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I remember about a month and a half before I gave birth to Spencer (11 weeks early) visiting a friend in a local NICU who had delivered her twins early.  They were just over 4lbs each and I remember thinking how tiny they were and how scary it must be for them.   Then Spencer arrived at 2lbs 5oz and my world was forever changed.   Just 9 days before Spencer arrived, a friend due the same day as me (I met 2 moms on BabyCenter due the same day as me and we all lived within 30 mins of each other) gave birth to her daughter Jaylie and she weighed under 2lbs.  BTW, the 3rd baby due arrived the day before she turned 37 weeks…so not one of us technically made it full term.

In the NICU I was blessed to meet some other parents and we supported each other, cried with each other and those of us that prayed, prayed hard.  I had the shortest stay out of my group at 64 days and remember walking down to say goodbye to Alyssha and her parents and they were just receiving the news that her ROP would require eye surgery and there was a good chance she wouldn’t have vision.  I sat and cried with her father, feeling terrible that I was there to tell him we were going home.  Luckily beautiful Alyssha’s surgery went great and she has vision! 

I could tell all kinds of stories, ups and downs and we all still keep in touch and try to have preemie playdates when possible.  But we created our own support system, and it would have been unbearable without my friends that I made as they got it, they knew how hard it was and when we went home, we could hang out and know that you had to scrub your hands pink before touching each others babies.

One evening, we ordered pizza and snuck in wine (yep, we sure did) and celebrated when baby Natalie who was born at 11″ long and 1lb even was FINALLY going home!  She would be leaving with oxygen, apnea monitors and being fed through an NG tube.  We joked about funny t-shirts/onesies that we wish were out there, and the idea for It’s a Preemie Thing was born (yes, “O2…it’s not just for old people” was made for Natalie).  We were released on 29 JAN 2010 and I launched IAPT on Labor Day (pun intended) on 6 SEP 2010. 

Not even a year later, we have over 4000 fans and some amazing fellow preemie parents to vent to, chat with, ask questions, celebrate with, and unfortunately console when some of these tiny miracles become Angels.  So thank each of you for helping to support others that are walking where we’ve been, or going through it now or went through it years ago.  We have NICU Nurses and lactation consultants that chime in and just amazing people that donate goodies on occassion.  So THANK YOU for helping build a great online community!

I have 4 prizes to giveaway, and each one will have a winner, so more folks can win rather than one big winner! 😉

Prize 1:  TWO onesies/t-shirts from It’s a Preemie Thing!  **Must be a fan of our FB page, leave a comment below (must be left here on the blog) that you want Prize 1, how you found us in the first place and which two shirts you want!  Please select from our current stock, even in print on demand! 😉

Prize 2.  A beautiful newborn sized hat (which runs small, perfect for preemies) from Artsychameleon Props.  I already have the hats, as they were donated by a friend of hers (thanks Isaac)!  **To enter for this hat, you must be a fan of hers and tell her I sent you and leave some love!  Leave a separate comment below that you want Prize 2!**

Prize 3:   A beautiful Momma necklace from EllieAdorn (actual necklace pictured)!  I have about 5 of these, they are great for little ones teething, made of polished stone so are smooth and cool!  They are also fantastic for those little busy ones who need something to occupy them while they are nursing!!  **You must like her page and leave her some love and let her know IAPT sent you!  Then leave a separate comment below that you want to win the EllieAdorn necklace!!**

Prize 4: An ABC themed girl OR boy print from Wordy Bird Design. (see images below). **To enter, you must like her FB page and tell her IAPT sent you! Leave a separate comment below that you want to win Prize 4!**

So in all, you can have 4 comments to win each prize!!  For extra chances to win:

1. Change your FB status to “Preemie families, check out the 4000 fan giveaway from @It’s a Preemie Thing at http://blog.itsapreemiething.com/2011/07/4000-fan-giveaway/!”  Be sure to link to It’s a Preemie thing FB page!

