “proud preemie parent” shirt)

    I would love to get my son a 2 1/2 pound miracle shirt!

  • I liked Togs N Things!

  • I found you on my friend’s facebook page (she is a NICU nurse). I have been hooked every since! 🙂 We have the 3lb Miracle t-shirt in black with raspberry letters and love it! I also like the new Princess Preemie design, too.

  • Liked Togs N Things!

  • Congrats on getting to 5k! That’s awesome! 🙂

    I would love to sport a 2X (cause I hope it’ll fit my growing belly) Boy or Girl…doesn’t matter I just want a termie!

  • OOPS! I heard about IAPT through the facebook group – I forget the name now, because I’m not in it anymore… but it’s the closed group. 🙂

  • I went and liked TOGS N THINGS 🙂

  • I would love to win a “Seriously..I’m Two” onesie for my daughter Leah. I’d love to get this for her second birthday. She was born at 26 weeks, 3 days weighing 1 pound, 3 ounces. She spent 89 days in the NICU before joining our family at home. I learned about IAPT from one of my friends. So glad I found this page!

  • i love the nicu grad shirts (and all the other ones too, but my little guy is getting big!) with the year they graduated. i’m so excited you got bigger sizes. can’t wait to buy one!

  • I liked on twitter and tweeted about the giveaway (stacysstuff)

  • I liked Togs N Things on FB!

  • I heard about your on facebook. I would love the toddler shirt that says Don’t let my size fool you. My daughter is small but very tough!

  • I became a fan of Togs and Things

  • I found you after searching for preemie information after I had my son! My favorite shirt is “GOT Sanitizer”….my son and I both have one 😉

  • Tweeted! @kimberlyrags

  • I am a fan of Togs n things! 😉

  • I heard of It’s a Preemie Thing from a preemie mom friend of mine. I <3 the NICU nurses hold the future in the palm of their hands. I would love to give this to a special NICU nurse at the hospital we provide care packages too!

    • I also liked togs n things!

  • I actually searched for all things preemie after my daughter was born at 30w2d. I discovered that “It’s a preemie thing” was going to be a VERY big part of my vocabulary going forward because there are so many things that are just preemie. I cannot wait to order the “preemie princess” onsie for Ella’s 6 month photos! There’s a decent chance I’ll even be able to order the 6-9 month size because she’s getting so big!

  • I also liked your sister site, as I have lots of termie babies in my life that deserve fabulous clothes too 🙂

  • I heard about IAPT from Katy Afruma! 🙂

  • Tweeted from

  • I like Togs n Things!

  • “Liked” Togs n Things! =)

  • We already have a onsie that Marley got when she was smaller that said It’s a Preemie Thing on it, but she’s way too big now!! If we won, she would love a 2T T-Shirt in Fuchsia that says It’s a Preemie Thing! =)

  • Tweeted @brittnbates =)

  • Julie and Spencer you are both inspiration to Jaylie and Me. I can’t believe how far our miricals have come. And I am so proud of its a preemie thing. Amazing site Julie. Thank you.

  • I heard about IpT from another preemie momma.

    • I have been eyeing a black shirt in 18m with raspberry sparkle that says God’s 2 lb miracle!

  • Labor Day 2010 – I was there! Found out about your site on BBC.
    Long sleeve NICU GRAD Class of 2010 onesie is my new favorite. 🙂

  • We found It’s a Preemie Thing through babycenter! We love the “Do I look fat in this yet?” and “Preemie Princess” onsies 🙂

    We are also Togs N Things fans!!

  • This is by far my favorite prize!! I have been a fan forever, our son’s are only a month apart. I would love the Proud Preemie Parent shirt. My grandmother just ordered our two little preemies a onesie for the small one and a t-shirt for our toddler. I would love to have a matching shirt!!

  • I like your new website/page!! 🙂

  • I found IAPT searching for preemie clothes. I think my favorite right now is O2 it’s not just for old people – we’re about to bring preemie #2 home with O2 (our first came home with a tracheostomy, ventilator, and O2 3 years ago).

  • tweeted – @kadiera

  • I liked Togs n Things

  • Found IAPT while looking for cute preemie clothes. I would LOVE a onesie with “no really I’m one”. My daughter turns 1 in a couple of weeks!

  • Liked Togs N Things.

  • Tweeted – @jwoolley11

  • I like Togs & things!!!

  • I heard about IAPT at the Bumps and Babies fair (3 weeks after my preemie was born!)

    I love the I Earned These Rolls onesie

  • Saw the website on Facebook and loved it. I can’t wait to get my almost 8 yr old (33weeker) a preemie thing shirt when you get the larger kid sizes!

  • I honestly don’t remember how I found IAPT. I just know I’ve been a fan pretty much since the beginning of the site. I would love to get either “Why walk when Mom can carry me?” or “I’m only fed on Tuesdays” for my little 25 weeker.

  • Liked Togs N Things

  • I herad about it through the nicu my daughter was in in also if I do win something id like for a girl I’m older then I look or million dollar baby r u giving away the nicu shirts away if so that would be my top one

  • I heard about your site via FB. My favorite used to be the “Nicu Grad” onesies, but now I like the Preemie Princess onesies.

  • Like Togs N Things.

  • Follow you on twitter an tweeted!!!

  • From our NICU nurse

  • i think i saw a link for IAPT on my facebook sidebar or it was a friend who sent me to your site, i cant remember! i’d love to get my daughter a ‘4 lb miracle’ shirt!!

  • Found IAPT while my daughter was in the NICU, I was searching “Preemie clothes” and it popped up!! Thank goodness it did!! I love your site and facebook page!! 🙂 It’s so hard to pick a favorite item from your shop…I seriously can’t choose just one….I do love the “Do I look fat in this yet?” but also the “Got Sanitizer” one since it’s RSV season!

