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I remember being pregnant looking at all the wonderful items that I would be able to purchase for my son and thought that BabyLegs were beyond adorable, and that I’d definitely have to get some eventually!  What I didn’t realize is that I would actually receive my first pair of BabyLegs in a gift bag from our Family Support Group while in the NICU over Christmas.  My son was a month old and still not due for another 7 weeks.  They were a pair of Newborn “My First Christmas” BabyLegs and were to large to even fit Spencer at that time.  He did however, wear those one year later, after all, it was his First Christmas at home!!

Since leaving the NICU, I have become a self admitted BabyLegs junky!  I believe it began when I found BabyLegs on Facebook and became a fan.  They have random sales they only announce on Facebook and it’s like having your own link to secretly hoard more BabyLegs.   I love watching their page to see when the next sale will be, or if they are having a giveaway, it’s insane!

Not only are they great colors, fun patterns and some guaranteed to make people laugh, they are so much easier to use when your little one needs a quick diaper change and doesn’t require you to take down pants or deal with zippers or snaps!  They are also growing with us, and we can use them on my sons arms now as the chilly weather in Seattle has a way of getting to you!   And yes, I’ll even admit to a time when I had on short sleeves, was doing laundry and a little cold and used them on my own arms.  They truly are a great invention!  I have given them as gifts as well since I love them so much, my friends should share in the joy!  Plus what little girl, especially a preemie, doesn’t look adorable in white BabyLegs with purple skulls and crossbones with a pink skull cap???  I mean, preemies are definitely bad to the bone!

I was even more excited to find out they are a local company to me and when I was launching the It’s a Preemie Thing Blog on Valentine’s, decided to contact them and see if they would be kind enough to give away some BabyLegs to a lucky preemie family.  Not only did they immediately respond with yes, but they offered to send me some as well…let me think about it…wait….WOO HOO!  I think the only collection I hadn’t purchased something from was the Seaside Collection and I was more excited as I hadn’t tried BabyLegs socks as of yet and this collection had two pairs.

Being so close, they were quick to get them out to me and I was just as quick to get them in the washer, dried and on my son.  I am a convert on their socks now as well.  Many of our socks need to be small enough to fit his feet, yet not cut of the circulation to his legs.   The BabyLegs socks fit perfectly, did not dig in, and they have a great non-slip design on the bottom for helping little wobbly preemies!

If you’ve read other posts of mine, my son, at almost 16 months, is still unable to get into the sitting position on his own.  He can now pull himself up to standing and then go into the sitting position, but that’s it.  He also only Army crawls, so the BabyLegs are great for protecting his knees and elbows!  They are also great just for using to keep his pants down around his ankles, and his socks on his feet.

So if you haven’t figured it out as of yet, shake your whole body yes to purchasing some BabyLegs for your preemies, no matter how old they are!   And the wonderful folks at BabyLegs offered our readers 20% off your order from 23 March 2011 thru 8 April 2011 when you enter the code PREEMIE at checkout.  So what are you waiting for?   Get shopping for someBabyLegs!

I received the Seaside Collection from BabyLegs to write this review, no monetary compensation was given and the opinions above are regarding my own BabyLegs obsession.

Spencer after his last MRI...sporting his BabyLegs and a band-aid (SEP '10).

Spencer sporting his Seaside Collection BabyLegs socks (MAR '11)

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