Can I have my body back now please?

I did not meet my husband until I was 35 years old, and we were married when I was 39.  At my wedding, I had amazing abs, shoulders and yes, my butt was pretty stellar for a 39 year old. And the most important thing, my butt and thighs were not merged into one.  You could tell where my butt ended and my thighs began.  Not anymore…I’ve been caught with a case of uni-butt.

Keep in mind, I’ve been in the Army for 16 years now and have had a few pounds come and go, but generally must stay in decent shape.  If you read my previous posts about “My crazy pregnancy” I went through several rounds of IVF, preceded by IUI’s and clomid.  My body and extra hormones are NOT friends.  No matter what I did, I continued to gain weight and for my not so tall 5’4″ frame, should NEVER have gotten up to 200+ pounds…but I admit to you, I did.  So much for the secret I’ve kept for so long…I broke well into the 200’s when Spencer was born.  Something I never thought possible for me, as I remember looking back in college thinking I was fat because I was in size 8’s.

On that note, Gayla…my best friend in college, would stress when she got into size 2.  YES…you read that correctly, she was a size ZERO.  So I guess it’s all how you perceive yourself, and do to the marketing hype in the US, everyone thinks they should be slim and trim.  I am past that phase where I should not have any fat on my body, I’m ok with some, but I had to get back to a more healthy weight.

When I was still full-time military (up until SEP 2010) I had a full time Nanny.  My nanny also had gained quite a bit of weight over the years and had decided to do something about it.  She started HCG and went from 200lbs down to 130lbs and watching the transformation was amazing.  I never thought I could go on a diet where you weren’t allowed dairy, carbs or sugar…because I LOVE FOOD!   But I was stuck at 190, wearing size 16 and I was not thrilled with the image looking back at me.  So right after Christmas 2010 I sucked it up and tried HCG for 40 days.

I am still shocked that I never cheated and really stuck to the diet.  The thing I loved most about the diet, it taught me to eat healthy and how to make really good foods that are low calorie and actually good.  I didn’t get to my goal weight, but I did end up at 166 and wearing size 12.  Which I REALLY wanted to be in 10’s.  My body is crazy, at 145lbs I’m a size 6 and at 155 a size 8.  According to the Army, at 155 I’m overweight and have always had to have my body fat done, even when I was at 19% body fat.

Thanks for sticking with me so far, here comes the really cool part!  I stopped the diet and went on with everyday normal life.  That was at the beginning of FEB…since then, I’ve lost 8 more lbs!  I’m actually back in the 150’s and feeling really good.  But I’m in the 150’s with a uni-butt…and not happy.  I need to work out, but now I’m staying home with Spencer full time and have no desire to pay someone to watch him and then go to a gym where I’m also paying.  We already took a huge hit on our income for me to stay home.

My husband and I don’t have family around…I do have an Aunt that lives about 40 mins away, but my parents passed away in 2005 and my husbands family all lives in the UK.  So we don’t have that built in support system so many are lucky to have!  So now that I’m getting thinner, I want to get back into shape.  I admit, during my pregnancy I didn’t work out at all, I was terrified of losing the baby that we had already paid his college tuition for just to get pregnant.

I am lucky to have some local mom friends that know I can be motivated to do things, so my friend Katy from Regarding Peanut challenged me to join her at Stroller Strides of Bothell/Kirkland where I could bring Spencer AND get a workout! The first class is always free so you can give it a try. As I mentioned, I don’t want to take Spencer to a normal gym’s daycare…you fellow preemie mom’s know what I’m talking about…loads of germs and for me, the fear of Spencer being stepped on. I know it sounds funny, but Spencer can’t walk without a walker, so he crawls still, and much of the time Army crawls (I promise, I DID NOT teach him that). So my fear is all the other little kids will be running around and step on him. Yep, I’m a first time worry wart mom!!

So I tried Stroller Strides for the first time on 27 May 2011, and today, the very next day…my uni-butt HURTS!  OMG!  This tells me several things…the older I get the faster the pain is setting in (I’m now 43), that I was pretty darn out of shape, and that I need to keep going because apparently IT WORKS!

I LOVED that Spencer was able to be with me the whole time, and thought it was great that there were all different body types and fitness levels and nobody seemed to care.  It was great as we moved through the park, would get all the strollers in a line in front of us for some exercises (calf raises) and then have them in a circle facing out while we did exercises around them.  Spencer slept for the first part of the class (yeah to fresh air) and even took an unheard of lately afternoon nap!  I seriously think he was exhausted after watching us.

I also love that they offer various levels for you to perform for each exercise, so as you progress, or are just starting out, you know that you don’t have to be like Hilary and do one armed push-ups.  I used to be able to do those anytime, not so much now.  I’m happy just to knock out my normal Army standard no knees push-ups.  One day Hilary…one day I will do those along with you!  And Katy, my five month along pregnant friend who kicked every excersise in the behind, WOW…you rock!

So if you hate gyms but are like me and not motivated enough to work out on your own, don’t have the money for a sitter and working out, then I highly recommend Stroller Strides!  There were mom’s with babies from 3 months to 5 years old and several double strollers!  You can meet other mom’s in your area, keep your babies germ free by staying in their stroller, get fresh air and get an amazing workout.  I seriously never thought that possible.  I’m hooked.  I started Cross Fit and loved it, but it was SO expensive and when I decided to stay at home, I had to give it up.  I seriously feel this challenged me just as much, and it’s only an hour class!!

HI…my name is Julie and I’m addicted to Stroller Strides after one class.  In the not so distant future, if you’re walking along and see a uni-butt, it hopefully won’t be mine, and please don’t try to return it.

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  • Hi Julie! I am so happy that you gave SS a try! My oldest daughter Katelyn, who is 2.5 now, is medically fragile and has a long list of special needs. I was very nervous to try SS because Katelyn has seizures and I need to keep a close eye on her, but we have been going since she was 6 months old and I absolutely love it! Plus, the ability to do something with other moms/kiddos and take “germs” out of the equation is great for Katelyn and my sanity. I look forward to getting to know you and Spencer:) See you in class:)
    Mom to Katelyn (2.5) and Ashley (almost 1)

  • Hey Julie,
    I’m not a mom yet but I (hopefully) will be soon but I’m already freaking out a little bit about everything because we’re more or less in the same situation you’re in. Mu husband and I both don’t have any family around where we live and barely any friends at all.
    I’ve never been a gym rat, always loved workout DVD’s and I’ve had the best ever with P90X and Turbofire lately. Email me at for more info or just to chat. Would love to hear from you! Love everything you do btw! 🙂

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