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I’ve realized as a first time mom to a preemie, my view of so many things is different than other first time moms.  Don’t get me wrong, all first time moms get excited over the firsts, but as a preemie mom…it’s like the excitement of the iPhone coming out for the first time when small things happen! 

Spencer didn’t roll over in both directions until he hit 10 months.  Until he was a year, he couldn’t sit unassisted or crawl, and now at 16 months, he can still sit unassisted, but can’t get into the sitting position on his own unless he crawls over to something, pulls himself up, then falls back on his butt.  He is still mainly Army crawling everywhere, but can get up on hands and knees and take up to 6 forward motions, but he has decided he’s much faster in the Army crawl so uses that method as his main mobility.

He has amazed us all and can use over 25 signs with sign language to include signing to me, “Please food” when he is hungry.  The other day I told him we were going somewhere and he signed “shoes” and then “socks” because he was barefoot. After we put them both on, he signed “coat” as he knows he wears his coat when we go out.  He never ceases to amaze me!

After being diagnosed with a rare brain malformation at 10 months (Rhombencephalosynapsis) and knowing that he has no trunk stability or balance, which is usually evident by the number of bruises on his forehead, we didn’t know when he would be able to walk.  But today, today it was the little things that made my heart burst with joy for my son.

Today, Spencer’s Physical Therapist (April) brought over a little miniature walker, which doesn’t even come to my knee.  We thought we’d let him start trying to figure it out, what it is, etc.  Well immediately he started pushing it around like a car and making “vroom” noises.  Then we stood him in the center, and he immediately tried to sit down.  After he finally gave up on sitting, he held on, and took off, almost falling for going so fast.  He loved it!  He was walking around on his own (with April in close proximity) within 5 minutes.  I guess he’s tired of seeing his buddies all up and being mobile and he has to hold onto something.

I think what was really amazing for me, is when my husband walked in the door from work, I had Spencer ready and he took off in the walker to see his daddy.  I think daddy was a little in shock as he was attacked by a small boy in a walker ready to conquer the world.

Today, the little thing of a tiny walker, and seeing the joy on my sons face as he cruised around the kitchen on his own made me swell with pride, and knowing that having a preemie, you never take anything for granted.  I hope his helmet comes in soon, now I see bruises for a different reason!

See a small video of Spencer’s first day with his walker!    Spencer gets a walker

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  • That’s awesome, Julie! Go, Spencer, go!

  • How wonderful for Spencer!!!! And for his mommy and daddy – all the joy you must feel! 🙂

  • I’m sitting here typing this with tears rolling down my cheeks. How wonderful and amazing is that. Way to go Spencer! My heart is so full of joy for you guys! Hugs

  • One more thing. As a Preemie Momma I know how the simplest things can be the hardest for our child and why it means so much more when it comes to milestones like this. Rock that walker Spencer!

  • You must be so proud, I too had tears rolling down my cheeks. I know how special it is when they reach milestones, well done Spencer and mum and dad

  • Great big “like” for this one, Julie!

  • This is AMAZING!! It made me cry, also. You guys must be SO proud. Go Spencer! 🙂

  • You know what?! I think it’s crazy how I have been following you guys on Facebook for a few months now, and I google walkers for preemies, and your blog comes up! Spencer, you make me smile! I’m so proud of you! I know you have been using the walker for some time now, but I feel the need to tell you how proud I am of you for having the determination you have! keep making mommy and daddy proud! Prove to the world that preemies can do it!!!

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