2.  Follow us on Twitter at @apreemiething and then Tweet: Preemie families, check out the 4000 fan giveaway from @apreemiething located at http://tinyurl.com/5vd5vwk

Contest will run until midnight on 20 July 2011 and winners will be announced on 21 July!  All prizes are exactly as pictured or explained, no exceptions.  Contest is not sponsored, nor endorsed by Facebook.

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  • PRIZE 1! I found you through the March of Dimes and I would LOVE to have the NICU Grad shirt in pink and I earned these rolls in purple 🙂

  • I would LOVE prize one! I have three preemies now 3 1/2yrs, 2 1/2yrs and 16months! My 16 month old just hit 17 1/2#! I have been wanting to buy some of your shirts for her, but we are ight on money and a lot of our town is flooded iincluding 6 houses of my family memebers and many many friends, so buy anything ‘extra’ has been put on the back burner to try help people rebuild as the water goes down enough to get to their houses.
    I live in Minot, ND if anyone wants to google it or donate to the foundations around here.

  • prize 1. Been a fan since my son was in the NICU- dont remember how i found you, its been a while. I think just random Facebook search. I would love two NICU grads, one for my son and one for a little girl who was by our side the whole 4 mth stay. .

  • Prize #1! I’m pretty sure it must have been March of Dimes… one FB? “NICU Grad” and “I’m Older Then I Look” would be perfect for my 28 weeker who just turned one yesterday!

  • I found this WONDERFUL store on Facebook after a preemie search! I was immediately hooked 😉 I have three preemies (twins & a singleton) and one other NICU angel. I would love PRIZE ONE, both “4lb miracles” – would be AWESOME for my twins who will be 3 next month!

  • Prize 1: I earned these rolls and Does this make me look fat yet?, both in green or yellow 🙂

    • Oh, I found you through Facebook when a friend of mine joined your page. I have 7 mo old GGBG quads 🙂

  • Prize 1. I found you via Hilary, one of my favorite Stroller Strides Mommies. She directed me to you website when our 3rd baby was born at 32 weeks and had to stay in the NICU for 8 weeks.
    I’d love a “i’m older than I look” & “yes, i’m one” onsie.

  • Prize 1….I believe I found you through one of my friends. I doin’t remember which one though because I have several preemie mommy friends. I would love one in any color that fits a boy that says Do I look fat in this yet? My Quentin is a string bean so I think it would be cute. The other one I like is I am older than I look

  • I want to win Prize 1!!

    Toddler tee size 2T white shirt with rasberry lettering saying i was a Preemie ,
    and a adult tee XL White shirt rasberry lettering saying Its a Preemie thing with the little feet.

    We found your amazing site from my friend. We all had preemies, my daughter was born at 26 weeks 2#s 4ozs. We stayed in the NICU for almost 4 months. Hardest time of my life but we are striving and my Daughter just turned one last month, and we couldnt be happier!

  • I would love to win Prize 1 I would like a Nicu Grad onsie and an a picture speaks a thousand words- mine screams adorable onesie. I found your page from another preemie mommies facebook page. Thanks and congrats on 4000 fans!!

  • I want to win the EllieAdorn necklace!! 🙂

    My daughter has broke several necklaces because she wants to pull and eat the chain or pendant. so this would be perfect!!

  • I found you through Facebook after my preemie came home last December. I would love prize #1, NICU Grad in green, and I earned these rolls in blue, for my now 7 month lil’ monster!

  • I am a huge fan of IAPT- I found you via Preemie Prints in her “likes”. I have 4 preemie boys but most recent 31 week twin boys. I would LOVE 2 onsies for them saying 3lb Miracle for each of them who will be 5 months on the 22nd.

  • I would love prize #1. I am not sure how I found you, I know it was in the fall after my son came home from the NICU. I would like print to order T-shirt that says 2 pound miracle and I earned these rolls.
    Congratulations on reaching 4000 fans.

  • I would like to win Prize 1. I found your site on a preemie board when I was looking for preemie shirts. After having my 32 weeker…your shirts just make sense. I would like the “No really I’m 1” and “I’m older than I look” shirts!

  • I would like to win prize #4 in the boy print. I have been a fan of yours for awhile and I don’t remember how I found you.

