RES-Q Wedge Giveaway **CLOSED**

**Winner was Alexis Wood as announced on our FB page!  Thanks to all who entered and congrats to Alexis!**

I know from personal experience that reflux is not fun with a baby, especially for these little miracles!  Had I known about this product, and that most insurance companies cover it, I would have been thrilled!  So I want to ensure you have an opportunity if it is affecting your little one(s)!

CR Enterprises is pleased to partner with It’s a Preemie Thing to offer a giveaway of a RES-Q Wedge; the only reversible, orthopedically designed wedge on the market for relief of symptoms associated with reflux, pulmonary issues and colic. The RES-Q Wedge was invented by a doctor, dietitian and an occupational therapist to help alleviate orthopedic conditions caused by simple triangular shaped reflux wedges on the market. The cost of the RES-Q Wedge is reimbursed by most insurance companies with submission of a doctor’s prescription and a letter of medical necessity.

One side is designed for your baby to be on his back and features a nest that cradles and secures your baby, limiting wake-ups from “startling”. The unique design of the tummy side is shaped similar to a mother’s chest and is especially critical for preemies, babies with moderate to severe reflux or “syndrome” babies that spend a great deal of time on a wedge, although all babies can benefit from these hard to obtain sleeping positions.

The orthopedic design of the wedge encourages less external rotation and abduction of the infant’s hips and helps to disburse pressure around the back of the skull for improved head molding.

You can use the RES-Q Wedge inside a crib, a pack-n-play, or set it directly on the floor. You can even see an instructional video located at http://www.resqwedge.com/?page_id=33.

The cover is a super soft medical grade vinyl that can be easily wiped down and the denim sling is machine washable.

The RES-Q Wedge is valued at $249.00

Rules for the giveaway are as follows:

1. All babies must be a preemie and have been diagnosed with reflux by their physicians.
2. Family is willing to work with CR Enterprises’ corporate Occupational Therapist on proper use of the wedge.
3. Winner must be willing to blog weekly as to your baby’s progress on the RES-Q Wedge for a period of 3 months.

How to enter:
1. Must be a fan of It’s a Preemie Thing and RES-Q Wedge FB pages
2. Must leave a comment below as to why your baby needs the RES-Q Wedge and tell us about your preemie.

For extra entries:
1. Tweet the following and leave a separate comment that you’ve tweeted: Win a @ResQWedge from @apreemiething at http://tinyurl.com/3jv25sd

2.  Change your Facebook status to: Enter to win a RES-Q Wedge from It’s a Preemie Thing!  Who doesn’t want their preemie to feel relief from reflux? http://blog.itsapreemiething.com/2011/07/res-q-wedge-giveaway/ (and be sure to link to both Res-Q-Wedge and IAPT FB pages!)

Contest will run from 27 July – 7 AUG 11:59pm PST with a winner being announced on 8 AUG!

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  • HI! Having now had a previous premmie suffer from reflux was not only daunting but physically & mentally took its tool, My Son a 30 weeker now 7 months (4.5months corrected) suffers from reflux also, as with any refluxer we have good days and bad, but have also tried a range of medications, therapies and old wives tales… I would love to win a RES-Q Wedge as we are about to commence the bassinett to cot transition and believe this would be a perfect source of relief for my little one so he can finally get a long awaited few hours rest without feeling the pain of reflux.

    • I changed my status on Facebook!!

  • As a mother attempting to go back to work after a 30 week preemie this would be a gigantic help! With this I would be able to lay her on it to nap after her feeds without fear of spit up or pain for my sweet baby girl.

  • My 33 week preemie who was born emergency csection due to dangerously low heartbeat has suffered with reflux since shortly after we started feeding him. Was not horrible until he was discharged he was hospitalized for having periods where he will stop breathing because he refluxs. He has now got to the point he will reflux and scream for hours. We have tried a couple different medicines so far and nothing is helping we see a stomach specialist in September and we would LOVE a RES-Q wedge. Would love to be able to have him wake up and there not be puke in his bed and him not be crying because he hurts from reflux.

