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Nap Nanny


The Nap Nanny® is a portable recliner designed by a mother to increase comfort and improve infant sleep. The Nap Nanny® mimics the contours of a car seat, the comfort of a baby blanket and features maximum stability — allowing your infant to rest peacefully. The cover has a waterproof liner protecting the durable foam for greater longevity, while the safety harness keeps baby secure. Weighing only three pounds, the Nap Nanny® travels and stores easily.


The Nap Nanny® is ideal for:
• playtime & rest
• babies who don’t like to sleep flat
• reading books
• watching your favorite infant video
• feeding twins

With no top-end weight limit, the Nap Nanny® transitions into the perfect toddler chair!

TO ENTER:  First and foremost…YOU MUST BE A FAMILY WITH A PREEMIE…they don’t have to be newborn, but they had to be a preemie.

  1. Fan our FB page at It’s a Preemie Thing and let me know how you found us.
  2. Fan Nap Nanny FB Page, let them know we sent you and come back here and tell us a little about your preemie!
  3. **You can have one bonus entry if you either share on your webpage or Tweet about the giveaway!** Enter this as a second comment and tell us what you tweeted or link to your comment!

BTW…Nap Nanny per the FDA can not claim that they help in any way medically with an infant, so this is MY PERSONAL input…but someone else with a preemie said the Nap Nanny helped their preemie who had reflux, which is why I purchased it, and it did wonders for my son as well!  AGAIN, this is my input, not that of Nap Nanny or anyone affiliated with them. 😉

The image below is a personal pic…my son born at 2lbs 5oz and his girlfriend Natalie, born at 1lb even and only 11″ long.  This was on one of their playdates as they each chilled out in a Nap Nanny! <3

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  • Well I have 2 preemies but my 3 month old son is the one id love to have this for! He was born at 35 weeks 1 day, I had a pretty tough pregnancy both times but was watched super close with him. I had to be on blood thinners the entire pregnancy + 6 weeks PP, I ended up with a massive blood clot 3 weeks PP with my daughter(32 weeker). I started showing signs of pre eclampsia at around 26 weeks with my son, Ary was born so early because of pre eclampsia developing over night. Kayson thankfully held out 3 weeks longer with me tho! At 30 weeks I got admitted for pre term labor initially but when they did the 24 hour urine test my protein level was 600! I was given the 2 steroid shots just incase I had to deliver then, thankfully my blood pressure stayed normal. I was then watched even closer, I had to monitor my BP at home daily and make sure nothing added extra stress on me. I was seen at 35 weeks 1 day in my OB’s office, my BP had risen and wouldn’t go back down, I had the headaches and swelling so they decided it had turned into severe pre eclampsia and it was time. I was excited I made it 3 weeks longer! I was also ready to have him…he was kickin the crap out of me! Lol. So that night I was admitted for repeate csection, he was born at 953pm weighing 6lbs 11oz 20in long. Yep…HUGE baby! Lol. He did fine for the first couple minutes, then had trouble breathing. I wasn’t expecting that to happen since I did have steroid shots and he was 35 weeks, I knew there was a chance of it happening but I was hoping it wouldn’t! He was sent to the NICU where he was intubated and given serfactin(sp??) To help his lungs. His doctor came to see me in recovery, since I was on magnesium salfate I couldn’t get out of bed, and told me he was doing great. His O2 saturation went from 60% to 10% in minutes after getting the steroids. He was pretty much breathing on his own! He was weaned off of the ventilator and put on the nose prongs with moist air. I got to see him about 26 hours after he was born. He was the biggest baby in the NICU! Lol. I got released the next day and was upset he wasn’t coming home with me but I knew he needed to be 100% before he came home. I visited the next 2 days and much to my surprise 4 days after he was born I got the call! “Mrs. Wheeler this is so and so from University hospital, your son Kayson is being released today!” I was super excited! He’s done great since then minus some pretty bad reflux issues. He’s on medicine for the reflux but they don’t seem to be helping 🙁 poor little guy! He’s exclusively breastfed(woohoo!) And as of a week ago he weighed 12lbs 12oz and was 23in long. I’ve got two miracle babies and I’m so thankful that neither experienced anything other than small breathing problems at birth. Yes, even my 32 weeker was on room air within 24 hours of birth! I’m such a lucky mama and so proud of my preemies!!

