Halo Sleepsacks – Preemie Giveaway! **CLOSED**

Halo Sleepsacks have given us FOUR prizes to giveaway…one Blue Dog take me home gift set for a preemie sized little boy, a Pink Cupcakes take me home gift set for a little girl, one blue preemie sized swaddle SleepSack and one pink preemie sized swaddle SleepSack. We still use Halo SleepSacks, and LOVE their products! 


1.  Preemie (birth to 5lbs) Boy Take-Me-Home Gift Set – 1 Halo Swaddle SleepSack; 1 Bodysuit and hat; 1 coverall (swaddle is white/blue polka dots, bodysuit, hat and coverall are pale blue with dogs, pawprints and bones)  SO CUTE!!

2. Preemie (birth to 5lbs) Girl Take-Me-Home Gift Set – 1 Halo Swaddle SleepSack; 1 Bodysuit and hat; 1 coverall (swaddle is white/pink polka dots, bodysuit, hat and coverall are pale pink with cupcakes) BEYOND PRECIOUS!

3.  Preemie (birth to 5lbs) Blue Swaddle 2-n-1

4.  Preemie (birth to 5lbs) Pink Swaddle 2-n-1

TO ENTER:  First and foremost…YOU MUST BE A FAMILY WITH A PREEMIE…they don’t have to be newborn, but they had to be a preemie.

  1. Fan our FB page at It’s a Preemie Thing and let me know how you found us.
  2. Fan Halo Sleepsacks FB Page and tell us a little about your preemie and which of the 4 prizes you’d like to win!
  3. **You can have one bonus entry if you either share on your webpage or Tweet about the giveaway!** Enter this as a second comment and tell us what you tweeted or link to your comment!

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  • I was a fan before the contest of its a premie. We received a Halo sack as a baby gift, our Premie is just 7lbs now and not yet able to wear it. I would love to win any of these and donate them to the NICU where he was born for another family to use. Every day the nurses had him in new clothes thanks to donations. A volunteer would come by and wash the baby clothes seperately from the hospital laundry.

  • I became a fan last week when I learned about your site from another preemie mom’s facebook page. My son was born at 27 weeks at 1 lb 15 oz. He spent 76 days in the nicu and is now 6 months old and weighs 12 lb 7 oz!! I would love to win any of these to donate to the nicu that took such great care of us and my son through our nicu journey.

  • I found you by searching other preemie sites.My preemie Landon was born at 25 weeks 4 days on Dec. 16. He now weighs 3lbs 11 oz. I am interested in winning the blue swaddle or the boy take me home gift set.

  • I’ve been a fan for a while. I found your site when I was looking for info on preemies!!

  • I found “It’s a Preemie Thing” by chance! I’m interested in BellaBoo Photography in Wyoming! My little lady was born at 34wk3d because she stopped moving and only took one breath (a single gasp is what they told me when I got to see her) and had to be intubated. She had her cord all tangled up in her lower body (her cord was 6-8′ longer then it was supposed to be. She was 3lb. 13.5oz. and I got to see her for all of 2 minutes before she was life-flighted to a larger hospital 2.5 hours away. Not only did my daughter leave me, my husband did too. But, thank goodness for fabulous friends when all your family is 1400 miles across the country! After 28 days in the NICU, she got to come home, 12 days before her due date and just in time for Thanksgiving! She’s been such a blessing; I can’t imagine my life with out her!

    I’d like the number 2 prize. I want to donate to the hospital that my little lady stayed at! They are ALWAYS looking for preemie things!

  • I have 4 preemies all being born between 31 and 34 weeks my last being born 10 days ago.It all started on 1/28/11 at 33 weeks my water broke and after 8 days on hospital bedrest on 2/4/11 at 1:52pm April Lynn arrived screaming and 7 days later on 2/11/11 at 35 weeks she joined her 4 brothers and 1 sister at home. . I would love to win the Preemie (birth to 5lbs) Pink Swaddle 2-n-1 as I have one in a size small and she just swims in it and they are a wonderful product.

  • Already a fan of It’s A Preemie Thing on FB


  • New Fan of Halo Sleep Sacks on FB!


  • Our preemies were 6 weeks early… twin boys! We just got them both home from the NICU. They now weigh 6lbs 1oz and 5lbs 8oz. We’d love to try the newborn sleep sacks!

