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After starting off wearing my preemie son in carriers such as the Wrapsody and Pikkolo, I had heard great things about the Kokopax from a few friends and was dying to try one.  Then, all the stars aligned and I was able to have the opportunity!

Another friend of mine has a Kokopax and before her daughter was finally walking, she was one very frustrated young girl.  The only way they could make her happy was to put her in a Kokopax, it put her up at our eye level and for some reason, she would calm down and it made life easy for her parents for that time.  Hmmm, I like the sound of that!

I received the Classic Carrier compliments of Kokopax and was amazed at how light it was at only approximately 3lbs.  With my husband being from the UK and my family in Texas, we will definitely be flying and the fact that it fits in an overhead storage on a plane is a huge bonus.  Plus it came with a great bag that you can slide it into to either store in your car or for the plane that keeps unwanted germs from touching it!

It is also important to me to have several carriers that my son Spencer likes as he will probably be in one for awhile.  Eventhough he was born the day I turned 29 weeks, it has nothing to do with the fact that he was diagnosed with a rare brain malformation called Rhombencephalosynapsis.  Even if he had made it to full term, he would have still had this, so it’s actually NOT a preemie thing.  He is missing the part of his cerebellum that controls trunk stability and balance so it will be quite some time until he can walk on his own.  Therefore, a good solid carrier is very important to us, and thankfully, we can use the Kokopax up to 35lbs!

Spencer didn’t know what to think the first time I put him in the Kokopax, and I actually had a very hard time getting the harness buckled.  It buckles by his belly and it was somewhat of a struggle.  I mentioned this to another friend who has a Kokopax and she suggested I snap the harness from behind him while he’s in the carrier.  This worked much better and even Spencer didn’t mind it as much. 

He now loves the Kokopax and we’ve worn it shopping and even just walking around the neighborhood.  He finds great joy in reaching out and touching the trees and seeing things from adult level.  We wondered around with our dogs for quite some time the other day (on a lately rare sunny day in the NW) and he actually threw a fit when I tried to take him out of the Kokopax, which of course, is a great sign for the carrier!

So I recommend the investment of purchasing a Kokopax, you can use it for quite some time, especially with some of our preemies.  Spencer is almost 16 months and only weighs 21lbs!  Although some folks think it’s crazy for some of these little ones to not be even 20lbs by the time they turn one, it’s a far cry from the 1, 2, or 3lbs they started out as!!  I can’t wait until the summer to do some hiking and more outdoor time with my husband, son and our Kokopax!

From their website, the features include:

• positions baby at eye-level for 360 degree world view
• really easy to load (even for dads)
• made with durable, easy-to-clean fabric
• powder coated aluminum frame
• comfortable shoulder straps
• adjustable frame to fit individual user
• padded waist support
• handy storage pocket with Velcro closure
• kickstand for easy loading
• 5-pt. safety harness
• ties to secure pax protector™
• toy ring to attach koko™ or other toys
• weighs approximately 3 lbs.
• fits in airline overhead bins
• makes a great every day baby backpack that is great for indoors and outdoors!
• for use from 6 months to 2 years (or up to 35 pounds)
• patent pending
• certified by the JPMA to the ASTM F2549-09 Frame Child Carrier standard

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Disclosure: I was provided with a product sample to review. I did not receive monetary compensation for this post and the opinions here are my own.

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  • I am so intrigued by this carrier…it’s one of VERY few that I haven’t tried. If I don’t win the one from CityMommy, I’d love a playdate soon so we can chat and I can give this sucker a spin. Even my “termie” is 18# and turns one next week, so we’d get a lot of use out of this carrier, too.

    • Katy, we need a playdate regardless, so come over this week and try it out!! <3 Although you can't take it with you no matter how cute she is...still can't believe she'll be one next week. WOW!

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