  • I’m a fan of Togs N Things! 🙂

  • Hello! I found IAPT via the Grahams Foundation on FB. My favorite onesie is Got Sanitizer?

  • Would love to have a 18 month preemie princess onesie ! I found It’s a Preemie thing on facebook by doing a search ! I have a 9month old ( 7 month adjusted little girl.)

  • I have known IAPT since it’s conception! lol.

    I really, really want a NICU Grad shirt for Eli!

  • I’m a fan of Togs N Things!

  • I love the “I’m Older Than I Look” onesie (in blue)!! My son was six weeks early and every time I am out with him people assume is a “newborn”!

  • I heard about IAPT on Motherhood Unadorned, I’m a mom of a 31 weeker (almost 8 weeks old now). I would love to get a NICU GRAD Class of 2011 onesie!

  • Came to IAPT looking for clothes…stayed for the support. Needed some comic relief last year when our daughter came charging into our lives at 25 weeks so I ordered O2…it’s not just for old people. It did the trick! Would love to have million dollar miracle to add to the collection.

  • Like Togs N Things

  • I found you guys through a random search on Facebook affter my daughter was born 11 weeks early.

    We love the “Its a Preemie Thing” onesies!

  • I found IAPT after doing a search for “preemie” .
    I would like to win a “Little things matter in the nicu” scrub top for our fav Nicu nurse.

  • Fan of Togs N Things

  • I heard about IAPT from Stephanie Krupicka Photography when you had your preemie photo shoot giveaway. I’d LOVE to win a blue NICU Grad tee in a 2T!

  • Found your site when searching for support when my 26 weeker was born in February. I would probably pick out a scrub for one of our nicu heroes!

  • Like togs n things

  • I would love this so I can get a “no, really i’m one” onesie for my little man. I would also like a new NICU grad onesie since he outgrew his! ]
    I found you when my son was in the NICU, I purchased some preemie hats and booties! Love your site!

  • I follow IAPT on Twitter!

  • I also just liked the new page!

  • I heard about you through Keri Meyers Photography. I would LOVE to with the NICU Grad onesie. So so adorable.

  • I’m not following you and I tweeted about your giveaway!!

    • That would be *now, not not

  • New fan of TnT! =]

  • I found out about IAPT from the babycenter preemie group. I have 29wkr twins that are 9 months now. I would love the 2 pound miracle and 3 pound miracle shirts for them. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

  • I found IAPT when my son was is the NICU & none of my friends understood what I was going through. Reading stories from other preemie moms made the situation a little easier. I would love to win a “Preemie Prince” or “3lb Miracle” onesie 🙂

  • Just became a fan of Togs N Things 🙂

  • I found IAPT when I had my 26 weeker. I was on facebook looking for preemie support groups 🙂 it’s benn so inspiring to read other ppls stories! Got me through some dark times. I love the onesie that says “ive earned these rolls”, because Addy Beth really has! And also “fun size” I also love Togs n Things. I hope to have a termie in the future!

  • I searched “preemies” on Facebook after I had my preemie-yum baby girl. I would love a got sanitizer onesie, maybe purple!! Yay!!

  • I found your page when I was researching on the Internet about preemies right after I got home from hospital after having my 2 lb 3 oz 25 weeker who just turned ONE on 11/3/11! 🙂 I would love to win a royal blue long sleeve Preemie Prince onesie! Thank you for giving us an opportunity to win one of your great products! We absolutely love our shirts and look forward to ordering more in the future! God bless always and keep up the great work! <3

  • I found IAPT through an internet search while my son was in the NICU. My favorite onesie is 1 pound miracle.

  • I cant remember how i found you, but i know i was searching for preemie sites on Facebook, and i came across you and fell in love with your shirts! i have been saving up money to get my preemie a shirt! Hopefully i can win and i can finally get her the shirt we want.

    We like the Its a Preemie thing with the two feet on a purple tee with white letters.

  • Already follow in twitter too, i will tweet now. 🙂

  • New fan of Togs and Things too! 🙂

  • I became a fan of IAPT when a friend told me about you after my 25 week son was born. I would love a Preemie Prince onsie if you have those figured out yet, lol. If not, the onsie about earning his rolls would be great. I love your stuff. thanks a lot.

  • I also just became a fan of Togs n Things. thanks again.

  • Heard about IAPT from a friend on Facebook! I LOVE the ask me about my preemie t-shirt because I love to tell my preemie’s miracle story! I’m a proud preemie mom and have a new appreciation for NICU doctors and nurses!

  • I heard about IAPT from a fellow preemie parent! I LOVE the Tshirt that says I held Miracles in the palms of my hands! I had twins at 26 weeks. Also love the Proud Mommy of a million dollar baby! We hit a million before even 6 months was up!

  • I liked togs n things

  • following @apreemie thing on twitter!

  • I found about IAPT while looking for a preemie support group on FB. And what great and wonderful help it has been. I would love to get my lil Liam a shirt that says either I am older than I look (because he is always getting mistaken as a 9/12 month old) or Million Dollar Baby =)

  • fan of togs and things

  • Okay, trying this again! Really want to win a GC, I love the onesie that says “I earned these rolls”! I found It’s a Preemie Thing by searching facebook for preemie support pages. I love it, and it’s helped me understand premature birth so much better, and how to cope with it! Thank you for creating it! P.S. I’m also a fan of Togs n’ Things!

  • Fan of Togs n Things!

  • I love IAPT and I heard about it from a Nicu Grad’s mom. I am a NICU nurs in orlando and love the Nicu scrubs all of them!!

  • Im a fan of togs N things too:)

  • Yeah!!! Thank you!!!! :0)

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