  • I love these!! I have not been able to afford one though, but with my son this would have been so helpful!! Since we are expecting #2 I would love to have one for that baby. I’ve been a fan of your facebook page for a while now and am so excited about your new blog!! 🙂

  • I’m a fan of both pages and would love one of these for my little man who will be coming home today!!

  • I am a fan of both pages and would love to try this with my son, he has reflux pretty badly!

    Tweeted about the nap nanny giveaway http://twitter.com/#!/KimberlyRags

  • My son was born on January 12th at 30 weeks. He is now a month old and doing great! We’re hoping to bring him home this week!!

  • oh i would looooooooooooove to try this w/ my preemie! my little man was in our local NICU for 43 days. They only take 32 weekers and up. Average stay is about 2 weeks there!!!! I remember crying when my son was still there and yet another neighbor left. He was worth the wait. I can’t imagine loving a little boy more than I love my preemie!!!!!

  • I am a fan of both FB pages. I would love to have one for Jaylie as I have heard Julie speak so highly of them. Great job ladies.

  • I have 4 preemies all being born between 31 and 34 weeks my last being born 10 days ago.It all started on 1/28/11 at 33 weeks my water broke and after 8 days on hospital bedrest on 2/4/11 at 1:52pm April Lynn arrived screaming and 7 days later on 2/11/11 at 35 weeks she joined her 4 brothers and 1 sister at home. . I would love to win one of these as having 4 preemies and 3 on Neocate with severe acid reflux Im so sure this would come in handy!

  • I’m already a fan of Its a preemie thing (sent by another preemie family)!


    Would love to have TWO Nap Nanny chairs to use with our tiny twins!

  • OMG a nap nanny would REALLY help with our little AJ who has reflux. He’s only been home from the NICU for a couple of days. We can’t even change his diaper without him spitting up out his nose!

    Our sweet babies were born 6 weeks early… twin boys! They are new NICU grads!

  • Oh boy do i need one of these! I currently have my 7 month old back in his newborn cradle to elevate him, his reflux just got much worse :(. I’m a fan of your FB page, I originally found you through Twitter. I have two preemie boys, my oldest is James born at 30ish weeks due to severe pre eclampsia who is now 11 and a half, he’s had more than his share of preemie complications that linger to this day. My youngest is Will who is 7 months and was born at 33 weeks due to a complete placental abruption and severe pre eclampsia.

  • I am of course already a fan of both! As everybody else this is something I can’t afford right now! My preemie, born at 29 weeks weighing 2lbs, spent 4month and 4 days in the NICU! Over the Christmas holiday she was admitted to the PICU for RSV 🙁 and while we were there they ran a nuclear medicine test, and found out she has bad reflux! (I always thought her fussiness was teething?) She also has a g-tube and simply can’t eat from the bottle still to this day! The Nap Nanny would relieve so much of my worries, because I haven’t anything out there that seems as safe as this product. Thanks for listening 🙂 Also I’ve tweeted, and my tweet name is @sweetness555

  • I don’t know if I’m too late for this or not, but I’ll try anyway.

    This would be perfect for my 23 weeker (who is now 7 months old). He has a paralyzed vocal chord and is at risk for aspirating, so he must be elevated during his feeds (by g-tube).

  • We would Love a Nap Nanny – Just liked the page on Facebook!!