  • I can’t remember exactly how I found you, but I am glad I did!! I would love prize #1. I’d love 3T shirts that say “1 lb Miracles” for my twins who were born at 26w. 🙂

  • I found you on facebook-through a friend, while my daughter was in the NICU. Still following your good news Mondays! I would like to win prize #1. We would love the “No really, I’m one” because her birthday is coming up pretty soon (well.. time is flying in this house anyways) and we would like to win” I earned these rolls ” because she is really starting to pack in the chunk! I really loveee your shirts & wish I had some extra money to order some! We’re on a tight budget these days along with almost everyone else lol!

  • I’m happy to say that my daughter, Cheyenne-1lb 14oz 27 weeker, is now a NICU Grad….I would LOVE to win a onesie for her to wear to her NICU Follow up visit. 😉

  • Prize 1. (Because I still don’t own any, twins are expensive, and would love to!!) I heard about It’s a preemie thing when you first started up and brought it up on Babycenter. As for what 2 shirts I would want 2 “I was a preemie” T-shirts size 3T. One blue and one green.

  • I would LOVE to win Prize #1 !!!! and would like a 6-12 month onesie that says 2 pound miracle (pink, if u have it but any ‘girl’ color would be great)! Also, a medium parent shirt that says Proud MOM of a NICU grad…any color….I found your site on Facebook by searching “preemie” after having my daughter, MACI, via emergency C-section due to high blood pressure and a seizure….She was 2 pounds 14 oz! Now she is 8 months and 13 1/2 pounds! I love reading your updates! Thank you!

  • I’d love to win prize #1!!! I’ve been wanting “I’m only fed on Tuesdays” and “One pound miracle”, but we’re on a strict budget! I found your page thru another preemie mom I met at the store who had the “tiny hands stop sign”. I wish I would’ve had that when my kids were tiny!

  • I was connected to you through a fellow preemie mom. I went in to PTL at 28 weeks and delivered at 30 weeks. I also had a NICU grad shirt bought for my baby girl that she proudly sported to her follow up clinic as she graduated!!
    If I win I’d like prize #1 one onesie saying ‘no really I’m one’ and ‘got sanitizer’

  • I would love love love Prize #1 I would love the “I’m older than I look” onsie & the “I earned these rolls” onsie!!! My daughter already has the NICU grad onsie an we love to have her rock it at all of her check up appts. I actually learned about your site while our daughter was in the NICU at Comer’s Children’s Hospital in Chicago. I searched online to find preemie clothes an found your site an became your facebook fan! We also told friends we made in the NICU about the cool onesies! Our preemie was born at 30 wks an weighed 3lb 3 oz an now is 6 months today an up to 12 lbs!!! We love preemies! An I can’t wait to order my husband the I delivered a miracle shirt for his birthday since he delivered our preemie 🙂

  • I found you on facebook through a fellow preemie mom. My son was born at 29 weeks at 2lbs 4oz. Today is the anniversary of the day that I went on bedrest with him at 26 weeks last year. He will celebrate his first birthday on August 9th in the “no really I’m one” shirt. If I won option #1 we’d love just about any shirt….”2 pound miracle” or “I earned these rolls” in any boy color…size 6 – 12 months.

  • I would love to win any of the prizes above but mostly the necklace, as my little one is finaly getting to that stage.

    I found you on facebook, after doing a search for preemie groups.. its a wonderful place!

  • I found you through the search on Facebook since I wanted to be able to talk and share stories with other preemie parents !! The first time I found your page I cried knowing whT my little girl had went through ( she was born at 25 weeks 1lb9oz and 12 in long on 2/22/10).. Your page has been an absolute blessing since I can relate to practically everything on your page and I love reading your blogs!! As per the prize I would love prize 1 sayings Gods 1 pound miracle and it’s a preemie thing!! I wish I would be able to buy them all instead !! God bless u Julie and little Spencer he’s an absolute cutie!!

