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Welcome to It’s a Preemie Thing Blog!  My son was born at 29 weeks 0 days and spent 64 days in the NICU, for some that seems like a long time, for others I’ve met, that was but a small part of their months in the NICU.  What I have realized is that no matter how long you’ve been in the NICU, there is now a bond amongst preemie parents that so many others don’t understand.  It’s easy to chat with others who understand where you’re coming from and what you’re going through.

I started It’s a Preemie Thing in order to have some clothing that would fit micro-preemies and some fun onesies with cute sayings for when they came home.  That being said, it’s turned into so much more!  It has become a forum for preemie parents to gather on our Facebook page to ask questions and talk about what we’re going through.  I decided that I would like a place dedicated to the many topics we discuss, so we can dive even further into these topics, and have some guest writers that can share their experiences.  I would also like to do product reviews for preemie parents so we know what works, or doesn’t for some of us! 

Please let me know if there is a topic you’d like to discuss, and I hope you enjoy the site!

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  • Great job Julie! Your blog looks awesome. : )

  • A topic I’d like to see discussed: I’m curious….is there a correlation between infertility and premature birth? I seem to run into a lot preemie moms who also had infertility issues. Hmm…

  • Interesting question Heather. DH and I did struggle with infertility for years and had two m/c (one the month before I became pregnant with my daughter who was born at 26 weeks, 6 days).

  • Being a preemie mom of an IVF baby, you got it Heather! 😉

  • I have a question regarding formula. I am currently pumping (he is 8 months birth age, born at 29 wks, 2 days) but am starting to dry out. I know that we will have to start formula in a month or so. When we brought Austin home we supplimented with Neosure, but only had to do that for so long. I know I need to ask our pediatrician, but I am assuming we will need to go back to the neosure when we run out of breast milk. The neosure website says to use for a year, but I am curious as to what everyone else is doing that has to use formula for their preemie.

    Thank you for starting this blog for other preemie parents. No one knows what it is like to go through what we have been through unless they have been there. Thank you!!!


  • Stef, I actually didn’t go back to Neosure, I went to Similac Advanced. I would definitely ask your Ped first! 😉 Also, if you still want to pump (but you’ve already done a GREAT job) if you had great supply before, you can try Domperidone, it worked magic for me!! If you didn’t have great supply, it won’t really help. I pumped for 9 months as my son wouldn’t breastfeed, and Domperidone kept me going at the end. I SWORE I would make it 6 months and then stop, but dang the guilt. 😉 Great job pumping for 8 months momma!! 😉

    • Julie,
      Thanks! I spoke to the ped. yesterday and they suggested that I don’t use the neosure anymore when we run out of milk because they didn’t think he needed the extra calories anymore (gaining the weight the way he is supposed to). So we are going to try similac and see how he does. As much as I want him to get my milk for a year, I feel very blessed that he has gotten any at all. My doctor and ped were very suprised that I produced any at all just because of the stress we went through. I think and hope we have another month, but I think that I am ready to stop when I stop producing. Austin won’t breast feed either, so I know you know what it is like to have to pump, feed and sterilize. ALOT of work. Thanks for responding. Glad to hear that you were able to use regular similac after breast feeding, makes me feel better about having to use formula in the future.

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