    (I posted this same story on other give away pages, sorry if it’s a duplicate reading to some!)
    Hi – I have been a fan of your facebook page for almost 3 months now. I do quite a bit of browsing but very little posting. It has been hard for me to talk about my “preemie” experience with others, as it was very traumatic and I am still trying to make sense of things. What I do know and what I can say is that I have been blessed with a miracle. My precious Zoe Love was born 11.20.10, at 28 weeks and 5 days weighing 2 pounds, 11 ounces. She spent her first week on the vent and oscillator. We were in the NICU a total of 65 long, grueling and heart wrenching days. We’ve seen it all and had all of the scares including a suspected Grade III IVH and a moderate PDA with questionable murmur. But through the power of what we believe is love and prayer all of the initial concerns have miraculously resolved themselves. Our “preemie-donna” is now a healthy 5 pounds, 4 ounces and 8 days old adjusted! The only major continuing concern we have is her reflux. We stayed an extra 10 days in the NICU because of her slow eating habits. She still has trouble with her suck, swallow, breath reflex and is still spitting up at almost every feeding. We have thickened her breast milk with so much rice cereal that her pediatrician and I joke that we are going to be spoon feeding her soon! I would love an opportunity to participate in all of your giveaways and have entered as many as possible.
    I know I have not done my Love’s preemie story justice in this short synopsis. It’s hard for me to think back on my days on bed rest in the hospital and her labor and delivery without my eyes and heart swelling in sadness. One day I hope that I am as strong as she is and will be able to share her story with the world.

  • I am a proud Mom of a preemie named Samantha, She was born at 30 weeks, 3.1 lbs and now is 5 months old but still on a apnea/heart monitor, reflux issues and special shoes she has to sleep in for a ankle issue. She is getting stronger and bigger every day. She was my little miracle she stayed in NICU 6 weeks and I was in the hospital… 2 weeks after 1 1/2 months of bed rest. I am a single Mom and I thank you for supporting parents with Preemie’s most poeple do not understand the cost the comes with our little miracle’s.

  • Fan of both pages 🙂
    This would be awesome for my daughter (26 weeker…now 5 months)…she HATES sleeping flat…we have blankets under her bassinet mattress so it’s on an incline lol. Thanks for the chance!

  • Shared your blog and giveaways on my facebook! I have lots of preemie mom’s who I hope will participate and win some stuff for their little guys! 🙂

    ‘Preemie parents…check out this blog 🙂 She’s having some awesome giveaways just for parents of preemies! 🙂
    It’s a preemie thing blog

  • I’m already a fan of both you and Nap Nanny on facebook. I have a 30 weeker who is almost two and we’re expecting another (hopefully not a preemie!) My son still has severe reflux and chances are good that this baby will have reflux issues as well since it runs in our family. I wish I had known about the Nap Nanny when my son was smaller!

  • I love these and would love to have one! They look so cozy for our little munchkins! My daughter is a 24 weeker, 36 days into her NICU stay…hoping she wil be home, healthy and healthy, aroudn her due date – May 3rd!

  • I have twin preemies born at 29w6d. They are currently 8 weeks old and doing very well. One of our girls has a spit up problem when she lies on her back, so we have to elevate her mattress. This looks like it would be very handy!

  • I liked both pages!
    My almost 5month old was born almost 2months early, and is just the most amazing baby in my world, she is 110% perfect, she has grown so much, I enjoy waking up each and every day to and watching her learn new stuff each day, my life is a blessing each and every day to have this amazing little person in my life, I love you zozo.

  • I liked nap nanny’s page

    I liked its a preemie thing, found it when we had out preemie and needed some support and info,

    My daughter was 5lbs when she left the hospital she was so small I was so worried about everything, she is daddys girl and always will be.

  • My daughter was born at 26 weeks. She is now 5 months, 2 months adjusted. I really would love to try the nap nanny,to see if it helps her reflux.

  • 1.Fanned you a couple weeks ago- learned about you from a preemie mom friend of mine through her facebook page.
    2.My son was born at 26 weeks 6 days at 1lb 15 oz. He spent 76 days in the nicu, came home on oxygen and is still on reflux precautions. This would be amazing for us to have another place for him to take a nap and still be a part of the family.

  • I am a fan of both pages… Austin is in the phase where he doesn’t like to be put down, but if I could keep him right new to me in a nap nanny while I work on the couch, that would make it easier to tend to him and get work done. Hope I win one. 🙂

  • Tweeted about giveaway!