  • I would LOVE prize 1. I found you from march of dimes page . Would Love NICU Grad or It’s a preemie thing onesies 🙂 in size 3-6 months for my 5 month old son. LOVE your business such cute ideas and the name is perfect because i often find myself asking if something is normal or if it’s just a preemie thing 🙂

  • My concerned friend, Natalie Shivers, told me about your site and the support it might offer since I have a micro preemie. I would love to win prize 1, the proud preemie parent T-shirt for my husband and I.

  • Prize 1! I found you through a twin website. I would like 2 shirts or onesies for my twin boys. Anything would be great. Thanks and keep up the great work!

  • Prize 1. I love It’s a Preemie Thing and No Really I’m One. I was looking for a preemie support group and found you all on FB. I wish I had known about you while my DD was in the NICU. Will be ordering for myself, too!!

  • I love the prize 1! I love the sayings, “NICU Grad” and “3lb Miracle.” Facebook is where I found you. My friend from high school is a NICU nurse and I noticed on her page your page. SO glad I did!

  • I changed my facebook status!

  • Tweeted about the giveaway, too. 🙂

  • Prize # 1!

    I honestly don’t remember how I found IAPT, but I know it was right after the store was launched. I bought a onesie for my son for Christmas 2010. 🙂 I would love shirts that say “I’m only fed on Tuesdays” and “Why walk when Mom can carry me?”

  • I want to win prize 3. I love her necklaces and want one so much!

  • Prize 1 😉 I’ve been your fb fan for so long I can not remember how I found ya 🙂 but I love love the onesies, everytime I take my Mariah to visit the NICU I make sure she’s wearing one and they love them! Anyhow I would have to pick “do I look fat in this yet” and “i’m older than I look. Both purple and size 3-6months, for my one year old haha 🙂
    Thanks for all you do!

  • I want prize 1! I found you on FB by doing research & the help of other NICU mom’s! I would love the NICU Grad in blue & God’s 1pound Miracle in white for my 4lb 6 oz 2 month old NICU preemie!

    Thanks! 🙂

  • Would love to have Prize 2 for my preemie! 🙂

  • PRIZE # 1!!!!

    T-Shirts says “It’s a Preemie Thing” and “3 lb Miracle” in 12-18 months. I love all of your stuff! I am an owner of a NICU Grad Onesie which our son sported for the March of Dimes walk un April and he will again be sporting it to the Minnesota Twins March of Dimes day at the end of August at beautiful Target Field. Also can’t wait to recieve Mickey’s Miracle Mousekateer tee for the NICU picnic in a couple.

    Again, love all your stuff!

  • Would LOVE to have prize 3! :)))

  • Would love to have prize 4! :))

  • I would love Prize 1. I am a friend on fb, and I found you through the March of Dimes fb page. I would want two onesies. “I am older than I look.” in 6-12 months, and “I am really 1.” in 6-12 months.

  • Prize 1!
    I would love 1 lb. miracle and 2 lb. miracle for my 2 little miracles. Of course my little 1 lb. miracle can’t even wear clothing yet, but it never hurts to plan ahead. 😉
    Hmm…how did I hear about you? I’ve been a long time fan, but I think I found you on Graham’s Foundation’s FB page, not positive though.

  • I just found this site on fb. I was expecting twain boys in May of this yr. I went into labor 4 months early and they didnt know why. I lost one on Grounds hog day and was scared of losing the other one. With less then a 10% change they said he would not make we spent almost 5months in the nicu with multiple surgery but were ot now and lil man is doing so good he still has alot wrong with him but nothing serious. but you don’t really realize the what a preemie is til you have one and how hard it is for you and your baby until your there. I use to blame my self for my sons comin early but it was Gods plain and having a son come early and losing one was hard but if it didnt happened I wouldnt have meet alot of people that was in my shoes and helped me thru it.

  • I “found” IAPT while you were doing “market research” on BBC’s Preemie Parenting board. And I still love the “I’m older than I look” onesies. 6-12 month in green would be adorable. Love the new “Two-pound miracle” print on demand, too!

  • I love my mama necklace and Cristi’s blog. Would be thrilled to have another necklace for days when I feel like wearing green rather than peach!