  • I tweeted that 🙂

  • I was blessed with my 35 weeker in Jan, she was of course not suppose to show up until Feb. I had a very rough pregnancy, I had two miscarriages before my little miracle and when we found out we were pregnant with her we also found out I have a clotting disorder. I have Antiphospholipid Syndrome, its a clotting disorder and required me to take daily injections while pregnant and continue until 6 weeks after I gave birth. I was placed on bedrest at 8&1/2 weeks and was taken off bedrest 3 weeks later and told things were going well. My pregnancy went great until 12 hours before I was 35 weeks. My blood pressure went through the roof and I was admitted until she arrived two days later, they placed me on a medication and tried to induce me, things went backwards for me not forwards. They decided to take her via c-section, where was taken straight to the NICU and I had to wait until the medication was over to see her (26 hours later) I tried to pump for breastmilk but things were not going well. The medication they gave me made her really tired and she did not want anything to do with eating. Since we have brought her home she has been on 5 different formulas, two diff medications, and allergy testing. The dr she seen for allergy testing wanted to place her on a new formula but we are unable to afford it, she went back to her primary care and was diagnoised with reflux. We are trying everything and are struggling with her and the reflux. I have heard of the wedges and we would love to own one but are unable to afford one. Please consider us we would like to own one and keep you all updated as to the progress she will be making with this wedge!!! Thanks for this opportunity!

  • Looked at this website and this seems like it could be a wonderful product for us. My younger son was born December 23 at 29 weeks and 6 days and while he was a NICU rockstar at all things typically preemie, he has severe reflux. So did his big brother, so not a huge surprise. He actually just had his second upper GI and swallow study today as we are working to avoid having to take the surgery step. He is small enough that he is still sleeping in his rock and play which helps a fair bit, but we are going to have to move him out of it soon and so this might be a great product as I looked at the website and it goes up to 25 pounds, so at 13 pounds, we should have quite a few more months. He’s seven months (4.5 adjusted if you play that way) now.

  • My niece Makalee would do great with this. She is always having a hard time after eating not spitting up they tried changing formula and what cereal she is on and it doesn’t help. I think this would help her digest everything properly in this position!

  • My son was born at 25 weeks. He is 7 weeks adjusted and we have battled reflux since before leaving the NICU. We came home with a MIC button because bottle feeding was a slow process. His reflux has gotten so severe that bottle feeding has came to halt because he associates the pain with feedings and puking with the bottle. We hold him upright during his feeds and for a minimum of 30 minutes afterwards. He ends up being held for most of the day. We have had swallow studies and an upper gi. We have changed formulas and are on medication. We have followed all instructions. Out next step is a specialist and/or surgery. And we dont want surgery. I live in fear that he is going to choke and that we are going to end up hospitalized for aspirated pnuemonia or worse. We do not get much sleep because we continually stay up holding him or checking on him. This product would be a lifesaver.

  • My son was born at 33 weeks and has had many problems after birth, his most troublesome is his acid reflux. The acid reflux causes him to stop breathing so i invested in AngelCare monitors so i cna sleep peacefully at night.

  • Posted that on twitter

  • HI! I had my son May 9th, 2011. He was a 32 weeker preemie born weighing 2lbs 15 oz. Hes had bad reflux issues from day one! Hes on EES and Zantac and they only slightly alleviate his vomiting and pain. Hes 11 weeks old now (adjusted age 3 weeks) and weighing 8lbs. We have to keep him elevated 30 min after every feeding. After that he stays propped up in my arms, swing, or bouncer. At night he sleeps in his bassinet which is propped up on one end with two text books. Poor baby screams any time he is flat. Diaper changes are very speedy around here. I just feel so bad for him. I feel like hes been through enough already and as a mom you wish you could do anything to alleviate his discomfort. I actually had to pause typing this for a moment because he had another choking episode. I really think this wedge would be awesome for him especially once we transfer him to his crib!

  • I tweeted that! 🙂

  • And put it on facebook as well!

