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I have been very lucky that my son Spencer is a GREAT eater!  His first solid food was actually in Scotland at almost 11 months old and you guessed it, was bangers and mash, followed soon by fish and chips.  Funny, we were so nervous as first time parents to feed him solids and then we went crazy.  He’s never looked back, and my husband even fed him some Haggis and neaps (rutabaga) this past weekend while I was off on Army duty…and he of course, loved it.

My thing is, as a first time mom, now I’m in a rut.  He’s tried Thai food, loves it…for breakfast everyday he has a cheese and some kind of meat (turkey bacon or ground beef) omelet, and loves when we add hot sauce.  But then it’s pretty much hot dogs, chicken tenders, whole grain spaghetti-O’s or something along those lines.  He loves fruit, and daily eats 1-3 of the following:  Mangos, kiwi, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, apples, pears, oranges, grapefruit (yep, he loves grapefruit) and also loves cucumber with the tiniest amount of ranch dressing on it!  He  enjoys bananas, but they seem to stop him up, likes hummus, but I do need to let him start eating more things also (like sandwiches)!  I bought some almond butter to try almond butter and jelly sandwiches.  Just wish I had remembered the bread…deep sigh.

I’ve also resorted to fruit in cottage cheese for protien alternatives (we share a big bowl) and he ate enchiladas and tamales from my plate at a restaurant not to long ago.  Not to mention snacking on the chips and salsa.  OH…Pirates’s Booty!  He LOVES Pirate’s Booty, animal crackers, Kix cereal, Goldfish, puffs and graham and ginger cookies for snacks, along with string cheese!  Wow…now that I’m putting this in writing, I feed him more variety than I thought I did!

My friend Crisit came by yesterday ( and her son said he wanted a quesadilla for dinner, he’s 3 (oh shoot…is he 4?) and her daughter turned 1 in FEB and also eats quesadillas.  After growing up in Texas, was shocked I didn’t think of this and went to the store today and for dinner tonight…you guessed it, Spencer CHOWED down on turkey and chesse with corn tortilla quesadillas!

So it made me wonder, are there other first time mom’s out there in food ruts?  I know I have friends that have dairy/wheat intolerant kids, so what do you feed your kids?  I thought if we all posted on this thread, we can get ideas from it, and other mom’s can benefit from our experiments!

What have you tried that your child likes?  Is your child(ren) dairy or wheat intolerant, and what works for then?   Thanks for sharing!!

Spencer starting on fruit early...gumming an apple in SEP 2010.

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  • Our twins are great eaters. They are 18 months old and on the small side at 17 & 20 lbs so we try to get them to eat anything and everything. Our little girl will eat anything, and I mean anything you put in front of her, even tried raw onions. Our little boy has an issue with certain textures. He will not eat mashed potato unless mixed with a jar of baby food sweet potato. He will only eat eggs if they are made with milk and butter. He also will only eat pasta if it is the veggie past called garden delights, which is fine since there is a whole serving of veggies in 4oz of pasta. They both love broccoli, cauliflower and beets. I feel that they do not get a large variety but I am sure they do. Oh and they love pbj sandwiches.

  • What a great post! I need ideas!! My former 24 weekers are now 19 months (15 adjusted) and they are awful eaters. Because they were on an OG tube (feeding tube) and ventilator for so long, they have issues with different textures in their mouths. I have to introduce the same food 5-10 times before they’ll do more than just spit it out. They’ll eat any type of cracker or cookie – no problem. They also love hot dogs and chicken nuggets. But they have issues with “slimy” things like veggies and fruits, and meat that isn’t breaded. We are definitely in a rut! For breakfast they eat a banana and some cheerios or graham crackers. Lunch is usually hot dogs, chicken nuggets or ravioli, and peas or lima beans for a veggie. and strawberries, peaches or blueberries for dessert. Dinner is usually a bit more adventurous – they eat pretty much whatever we eat… steak, potatoes, meatloaf, etc..

  • I forgot to add that they are both allergic to milk and eggs, and we haven’t tried PB because we haven’t had their blood tested yet.

    • Kristen, maybe try Almond butter! My friend’s son is allergic to PB so he eats Almond butter no problems! 🙂 I bought some today to try it out. 😉 Not sure if it has dairy/eggs in it…will have to check….

  • So glad Ronin could inspire you Julie! 🙂 He’s 3 1/2 by the way, so no worries. hehe. Let’s see, as he said yesterday Ronin (& Ellie) love Chicken or turkey quesadillas. They also love noodles (quinoa spaghetti w red sauce, pad Thai, yaki soba, really any type of noodle dish is always a hit and you can sneak in veggies!), turkey & pork sausage meatloaf & sweet potatoes, carrots & hummus, almond butter & jelly sandwich, hmmm. I’m getting hungry

  • Oh and FRUIT! They eat all kind of fruit. Addicted to fruit and cheese actually. 🙂

  • I have a 2 1/2 year old son who is a TERRIBLE eater. He has gastroparesis and acid reflux, so he is basically on a liquid diet. Any solid foods should be as low fat/low fiber and high calorie as possible. Yeah – impossible. Anyway, for anyone out there who is trying to add a few pounds or even ounces onto an underweight, poor eater I highly recommend duocal. It is a powder supplement that you can buy via the internet that dissolves into any liquid or melts into any food (can mix with meats, mashed potatoes, sprinkle on veggies, etc or mix into juices, milk). Each scoop adds 25 calories and no fat. We add 4 scoops to every 8 ounces of his drink supplement and we have seen a HUGE difference. In the past 4 weeks he has gained 1 pound.

  • Phillip is a great eater! However being a first time mom I’m so nervous giving him different table foods. He only has 6 teeth so I am not sure if he would break everything down properly. He loves any kind of meat especially chicken, loves mashed potatoes, any fruit and loves his puffs. Sometimes I think he loves those puffs more than anything else!

  • Thank you so much for this posting 🙂

    My little bug has milk protein allergies and severe reflux issues. We will hopefully be starting some solids in the next few months…have an appointment with the GI specialist to find out for sure when and how.

    Any recommendations for us would be appreciated!

  • I’m so lucky my little twins don’t have any allergies or serious digestive issues, just reflux 😛 which we’re working on controlling with medicine. They’re 6 months old and we’re slowly starting to introduce them to solids. Since they’re only about 3 months adjusted, our doctor encouraged us to take it slow and lots of practice for them at swallowing thicker things before we go too crazy with solids. It seems to be working out really well so far! 🙂

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