  • I would love prize 1! I found you from Oopsy daisy! Thanks so much! =)

  • Who doesn’t love a cute hat?! I would LOVE prize 2!

  • I would LOVE to win the EllieAdorn necklace! My daughter is into jewelry right now and thinks she’s accomplished something when she’s actually allowed to chew on it! We are in the teething process so this would be perfect!

  • Now following you on Twitter and have tweeted about the giveaway from @thatgirlkelz!

  • Prize 4 would be awesome! Thanks!
    P.S.! Thanks for sharing the story of how IAPT got started!

  • I have changed my status to share the word about this giveaway on my facebook page.

  • I’m following you on twitter and have shared the love to this giveaway. @kellukas

  • Found you thru fb search. I’d like to win prize #1 for my former 24w twins. 1 lb miracle in blue and one in pink please!

  • I would love to receive the NICU grad and I earned these rolls shirt for my little princess. She was born 16 weeks early weighing 1 pound, 3 ounces. She’s now 16 months! 😀 I found you through March of Dimes 😀 I love your facebook page and follow the blog. Love Good News Monday to see what all the preemies have accomplished!

  • Left a comment on my facebook page to get everyone to check out your page!

  • I’d love to win prize number 1 and the “One Pound Miracle” shirt. Liked you on facebook.

  • Also I posted the link as my fb status 🙂

  • Changed my fb status to share the giveaway! I’d love to win prize #1. Two 1 pound miracle toddler t’s

  • Found you thru another nicu family. Love the blog! We’d love. To win prize #1. I earned these rolls and 1lb miracle!

  • Shared on faacebook. trying to win prize #1

  • Followed you on twitter and liked you on facebook, also liked Wordy bird design. 🙂 Trying to win prize #1 or #4! Thanks 🙂

    • (oh! And found you through Graham’s Foundation’s link to your twitter feed)

  • I would love to win #1 – Sami is almost 1 year, so I would love a “No Really, I’m One!” and definitely a NICU grad – any boy colors would be great! (And the mail system in Kuwait still hasn’t delivered the ones I already ordered!) 🙁

  • I would like to enter to win prize #1. My son was born at 26 weeks, 1lb 9oz and I found you while searching the internet for various preemie sites. My son (Aiden) will be one on August 17th, so I would like the No Really I’m one onesie and a NICU Grad onesie please. Thank

  • Prize 1 please! I don’t remember how I found you, but probably thru a special needs blog. I’d love a blue 4t with the saying “don’t let my size fool you” and an adult large green short sleeve “proud preemie parent”

  • prize 4 please! boy style please!

  • changed my FB status too!

  • Prize one!!! I found out about you from another friend with a preemie. I love this site, I love the page, it’s great for us preemie parents to stick together!

  • Prize #1, I found you through a fellow preemie mom in my IVillage expecting club
    “Don’t let my size fool you” 2T purple
    “My Sister is Fun Sized” 5T Royal Blue
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • prize #4 would be cool! “liked” her page!

  • For prize #1. We’d like the NICU Grad and the I’m Older Than I Look.

    • Oh! And I found you by doing a FB search for pages for preemies. 🙂

  • I want to win the EllieAdorn necklace!!!

  • I would love to win prize #3. I have been a fan forever and not sure how I found you. 🙂

  • I changed my FB status for an extra chance to win!

  • Found you through BBC 🙂 Would love #1, a 2T NICU grad in blue (or any color) and a 3 or 6 month onesie to say, “I’m a termie after preemie”

  • prize 1! i think there was a link to your website on my FB sidebar and i clicked it and Boom! i found you!! i LOVE the shirt i got my daughter for her birthday and all the other little things you offer on your site and FB page!!

  • prize 2!! those necklaces are so great!! i want one!!

  • I’d love to win prize one! I first saw you on BBC and have been a fan ever since the beginning. I’d love to win a “three pound miracle” and “four pound miracle” in blue or green, 2T size. Thank you!

  • Prize #3! we found you through a fellow NICU mom!

  • I’d also love to be in the running for prize three. I’m a fan of her page already and I think her necklaces are just beautiful!