  • Just announced It’s a Preemie Thing’s nap nanny give away on my FB page for a second chance!!

  • I posted this on my facebook page…

    ‎It’s a Preemie Thing is celebrating the launch of their blog by giving away some really cool prizes to parents of preemies. Check it out!

    Featured « It’s a preemie thing blog

  • If these things actually work then it would be much appreciated! Our little gift, Zane Coby, came a little over 10 weeks early (29 weeks 6 days) at 3lb 12oz, which I was told is ‘big’ for his gestation. He didnt look too big to me considering both of his big sisters were each nearly 8 1/2 lbs at birth! He stayed in the NICU for 53 nights andd we were almost an hour away. So I went up once a day for about one to two hours then when my husband got home we would go up and spend about an hour, taking turns watching the big sisters while the other spouse went in for a visit. I think that little Zane has been making up for his time not being held in the NICU because he WILL NOT let me put him down! There is no such thing as a ‘nap’ unless it is falling asleep while nursing! He also sleeps on my chest at night ( i know its not the best scenario but we have tried swings, carseat, bassinet, crib, bouncy chairs, etc and he just screams). Plus he is on Zantec for his reflux so I’m hoping it will help there too! I posted on Nap Nannys FB page and put my intro on your FB page. I dont twitter though, already have enough social media to keep up with!

  • Would love the nap nanny for both of my twin boys born at 34 weeks. They both have reflux and this would be great for them. Michael and William were born December 2, 2010 and spent three weeks in the NICU. They got to come home for Christmas on December 24th. They were struggling with breathing at first, Micheal had fluid in his lungs and they both were on antibiotics in cause it was an infection. It turned out not to be and after day two of oxygen in his little nose, Micheal decided to pull the tube off himself and prove to the NICU staff he did not need it any longer. He was right. They both ended up pulling out their feeding tube on their own too when they did not need it. They also had ABC’s to get over before they were allowed to come home. They were known by the NICU staff as the big boy preemies because they were 5 lbs, 11 oz and 5 lbs, 9 oz at birth. The nurses kept telling me “do not let their size fool you, they still have preemie brains.” They were right. The boys are 12 lbs each now and doing really well, the only problem they are having is reflux.

  • My Lily was born on 11-27-10 at 30 weeks 6 days. She weighed 2 pounds 13 oz and was 15 1/4 inches long. She didn’t have any major issues, she was on room air for 2 days and hav an umbilical iv for 3 days. She stayed in the NICU for 1 month, She got to come home 2 days after Christmas!! Life at hoome has been an adjustment for her 19 month old brother but otherwise amazing! Hospital life is starting to become a fuzzy memory 🙂 We are making a donation of her preemie and newborn to the NICU when we go for her NICU Grad apt. in June. She even has IAPT nicu grad onesie to wear then.

  • My sweet little Lea was born 1 pound, 14 ounces, and has been in the NICU since Jan 4, 2011! We expect her to be coming home soon, and this sleeper would be GREAT to have!

    I am a fan of both Its a Preemie Thing and Nap Nanny on facebook, so I hope that makes me eligible to win!

    Thanks for creating all the amazing giveaways! Its things like this that make a preemie’s stay in the NICU a little more bearable!

  • My 23 weeker, 1 lbs 9 oz, just came home after 4 months in the NICU. He had alot of reflex issues, he was on Reglan, Previcid, and actigal. Just to name a few. He only came home on Actigal for his colistasis, but i would love a nap nappy! We are fans. He is 7 lbs 11oz now. Thank you.

  • Our road to having a family was not easy. My husband and I lost our first baby, which was a girl to a placental abruption when I was 31 weeks pregnant. We waited one year to heal and then came our miracle. I delivered a preemie boy, Drew, on August 10, 2010. I had an emergency c-section due to severe preeclampsia and HELLP syndrome. At birth Drew weighed 2 pounds 14 ounces and was 15.5 inches long. After Drew was delivered, he was taken right away to the NICU and I never got a chance to spend time with him. As days past, my conditioned worsened and I was moved to ICU and was unable to visit Drew. I count my blessings everyday to be alive and being able to love my son.Three days later, I finally was able to visit the NICU and hold him for a few minutes. Drew continued to prove everyone wrong and do well. He has been home for four month now and continues to amaze us with his progress. We feel so blessed to be a family.

