Wrapsody: The Wraparound Carrier Review

Babywearing…a term foreign to me as I entered into my sixth month of pregnancy.  It sounded rather crazy to me, I mean…babywearing? Did you wear them on your head, or maybe as a shawl?  Just one of many terms I had yet to know as I went on my merry way of my first pregnancy.  I had after all registered for a Baby Bjorn, because that’s what all moms did to carry their babies…right?

But alas, my little pregnancy world came crashing down around me the 28th week of my pregnancy as I was put on bed rest the week of Thanksgiving 2009.  A whole four days later, my son entered the world the day I turned 29 weeks at a whopping 2lbs 5oz and just over 14″ long.

Luckily for me, we had some AMAZING NICU Nurses during my 64 day stay at Evergreen Hospital in Kirkland, WA.  One of those nurses (Carol) had a wrap and was teaching the mom’s whose babies were big enough (3lbs) how to “wear” them and would walk with them around the NICU halls to get the parent and the baby out for a little socialization.  One such day I happened to meet a mom with her little princess in a wrap, and this beautiful little girl had started at 1lb even and only 11″ long.  She was on oxygen as well as many other monitors, but her mom had her snug to her chest and was wandering the halls with all the wires just coming out of the bottom of the wrap.  OH…I need to do that!

Carol soon taught me how to wear my son, but we only had one wrap in the NICU, and it had to obviously be washed in-between wears.  A friend told me of a local mom who had a “Babywearing” business.  REALLY?  What the heck, I gave Katy Afruma of Regarding Peanut a call and offered to pay her to come teach the moms in the NICU about Babywearing.  She quickly refused my offer…she would NOT take money, but she would love to come do it for free…she’s one amazing momma!

Quite a few parents showed up that evening as Katy showed us various forms of Babywearing…but wait…what was that gorgeous piece of cloth that looked like a wrap but had a print that made me instantly want to put it on…and so began my love of a Wrapsody.  Katy explained how to properly wear a preemie in our Wrapsody and that they are made from a lightweight cotton jersey with a great widthwise stretch and little lengthwise stretch, then hemmed for extra support. This means that our little miracles would stay bundled close to our hearts and bodies.  I had to have one, and oh my…I was so hoping nobody had noticed the Bali-Stretch Aphrodite that Katy had…it had my name all over it!

Yes, all wraps look daunting when you see this long piece of material, but Katy (who was also 5 months pregnant) came back to the NICU twice to make sure I was wearing my son correctly and that I knew exactly how to have it tied.  Several of the other mom’s and I would take our babies on strolls in the evening, it ALMOST made us feel normal again.  But even after the NICU, my Wrapsody made me feel special when wearing it, not only because it housed an adorable little boy, but because it was beautiful itself.  Did I mention I immediately took the Baby Bjorn off my registry…I would not need it.

Besides being beautiful, I love the Wrapsody for keeping my son tucked in when he was still so small so no unwanted hands were able to reach in and touch him on the rare occasion we had to leave the house.  I would actually put it on at home before getting in the car so all that I had to do was slip in the back seat, slide Spencer in and tighten it up whenever I got to my destination.  You figure out all kinds of ways to make things work with a preemie!!

My Wrapsody was/is also wonderful just being able to wear him around the house and feeling him against me as he napped and I was able to get things done around the house.  For those finally home with your preemies, you know the feeling, after so long in the NICU you don’t want to put your baby down, but life at home continues.  If you have other kids at home, or even multiples, it’s nice to have free hands to do other things while still having a baby close to you.

At 15 months, I can still wear Spencer in the Wrapsody, but I think I need another meeting with Katy to teach me how to wear him on the back, yet another fantastic way you can use this Wrap.  And the folks at Gypsy Mama even donated a beautiful Wrapsody for our recent blog launch, to share the love I found with another preemie parent!  Did I mention men can wear them comfortably as well?  They are also now selling adorable hats for the babies that match your wrap and headbands for the mommas!  I see my next investment in the near future. 😉

So if you haven’t started babywearing, I highly recommend staying away from the Bjorns if you can.  The Wrapsody holds your baby against you by a more distributed pressure rather than just let them dangle from their crotch and distributes the weight across your shoulders and back so it doesn’t hurt wearing your baby for any length of time.  So yes, I give this one a four thumbs up…both of mine and Spencers.

BTW, see if you have a local company that specializes in babywearing products that carries the Wrapsody.  Maybe you can find your version of Katy locally and have them help you out!! 

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This review is based on my own experience from purchasing a Wrapsody while in the NICU, I was not compensated in any way from Gypsy Mama, I just wanted to share my love of their product since I actually used it with my preemie.

My Wrapsody (center) while still in the NICU with a few of the other mommas.

Spencer after getting home enjoying the view in his Wrapsody!

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