  • And prize four! I liked her fb page and left a note. My twin boys (they’re two) are obsessed with the alphabet right now, so the boy print would make their day! Thank you!!

  • Prize #1!! I found you guys through Kenzi Photography in Marion, IA. NICU Grad or I only get fed on Tuesday’s if you still have it. Thanks!

  • I found you at the Bumps and Babes sale and THANKFULLY my preemie has outgrown her “I’m Older Than I Look” onesie, so I need a new one!

  • Love the Ellie Adorn necklace – liked and commented on her page!

  • I want to win the EllieAdorn necklace!! I liked and commented on her page. ♥

  • I would love to win Prize #3. I found IAPT on FB either in the sponsored ads spot or recommended pages, I don’t remember for sure which one!

  • Prize #4 is cute, I’d love to win the boy theme!! Found you on FB in the sponsored ads or recommended pages, I don’t remember which one!!

  • hey! id like prize #1! I found you thru baby centers preemie parents group around the time of the professional photo shoot giveaway.. id like 18-24mo tshirts in green & blue that say “I was a preemie” & “3lb. miracle” -thanks & ill post on my fb!

  • Prize 1, please! It’s a Preemie Thing in red (I didn’t see that color as an option, so green as a second choice) and Got Sanitizer? in royal blue. I found you through the WA preemie support group on Facebook. Thanks for running the contest, how fun!

  • I would love the teething necklace! My one year old preemie is now cutting 8 teeth and molars to boot! It’s a blessing, since he had IV nutrition for 3+ months and his bones were broken and brittle. I have looked at these online and thought what a great idea they would be for him, since I hesitate to wear any jewelry now that he’s home. I don’t want him to ingest anything dangerous!

  • Hi! I would love to receive PRize 1. My son was a 1lb 10oz’er born on 9/6/10- your launch date! I would like “no really, I’m 1” and It’s a Preemie thing. I can’t believe my sweet miracle will be 1 soon. I found you on facebook when looking for support while in the NICU.

  • I want to win prize #1, “1lb Miracle” and “Million Dollar Baby”. I found your site through a facebook search.

  • Prize 1: I found you by searching “preemie “. I would love a “no really I’m 1” in the raspberry writing (for my peanuts 1st bday) and a “its a preemie thing” onesie to donate to the nicu.

  • would love prize 1! I actually found your FB by accident when I was looking for something else, and have “liked” you ever since 😉
    Love the “I am older than I look” and “NICU Grad” onesies (white s/s)

    • forgot to mention size, 6-12 month

  • would love to win the teething necklace. have been a fan of hers for a while 🙂

  • (I hope I’m not too late. I’m in Michigan, and it’s 1am here, so that means it’s still before midnight in WA.)

    I would love prize #2! I am already a fan of the facebook page, so I went there and left a message.

  • I would love prize #3! I became a fan of the facebook page, and I left a message.

  • I would love either prize #2 or #3!

    I changed my FB status to advertise your giveaway.

    • This should actually say prize #1 or #2 or #3! Thanks!!!

  • I would love prize #1 also. I have been a fan of your FB page for awhile so I don’t remember how I found you. I think it was because you contributed something to a giveaway that I was entering, and I’ve been a fan ever since. My son was a preemie, only weighing 2lb 12oz when he was born. He is now 6 years old and starting first grade in the fall. Wow, how time flies! I would love to get a royal blue 5T tshirt for him that says “Don’t Let My Size Fool You”, and I would love to get a large purple tshirt for me that says either “Proud Preemie Parent” or “Proud Mom of a NICU Grad”.

  • Hi I would like

  • I would love prize 1 or 3! found you on facebook. I’ll be changing my status.

  • To start… I love your tag line… Miracles come in small packages! Hard to define this feeling, but your tag line does it aptly! Thanks for the wonderful give away! I love the Prize one from you, but I would love to have the Prize 2, cap from Artsychameleon | props! Have changed my FB status, tweeted about the giveaway on twitter too!

    Thanks again! 🙂

  • Prize 1! I <3 It's a Preemie Thing and have already ordered a few things!

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