  • I gave birth to our little miracle, Jack–meaning God is gracious, in June of 2010. Born at 28 weeks, Jack weighed just 2 pounds and 11 ounces. While it was tough in the beginning, our little miracle has thrived against all odds. What was considered our burden has turned out to be our greatest blessing. We wouldn’t change our experience–or the ANAZING friends we met along the way for anything. In fact, we found this site through a friend we met in the NICU. We could really use this nap nanny because we just discovered Jack will be welcoming a baby brother or sister in 7 months!

  • I have two preemie daughters that are 14 months apart. My older daughter is 21 months and was born at 34 weeks 4 days and weighed 4 lbs and was 16 1/4 inches long. My younger daughter is now 7 months old and was born at 35 wks 2 days and weighing in at 4 lbs 6 oz, 16 inches long. They both are little chunky monkey’s now and people hardly believe that either of them were preemies!

  • Found you when searching for preemie items for my preemie twins!
    jenni_aja at hotmail dot com

  • Posted on Nap Nanny’s wall.
    My preemie are B/G twins. They were born at 28 weeks after more than a month of hospital bedrest b/c of my water breaking. They are home after 3 months of the NICU. I am SO glad to have them out of that bittersweet place!
    jenni_aja at hotmail dot com

  • OMG, my 25 weeker has the worse reflux. In fact, her reflux is one of the things keeping us from going home because she brady’s when it’s a bad one. I would love the opportunity to have the Nap Nappy when she comes home.

  • My son has suffered with severe reflux since he came home from the NICU. Switching to Alimenutm has helped, but I can still see him struggling with it.

  • I liked them and i loveee what you do! (lol) My water broke 15 weeks early in October and I had my twin boys at 25 weeks 2 days. Tanner was natural at 4:42 am at 1 lb 11 oz, and Christian was a c-section at 10:37 pm at 1 lb 13 oz. After 17 days, we lost Christian to kidney failure. It was by far the WORST day of my life. Tanner has had four surgeries (pda before he was even 3 pounds, two laser eye surgeries, and surgery to repair two massive hernias in his groin), and we’re currently on day 123 in the NICU. He’s been on every ventilator they have, and they’re currently talking about having a trach and feeding tube put in before he’s home (but there’s pretty much no freakin way I’m letting that happen). We still have NO idea when he’s going to be home… I’m hoping within a month but I thought that two months ago.
    Thank you for everything you do!

  • Fan of both pages. I would love to try this on my preemie. She was born at 32 wks and is having a hard time sleeping flat-she’s used to sleeping on us. This would give us a nice break! 🙂

  • Ella was born September 11, 2010 at 32 weeks. She was 3lbs 3 ozs and spent 30 days in NICU. She is now 5 1/2 months and 13+ lbs! She absolutely loves her bouncy seat and being able to sit up to see her videos on TV and this would be a great help so she can sit and watch her shows and I can try to get caught up on houseowrk!

  • I was already a fan – and found you just by searching “preemie” on FB. I would love to win the nap nanny! My water broke at just 23 weeks and I’ve been in the hospital since….53 days and counting! My baby will be delivered at 34 weeks (if I can make it that long). It’s been a long road – but I’m just thankful that I’ve been able to remain pregnant for this long. Thanks!

  • I have three preemies. One in the hospital still. They were 33, 31 and the newest was 33 and 6. He was going to get out of the hospital almost a week ago at 36 and 2 days but instead will be there a while as he has RSV. 🙁 He is doing very well though. He has reflux and now the RSV but otherwise he has done very well.
    I love this product! It looks wonderful! I am a fan of both pages!

  • This giveaway is now closed. Thank you to all who entered and especially to NapNanny who I couldn’t have lived without when we brought our preemie home from the hospital!!

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