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Congrats to all of the winners!!  Please email me at sales@itsapreemiething.com with your Full name, shipping address, phone number, credit card…oh, wait…nope, scratch the credit card…but if you want to use it, I have  a great website located at http://www.itsapreemithing.com/store, but in the meantime, this stuff is yours for FREE! 😉  I will connect you with the manufacturer if they are shipping it to you, and I’ll be shipping some of the items.

Thank you all for participating and to all the WONDERFUL companies who donated merchandise to our preemie family only giveaway!!   Be sure and remember them when searching for items for your preemies since they cared enough to donate to us!! 

Don’t forget to stay tuned to our blog for the articles and stories, I do have some guest writers lined up so you don’t get tired of me!!

HALO Giveaway Winners!!!http://www.facebook.com/HaloSleepSack

Tricia:  I love your new blog! Congrats I just became a fan of Halo on FB. I already have a swaddleme but it will be WAY too big for our little 28 weeker! Kelsie is still in the nursery but would love to win the pink take me home gift pack to bring her home and keep her cozy! (Won Pink Take me Home)

Sarah:  I found you by searching other preemie sites.My preemie Landon was born at 25 weeks 4 days on Dec. 16. He now weighs 3lbs 11 oz. I am interested in winning the blue swaddle or the boy take me home gift set.   Well you won it!! 😉 

Kelly Hein:  I have 4 preemies all being born between 31 and 34 weeks my last being born 10 days ago.It all started on 1/28/11 at 33 weeks my water broke and after 8 days on hospital bedrest on 2/4/11 at 1:52pm April Lynn arrived screaming and 7 days later on 2/11/11 at 35 weeks she joined her 4 brothers and 1 sister at home. . I would love to win the Preemie (birth to 5lbs) Pink Swaddle 2-n-1 as I have one in a size small and she just swims in it and they are a wonderful product.  (won Pink Swaddle 2-n-1)

Sarah:  I just found this website yesterday! I am so excited My lil preemie was born at 32.6 days on November 12, 2010 ! He was able to come just in time for Christmas! He had no major issues other than this past week. He’s really badly congested and was given a puffer and mask to wear to help him break up the mucous. Hopefully, soon he will be back to his happy self! My lil guy is a smaller preemie. I would like to win #3. Preemie (birth to 5lbs) Blue Swaddle 2-n-1 .  You got it!!

LillyBelle’s Closet – http://www.facebook.com/lillybellescloset

Amy:  Our baby girl was born at 28 weeks and 1 day. She was 2 pounds 5 ounces and 14 3/4″ long. She is now 7 months (4 months adjusted) and 14 pounds and 25 inches. Her lowest weight was 1 pound 14 ounces. She is a happy little baby and all smiles and laughs these days! She is Our little miracle baby!

It’s a Preemie Thing $50 Gift Certificate  – http://www.itsapreemiething.com/store

Krystal:  I’ve been a fan of your FB since you started talking about it on babycenter  I have a 29weeker, he spent 141 days in the NICU, who is almost 1, and on O2 and with a gtube. I’d love the “O2. . .not just for old people!” and “No really. . .I’m one!” 

BabyLegs Grab Bag – http://www.facebook.com/babylegs

Sarah:  I was already a fan – and found you just by searching “preemie” on FB. I would love to win the boy baby legs!  My water broke at just 23 weeks and I’ve been in the hospital since….53 days and counting! My baby will be delivered at 34 weeks (if I can make it that long). It’s been a long road – but I’m just thankful that I’ve been able to remain pregnant for this long. Thanks!

Wrapsody- The Wrap Around Carrier – http://www.facebook.com/wrapsody

Trish Black:  I am a proud Mom of a preemie named Samantha, She was born at 30 weeks, 3.1 lbs and now is 5 months old but still on a apnea/heart monitor, reflux issues, getting stronger and bigger every day.  She was in the hospital for 6 weeks and I was in the hospital for 2 weeks.

Simply Silhouttes – http://www.facebook.com/SimplySilhouettes

Becky LaSalle:  Posted on Simply Silhouette!  Our sweet twin boys were born 6 weeks early! They just came home from the NICU and are doing well! I would LOVE to have a silhouette of their twin ultrasound picture!

