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As I realized I needed to write another review, I was shocked that I hadn’t done one on my beloved Simple Wishes hands free pump bra!  When my son arrived at 29 weeks, I was blessed by many wonderful lactation consultants in our NICU, that each offered tips, ideas, support and some GREAT recommendations. 

I remember the first lactation consultant I met, Carol, as she was so cheerful, a NICU Nurse who came into my room hours after my son was delivered to discuss trying to retrieve some “liquid gold” for my little son.  I liked Carol instantly, and didn’t think she was negative at all when she began explaining that I should not for one second beat myself up if my milk didn’t come in.  I was starting with three strikes against me…my son was conceived via IVF, I was in my 40’s having my first child, and he was born the day I turned 29 weeks.  My body just may not produce milk, and if it doesn’t, it’s ok!  She made me comfortable from the start.

Carol and I would look back later and laugh at that conversation when they finally told me I no longer had to leave milk at the NICU because I had so much frozen there already.   I was one of the lucky ones, my milk came in with a vengeance.  My NICU neighbor Natalie and I compared our “Golden Boobs” production amounts thankful for the ability to provide to our sons.  Between Carol, Lisa, Shar, and Tonya…the lactation consultants I would grow to love and know well for the next 64 days of my stay, they told me about things like Lanolin, Lansinoh Soothies gel pads (highly recommend for sore nipples) and my favorite product…my Simple Wishes hands free pump bra!

Having to pump every 3 hours during our NICU stay, I can’t imagine all the time I would have sat there and held those pumps to my breasts staring at a clock.  Instead, I would slide the pumps in the bra and since we were fortunate enough that every baby has a private room in our NICU, I could pull a stool up to my sons incubator and rest my hands on him while pumping, which would help us both.  I could also catch up on my blog or emails in the middle of the night…and even chatted online with my other NICU mom’s pumping in the wee hours of the morning.  I even purchased a second one so I could leave one at the NICU and have one at home.  Yet another wise decision!

Another bonus about being hands free was that there were times I would sleep through a pump (you fellow NICU mom’s understand the mental exhaustion) and I could actually massage my breasts while pumping allowing the milk to flow better.  It really helped!  I also love that you can expand or make them smaller, it’s not like you have to purchase one each time your bra size changes, which unfortunately, happened quite a bit!

I pumped so much milk that we had to purchase a full size deep freeze just to store the milk.  I even donated to two adoptive families so that their baby could have breast milk.  Then Spencer finally came home, and I was so excited about breast feeding, although I knew I’d be going back to work in just two short weeks since all of my maternity leave was used up while in the NICU.  Spencer had other plans and decided that in the mornings, and only laying in bed would he nurse.  The rest of the time he wanted a bottle of breast milk…not from the source direct.  So my Simple Wishes found use until Spencer was 9 months old.  I told myself I would stop pumping at 6 months, but the momma guilt runs deep through my veins and I tagged on an additional 3 months.  I even had enough frozen to just about make it the entire first year! 

When I started It’s a Preemie Thing, I knew instantly I wanted to carry Simple Wishes, I mean a bra saved my sanity through all those hours of pumping.  I had forgotten it one day at work and was so annoyed, how would I have ever made it without it through all of those months?  So yes, you can purchase one directly from It’s a Preemie Thing along with a few other great products I’ve found since the NICU!  Seriously, invest the money, save your sanity! hands!


I purchased my own Simple Wishes hands free pump bra during my NICU stay in 2009-2010.  I was not given a bra to review or compensated in any way by Simple Wishes for this review.  This review is purely my opinions and my desire to share with other moms so they don’t have to sit behind a pump holding them!

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  • I wish I was producing that much milk!! I’m not making enough to feed Ayden, I have to use formula to :-(!

    • Dana, don’t beat yourself up =/ I’m having the same trouble feeding my son – and it is getting worse now that I am back at work and trying to pump

  • Being a NICU mom is hard. I remember during Brayden’s 67 day stay at the hospital I was told that many NICU mom’s do not make pumping past the first month. There can be many problems with keeping your supply up enough for the baby to eat. I am envious of having a private room though, that is for sure! I would have loved to be able to pump and be with my son (that was born at 1 pound 7 ounces and 12.5 inches long @ 26 weeks also).

    I did do the whole holding the pumps on for a very long time, then I found this bra… BEST THING EVER!!!!! I was so very, very thankful to be able to sit, pump and eat at the same time! (something that was previously unachievable). This bra was the only way I was able to keep pumping for as long as I did! My son also would not want to suckle very often, usually in the evening was it, and even then it was inconsistent. Now, my son is turning 1 next Friday (July 8) and is doing fantastic!

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