  • Hi! I liked RES-Q Wedge on FB and changed my status. 🙂 My daugter Cheyenne is a 27 weeker born at 1lb14oz. She is now almost 5 months actual and weighs 9lbs 4oz. She has reflux and sleeps at an incline and is on thickened formula feeds of 1tbs per oz–thick. Right now she sleeps in our room in a Fisher Price Rock n Play Sleeper. While I’m thankful we have something that works great for her, I eventually would like her to sleep in her crib. This would be the perfect product to allow her to do that.

  • My daughter (a 28 weeker) has severe reflux (GERD). She even had a swallow study done and has been on thickners for both food and liquids because of the reflux. The thickner alone costs us about 250.00 per month 🙁 We currently use phone books with 3 inch binders on top to create a slanted surface. If she is placed on a flat surface she begins to choke, cough, and sometimes even chages colors. We have to ensure we bring something to elevate her wherever we go! This wedge would be SO amazing!!!! 🙂

  • My little girl Allison was born premature with CDH (Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia – for more info visit cdhsupport.org) and an ASD and VSD (wholes in heart). The trifecta for reflux – poor girl. She is now home from NICU after surgery and a very long stay. It is a miracle that she is home without a feeding tube and/or oxygen ventilation, but we are battling severe reflux issues. She is on Prevacid and Zantac and a special hypoallergenic formula, but it is still very difficult to keep her comfortable and to keep food in her belly. I stay up holding her through the night in hopes that she can get some rest without being awaken by a reflux spell. It is my hope that the RES-Q Wedge would allow her to finally sleep in her own beautiful crib and give mommies back a rest. Allison was given a 50/50 chance of making it through the pregnancy- let alone birth and surgery…but here she is. Our little fighter deserves a RES-Q Wedge!

  • I am the proud mother of a 35 weeker who has blessed me and the rest of her family on a daily basis. She was diagnosed with reflux when she was around 2 months old. My pregnancy was a miracle in itself due to a tremendous amount of stress and a wreck with minor injuries back in December of 2010. My daughter was due in February but was born in January. She had to be hooked up to a breathing and heart monitor at birth and went home with one as well til her lungs developed. Her reflux of course has good days and bad days, with more bad days it seems like than good days. She is gaining weight steadily, but I feel bad about her not being able to be moved around for what seems like hours after any feeding due to her spitting up. She no longer sleeps in her crib, she sleeps beside me in my bed propped up on pillows to allow her to sleep more comfortably at night and without choking on her spit up. With the wedge, I would feel more comfortable with moving her back into her crib so she can have a good nights sleep, as well as me. The wedge, I feel, would allow her to be able to lie on her back playing with more of her toys without choking on her spit up.

  • Gage was born 6 months ago at 26 weeks, weighing 1 pound. After 106 days in the NICU, 4 surgeries, and a gtube I got to bring him home on May 25th. He has severe reflux and one of these would be a god send. Right now he does most of his sleeping in his swing, which is at the angle of a car seat to help with his reflux. He would be such a happy baby with this and it would put my mind at east knowing he is more comfortable.

  • I am the proud mother of miracle triplets. Against all medical statistics they were born at 23 weeks 1 day and were considered “micro-preemies”. All 3 are just past 8 1/2 months old. They were each in the NICU for 4 months and have now been home for 4.5 months. We are so glad they are home. We have a few medical problems, Easton (BBA) is still on Oxygen. (His sack broke and he leaked amniotic fluid for 12 days). Elliana (BGB) is doing well. She came home on an apnea machine, but is now off of it. And Elijah (BBC) has an Aortic Stenosis that we have to have monitored monthly. At first only Elliana was suffering from Acid reflux and went through a HORRIBLE phase of oral aversion. She is doing better now, but we are still taking meds for her Acid Reflux and have frequent bottle battles. Easton, was just officially diagnosed and put on a medication as well as Elijah. Easton will only eat 1-2 oz at a time and we have to force it down with the ‘Bottle Battle”. Elijah’s eyes water everytime he eats, and we wonder if it isn’t from his acid reflux. We have a “nap nanny” which we rotate between the babies when symptomatic. They are all three on NeoSure and we mix it for 24 cal for Elliana and Easton. Elliana and Easton are also on MCT oil (3-5 ml per bottle) to help with fattening up!! Each baby takes anywhere from 15 minutes to 45 minutes to bottle feed. We then have to hold them for about 20 minutes to try and prevent spit up. Oh, how much time would be saved if this step could be eliminated. Also, they all 3 will wake up crying in their sleep, sometimes inconsolable, and it could be from the acid reflux waking them up. We have looked at the Wedges and wondered if it would ease the pain of our little ones and ease our minds from the worry of them choking on spit up. We think these little fighters deserve a chance at the RES-Q Wedge!I “liked” RES-Q Wedge on FB and changed my status.