Nap Nanny –http://www.facebook.com/pages/Nap-Nanny/84092968947

Morgan Porada:  I liked them and i loveee what you do! (lol) My water broke 15 weeks early in October and I had my twin boys at 25 weeks 2 days. Tanner was natural at 4:42 am at 1 lb 11 oz, and Christian was a c-section at 10:37 pm at 1 lb 13 oz. After 17 days, we lost Christian to kidney failure. It was by far the WORST day of my life. Tanner has had four surgeries (pda before he was even 3 pounds, two laser eye surgeries, and surgery to repair two massive hernias in his groin), and we’re currently on day 123 in the NICU. He’s been on every ventilator they have, and they’re currently talking about having a trach and feeding tube put in before he’s home (but there’s pretty much no freakin way I’m letting that happen). We still have NO idea when he’s going to be home… I’m hoping within a month but I thought that two months ago.

All the Roses $50 Gift Certificate – http://www.facebook.com/AllTheRosesShop

Jenni Jeske: Fanned her page and commented. My B/G twins are preemies born at 28 weeks. They spent 3 months in the NICU and I am so blessed to have them home. They are doing so well!

EllieAdorn $25 Gift Certificate – http://www.facebook.com/EllieAdorn

Alzbeta Volk:  … you’re probably getting sick of hearing about my preemie on each entry… but at 9 1/2 months (came at 32 weeks), Anni loves to tug, pull and chew as she falls asleep… so I would love to buy a necklace from EllieAdorn :).  

ChicBébé Boy/Girl Hat Giveaway – http://www.facebook.com/pages/ChicB%C3%A9b%C3%A9/146984665315790

Boy Hat:  Kristin Glab: So cute! I usually like to show off Peter’s hair when I photograph him, but these hats are definitely photo-worthy!  Peter is a former 27-weeker. Now 7 months old, he recently learned to roll over and grab toys. He’s very sociable and smiley. Getting him to stay still for photos is more difficult than coaxing a smile out of him. 

Girl Hat:  Andrea Silva: I am a fan of both sites.  My water broke at 18 weeks and my miracle girl came 5.5 weeks later at 23 weeks and 5 days.  My Eliahna (which means God has answered) weighed 1 pound 3.7 ounces.  We spent 117 days in the NICU and then another 15 days in CHOP in Philadelphia.  She had PDA surgery when she was under 3 pounds (and even before I held her) and had laser eye surgery while still in the NICU.  It was a full month before I was able to hold my miracle girl.  She came home on oxygen but is almost completely weaned off.  She also had to have a g-tube put in due to major reflux issue.

Busy Breather Backpack – http://www.facebook.com/pages/Busy-Breathers-LLC/140758730374

 Cat Mayhew:   I wanted to also tell you alittle bit about Parker. Parker has officially spent more time OUT of the hospital than in! He was born, not the smallest, at 34 weeks and while it looked like we were smoothe sailing out of the NICU, his father flipped and was stripped of his parental rights when P was 4 weeks old. Learning what it’s like to be a mom and a single mom to boot was not easy, especially when he was about 6 months old and started in on severe lung issues. Fast forward to a year ago when P had his first set of brochoscopies where we finally found a diagnosis. Parker has Primary Ciliary Dyskenesia which is a cousin to CF. Parker now breathes with the assistance of oxygen, a percussion vest, low dose steroid and is monitored via pulse ox. This year, since November, his lungs have collapsed 3 times and had 5 rounds of pneumonia. It’s a rough life dealing with a preemie alone, but to add a chronic lung disease on top of it makes it impossible to do anything! It’s one thing to have an infant on O2, but to have a toddler who needs o2 and his sats watched while out and about makes it hard. I wish this bag came with a pocket for a pulse ox that would fit him and have the o2 bag for me to wear while wearing him in my ergo. Every time I turn around it seems as though someone else is coming out with something awesome to make our lives easier.

REDD TREE Bracelet Giveaway (x2) http://www.etsy.com/shop/reddtree

Gratitude Bracelet:   Ashley –  I would have to say the gratitude is my absolute favorite. But they are all beautiful! My identical twin preemie girls are almost 1 and growing like weeds!

Watercolor Bracelet:  Ashley T – I really like the Pink Dandelion! I have b/g twins who our 29 weekers! They spent 11 weeks in the NICU. Now they are 5 months old!

Daphne Infant Bath – http://www.facebook.com/JUVSOL

Randi: My Abigail was born at 26 weeks on 9/27/10. She over came a lot of obstacles, at one point she stopped responding to treatments and we were told she may not make it. We were told the only thing left to do was to pray and wait for Abby’s decision. Thankfully, Abby decided to stay with us. She weighed 1lb 12ozs at birth, but was also born with a huge personality, which is why the nurses say she survived. She was nicknamed “crabby Abby” in the Nicu, and gave our neo such grief with her stubbornness, that he jokingly told us on our nicu graduation day that he never wanted to see her again 🙂

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