  • My preemie is almost two but we’re expecting another boy soon. I’d like #3 and if he’s born full term (let’s hope!) I’ll donate to a local preemie family 🙂

  • My baby girl was born at 24 weeks…and i heard about this site from babycenter.com on the preemie parenting boards. Miranda is the sweetest little girl i could imagine…she is a fighter,,,5 weeks old today and has stolen the hearts of so many already! (dad and I on the top of that list) I would love to win one of the adorable ‘pink’ prizes!

  • I liked both pages! I love all the roses all there stuff is so pretty! I want to win even if I don’t I know I will be back to her page!

    My almost 5month old was born almost 2months early, and is just the most amazing baby in my world, she is 110% perfect, she has grown so much, I enjoy waking up each and every day to and watching her learn new stuff each day, my life is a blessing each and every day to have this amazing little person in my life, I love you zozo.

  • faned both and would love to take them to the nicu my daughter spent 136 long stressful days.

  • I found you by searching other preemie sites. My preemie McKenzie was born at 25 weeks 6 days on Nov. 15. She now weighs 3lbs 3.5 oz. We are hoping to go home soon. She has excelled in every area except gaining weight and is finally on a roll there so althought I’ll likely take home an under 4 pounder, she’s a superstar and the NICU favorite because she’s such a big girl but she’s just tiny (38 weeks in the body of a 30 weeker). I am interested in winning the pink swaddle or the girl take me home gift set. You can read all about her on http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/mckenziehawkins

  • I love your new blog! Congrats 🙂 I just became a fan of Halo on FB. I already have a swaddleme but it will be WAY too big for our little 28 weeker! Kelsie is still in the nursery but would love to win the pink take me home gift pack to bring her home and keep her cozy!

  • I just found this website yesterday! I am so excited 🙂 My lil preemie was born at 32.6 days on November 12, 2010 ! He was able to come just in time for Christmas! He had no major issues other than this past week. He’s really badly congested and was given a puffer and mask to wear to help him break up the mucous. Hopefully, soon he will be back to his happy self! My lil guy is a smaller preemie. I would like to win #3. Preemie (birth to 5lbs) Blue Swaddle 2-n-1

  • @beansprts tweeted @apreemiething http://bit.ly/hBsPrZ

  • My wife (Jelena) has been telling me to check out the site so here I am. Our little guy was born 6 weeks early but he’s fattening up nicely and doing pretty well. I’d also like to donate any of the sleepsacks to the NICU if I win. Like you and Halo Sleepsacks on Facebook!

  • Also went ahead and tweeted about the giveaway 🙂


  • Hmm I’m not sure if I entered these contests correctly! I’m a fan of both pages and would love to win one of the boy gift sets! The preemie sleep sacks still fit very well!

  • I was already a fan of It’s a Preemie Thing. I am now a fan of Halo Sleepsacks.
    I have a 34 weeker who is now 37 weeks and was supposed to go home a week ago but ended up getting RSV. I also have three other children born at 37, 33 and 31 weeks.
    I would be interested in either the boy sleepsack or take home set. If I won and they didn’t fit my little guy, I have met and become friends with a mom who had her baby at 27 weeks and he was 1 lbs 4 oz. He’s 2 lbs today now 31 weeks. Just tiny. I would give it to her most likely since my little guy is probably too big (good thing, right?) now!

  • I was also a fan before this contest. I would love to win the boy take-me-home gift set! My water broke at just 23 weeks and I’ve been in the hospital since….53 days and counting! My baby will be delivered at 34 weeks (if I can make it that long). It’s been a long road – but I’m just thankful that I’ve been able to remain pregnant for this long. Thanks!

  • Hi I just had twin boys on 2/17/11 after my water broke unexpectedly. They were born at 29 weeks 1 day luckily I was able to get all steroid shots before they were born. I found this website mentioned in the NICU waiting room. Kyle had the cord around him twice and weighed 2lbs 10oz at birth. Trevor weighed 3 lbs at birth. They have their good days and their bad days as any preemie does. We got newborn halo sleepsack/swaddle me as a gift when the boys were born and would love to win the boy take me home set. Thanks!

  • Thank you to all who entered and to Halo for the fantastic products!! This giveaway is now closed!

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