    *****Another bonus would be the help in re-shaping their skulls, especiallly Easton. Easton has a very oval head from his NICU stay. The only way he could breath was on his stomach facing the left side. The right side of his face is a bit more “smushed in” than the other. But it seems to be improving a bit.

  • Our son Jacob was born 6 weeks prematurely on Feb 4th. Jacob was quite a large boy weighing in at 5lbs. 14 oz. In the NICU he had struggles with breathing, eating, swallowing, and awful jaundice. Jacob had a G tube for feeding which then progressed to a NG tube then finally bottle feedings. He started on CPAP machine then nasal cannula then finally to room air. Every step in the right direction was a huge blessing. About 2 days before Jacob was released he began experiencing feeding difficulties where he would refuse to eat and would begin spitting up some. Jacob was diagnosed with respiratory distress syndrome and has “positional breathing difficulty”. When Jacob was released from the NICU he came home in a car-bed because he could not pass the car seat study. When he was tested his O2 sat rates would drastically drop due to the incline of a car seat.

    I breastfed our two older children full time and planned to this time around as well. Unfortunately that just did not work out, I was forced to pump because we needed to know the exact amount that Jacob was taking in and we had to up the calorie count by fortifying with Neosure preemie formula. Due to this my breast milk production never increased as it should and has continued to dwindle.

    At home it because even more difficult to get him to eat. We would have to wake him up every 3 hours at max to be sure he was taking in enough. At around 2 months old Jacob began having terrifying episodes of breathing pauses and terrible spitting up. We had a very difficult time relaying to the doctor just how bad it was and when he finally realized he referred Jacob to a gastoenterologist. I finally felt like someone was listening. It was like a whirlwind at this point because of how quickly everything started happening. Jacob was sent to a pulmonologist and the a neurologist. The GI doctor quickly diagnosed him with reflux (GERD) then began a huge amount of testing to figure out everything else. We came to find out that Jacob also had C-Diff that had apparently been contracted in the NICU. One of the tests that had been completed was a lactoferrin level (this measures the amount of inflammation and blood in the bowel). Even if positive this level should not be higher than 7.4, Jacob’s was over 39,000……. Talk about more terrifying news. Jacob began meds for the CDiff as well as Zantac for the reflux. Unfortunately the Zantac was not strong enough and had to be changed to Prevacid. Due to the fact that he was experiencing severe gagging and choking he was sent for swallow studies, upper GI series and we were told that Jacob also has delayed pharangeal swallow, premature spillage, and difficulty with milk coming back into the nasal cavities and was at VERY high risk of aspiration and was labeled as having poor prognosis for being able to safely orally eat. Of course we want him to be able to eat on his own and progress so we set out on a mission to see what can be done to help. We were sent the the neurologist now to determine if there was a muscular problem contributing to the swallowing problems. We have not yet gotten a diagnosis but the neurologist is leaning towards the possibility of Cerebral Palsy because of Jacob’s low muscle tone(hypotonia) and extremely high leg reflexes. We hope that this will all correct itself and prove to be a preemie delay rather than CP, but only time will tell.

    Next we began seeing the Pulmonologist to determine the cause of Jacob’s breathing pauses. Quite honestly we have not gotten all of the answers on this front either yet. So far it has been determined that Jacobs reflux is so severe that it is a defense mechanism that h pauses breathing when he refluxes because it is coming all the way back up his espophagus. He also makes this terrifying gasping sound when he begins breathing again. The doctors are thinking this is because it has reached Jacob’s vocal chords.

