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After 64 days in the NICU, we brought our son home finally and were learning to deal with acid reflux amongs other things.  He wouldn’t lay flat without being fussy, and the fact that he had bilateral inguinal hernias that would need surgery when he finally was big enough didn’t help either.  I didn’t have a wedge, and was at a loss what to try, so went on the preemie parenting board on BabyCenter and threw the question out there (since It’s a Preemie Thing wasn’t on FB yet for me to ask my fellow parents).

A mother responded that something called the Nap Nanny was a lifesaver for her baby with acid reflux and she couldn’t have survived without it.  I believe I may have waited about 15 minutes before I was submitting payment for my sons Nap Nanny and wasn’t about to tell my husband that I spent about $129.99 on something that might work.   After all, nowhere on Nap Nanny’s site did it say anything about acid reflux!!

We received our Nap Nanny, let it air out as it did smell rather strongly, although I’ve discovered Nap Nanny wasn’t happy with that either and found a new supplier and that is no longer the case!  (Isn’t it great when a company actually listens to their consumers?)  Washed the cover, put it back on and gently placed my 3 month old 7lb baby onto the Nap Nanny.  He instantly went to sleep and slept for a long time…it was working!!  Our son actually slept in the Nap Nanny at night inbetween us on the bed and for naps for quite some time, until his acid reflux finally disappeared, and he was able to sleep in his bassinet.  Which by the way, I finally bought a wedge to try in the bassinet just to ensure the acid reflux wouldn’t return and he would slide right off of it.  I was so sad the Nap Nanny didn’t fit in the bassinet!

Here’s the caveat…per FDA regulations, Nap Nanny is NOT allowed to say that it helps babies with acid reflux since it’s not medically proven.  But ask the other four of my friends that purchased them after seeing mine, and I’m sure many others and we will say it does.  Then of course there was the recall late last year that keeps popping up. 

It does state on the Nap Nanny NOT to use it in a crib or on an elevated surface, and you know how so many of us don’t pay attention to those warnings.   I discovered through the owner Leslie, that Nap Nanny was talking to the CPSC for several months about relocating and redoing the warning label because they were learning about people using it incorrectly, despite their warnings to only ever use it on the floor.   Nap Nanny was two weeks away from the recall when unfortunately, a baby that was placed in a Nap Nanny in a crib (buckled in) rolled over and was trapped between the crib bumper and the crib and passed away.   I can’t imagine what that family went through, but the Nap Nanny was never deemed unsafe and never removed from the market (those with the Gen1 were given the option to return the cover for a $50 coupon to buy a new one).  

The recall was not because of this incident though, it only emphasized what Nap Nanny was concerned about, that people either weren’t reading or weren’t heeding the warnings to only use it on the floor.   The baby actually suffocated on the crib bumper  (which is another product recently under fire for being dangerous itself, http://articles.chicagotribune.com/2010-12-12/news/ct-met-bumpers-20101212_1_crib-bumpers-crib-slats-staple-in-many-nurseries).   It’s also worth noting that Nap Nanny has never had any medically treated injuries to any baby ever using any of the Nap Nanny models, when it’s being used properly.

I actually let me son sleep in it at night until he started rolling over, then only let him nap in it during the day when I was awake and around.  At 16 months he still uses his Nap Nanny to watch a Baby Einstein DVD while drinking a bottle of milk.  Not only that, as I’ve mentioned before, my son has a rare brain malformation called Rhombencephalosynapsis and does not have trunk stability or balance.  We have a therapist come once a week and we actually were using the Nap Nanny during our therapy sessions to teach him how to pull himself up and balance.  He seemed to have mastered that quickly and now he pulls himself up on the larger end, and dives over and rolls off…so it’s turned into not only a comfortable place to sit, but quite the indoor toy for him.

I highly recommend the Nap Nanny for not only preemie babies, but all babies!  Especially mothers of multiples, great place for one to sit if you’re nursing the other, or you can have two and one in each while bottle feeding. 😉   Personally, I’d like to see a movie theater have adult Nap Nannies as the chair of choice to relax in, although it would be a waste of money with the lack of sleep I get as I’d settle in, the lights would dim, and just like my son, I’d instantly drift off to sleep.

The new Nap Nanny Chill was recently released and I’m rather bummed I don’t have it!  My favorite new feature…the harness is removable so when your little one is big enough, they can just use it as a lounger…which Spencer now does.  So yes, thrilled to have a Nap Nanny…but don’t think my husband would be thrilled for me to buy another one just to have a removable harness. 😉 

Nap Nanny on FB:  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Nap-Nanny/84092968947

Online:  http://www.napnanny.com/

I received no compensation or product for this review, it is just my humble opinion as a preemie mom and Nap Nanny owner!

Preemie's chilling in their Nap Nanny's...Nat on the left was born at 1lb even, Spencer on the right at 2lbs 5oz (Pic from April 2010)

Spencer FEB 2011 still loving his Nap Nanny!

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  • Julie we love our Nap Nanny too! I was also very sad to hear about the recall! I can tell you the Nap Nanny has been a life saver in our house, especially with little miss having a cold right now. That 30 degree angle is MAGICAL. I wonder if they could make replacement covers without harnesses that would work on our Nap Nannys (pretty please Leslie?)


  • I would love to get a Nap Nanny – Anyone know how I could get one?

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