    It has been an extremely long road and will be a long road in the future but we are hoping to find devices that will be helpful to Jacob and us as well. Jacob is 6 months old today and is on an adult dose of Prevacid (2 Xs per day), Similac Sesitive for Spit up RTF (this is the only one on the market right now die to shortage in products) and we have to add in powder formula to raise the calories since he is struggling with gaining weight, in part due to the awful reflux. This formula is used because it is made with Rice starch and thickener which helps with reflux and with Jacob’s swallowing. For now we hold Jacob about 18-20 hours a day because the only safe position for him is totally upright or on his stomach. I know a lot of parents that have children with reflux are able to use devices like nap nanny or just a swing to help with positioning – we can not. Because of Jacob’s breathing issues he can not be inclined like that or his O2 sats drop and he can not lay flat due to relux. Definitely a catch 22!

    Jacob sees a speech therapist and physical therapist weekly at this point and they have been trying to help us come up with something to help, but this sounds like it would be a life saver,

    I certainly hope that we win this as it would change the quality of Jacob’s life more than I can ever express to you.

  • I tweeted about this giveaway!

  • I changed my face book status!!!!

  • My daughter, Georgia, was born 10 weeks premature at 30 weeks due to duodenal atresia (a blockage in her intestines). Because of the blockage, she couldn’t swallow amniotic fluid properly and I developed severe polyhydramnios. My water broke at 27 weeks and I remained on bed rest for 17 days before she was removed via a c-section due to decels on the monitor. During my bed rest, I lost virtually all the amniotic fluid and my poor baby was in there with no fluid for several weeks. She truly is a miracle baby. She was transferred to Children’s National Medical Center in Washington DC and admitted to their NICU almost immediately after birth. On day 4 of life, she had repair surgery to correct her atresia. Thank goodness, the surgery was a success. However, we waited a very long time for her digestive system to get going and she remained in the NICU for 48 days. She is now finally home, but suffers from reflux. It’s unknown at this point if it is related to her surgery or just related to her prematurity. I hate when she is “refluxy” and screams in pain. The current medication she is on doesn’t seem to relieve her symptoms and I’m not sure it’s doing much to help the situation. We’ve been given the go ahead to add rice cereal to her breast milk to see if that would help, but I’m hesitant to start solids so early. However, I’m willing to try anything to relieve her pain!!

  • My son Owen is a 25week preemie now 23months old. He developed NEC at 3 weeks of age. He lost most of his small intestine and, because of that, now has to be on continuous feeds through a mic-key button. He spent 8months in the hospital and was, therefore used to the bed being elevated. Having suffered from reflux my whole life, I knew we would have to keep that bed elevated. Owen not only has reflux, but is missing the valve that keeps everything in your stomach. So, things freely move up and down as they wish. Because he has to be on continuous feeds, he often suffers at night. We have tried to keep his bed elevated but he just seems to fall to the end of the bed. I am hoping we can find something, like this res-q wedge so that he can have a little comfort at night. I find myself holding him on nights he can’t sleep just to let him get some relief. Thank you for this opportunity.

  • My daughter Trinity, is a 30 week preemie, now 4 months, (7weeks adjusted) who also suffers from severe reflux. Her older sister Gracie, a 34 weeker, who is now 15 months, also had it and still suffers from it. Trinity unfortunately panics every time she has a moderate to severe episode, and stops breathing, turns blue, and has a really hard time recovering. We’ve had to call paramedics before, and she’s had to be admitted back to the hospital from it. We are going through the trying process of trying to find a formula that agrees with her, as well as the right combination of medications. My poor love has been self limiting on her feedings, the Doc says its instinct trying to keep the episodes from occurring, so she eats almost evey hour in tiny amounts. It breaks my heart to watch her suffer with this, because other then when she’s “fluxing”, she is SUCH a happy little baby, even smiling in her sleep, and each time she has an episode, it crushes her little spirit 🙁
    She doesn’t sleep well (mommy either!) due to constantly being hungry. Keeping the head of her bassinet elevated absolutely relieves her discomfort, but it’s hard to keep the blankets under the mattress in a nice, comfortable, elevated shape, not to mention, she’s always sliding down in her bed and it makes me nervous.

    We would LOVE to have one of these for our baby girl, I feel it would definitely allow her to get more sound sleep, reduce the frequency of episodes, as well as the severity of them. Our insurance will not cover it, and $249 is a nice chunk of change for us since I’m staying home with Trinity and not working, so winning one would be a major blessing, BUT…… after reading all of the other comments on here, I would be selfish if I didn’t say that I see other lil ones on the page that may need it a tad bit more than Trinity does. My heart broke reading some of these stories, and although my lil miracle could really benefit from it, I do see others who are having a rougher time. Good luck preemie Mommies!

  • Sent a tweet from @broncojulz11, Win a @ResQWedge from @apreemiething at http://tinyurl.com/3jv25sd

  • My little miracle was born 27 weeks gestational age and has had reflux since he was born and has been on medicine for it. He has been on a feeding tube for the first é months of his life and has just started on the bottle at 4 months old (1 month corrected age) and has been spitting up at almost every feeding. And i think this would help cause he wont feel so much pain and will be able to sleep better after feedings.

  • I liked both pages.

  • My daughter was born about 6wks early and is not 10mo old and for 10mo she has been vomiting after each eatting and crying so much non-stop its been really hard the docs would tell us she was gaining weight but she was tinny so as long as she was gaining a small amt each month there was nothing to worry about but when your baby is vomiting 4 times or more per day any mom would start to worry. I had been taking my daughter to the docs every week and just last month they put her on meds for this reflex she has it has made a small differences and at night she is sleeping with mommy and daddy because we worry so much about her vomiting at night she has to sleep with us and on a pillow, Yes I said a 10mo old sleeps on a pillow. I was allowing her to sleep in her own crib with a pillow but she learned she could pull it over her head. This reflex is so new to use and we can really use support with this issue and maybe she can grow more and stop crying so much. thank you for doing this giveaway and help someone little bug in need.

  • Hello, my son is a 30 weeker. He is now 7 months old (4.5 corrected ). He suffers from severe reflux and is on several medications to help him cope with it. He can not sleep flat or he start to gag And will then have a Brady attack. At the moment he sleeps in bed next to me proper up on a pillow to keep him elevated with me keeping him In hat position all night long. Needless to say I don’t get much sleep. To top that off he is on oxygen and has been since he came home. So I’m sure you know that just complicates sleeping even more. I think we would both benefit greatly from this product and would be eager to keep updates about his progress to hopefully help other preemie families learn about it. I am like both IAPT and res q wedge on Facebook. Thank you for this great giveaway

  • Also posted that as a facebook status

  • My 25 weeker (1 1/2 months adjusted) has been home two months now. He’s still on oxygen and has reflux, so this wedge would help him tremendously with breathing and sleeping. We have a crib but he doesn’t sleep in it because it’s too flat and we are scared to use pillows or blankets to elevate him because you hear so much about SIDS. We usually just put him in his swing at night or his car seat/stroller so he is elevated..I know it gets cramped for him as he can’t really stretch out, so this wedge would be awesome for him. Thank you for your time and this is a wonderful contest you have going.

  • updated facebook status! 🙂

  • Our little girl Ella arrived 6 weeks early and is now 2 months old. She arrived 2 weeks from the day my husband and I graduated from our masters programs. It has been a terrifying journey. Sweet Ella is now 2 months old and is on reflux medications 3 times a week. I cannot sleep well as I am terrified she will choke to death on her spit up. I feel like a failure when I hear her heart breaking cries in pain and I can’t do anything for her. It seems she may be a happier baby, amount more, if she wasn’t consistently dealing with this. 🙁

  • I’m wondering if I’m missing where the winner was announced…? Were they contacted privately?

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