EllieAdorn – Momma Necklace $25 gift certificate **CLOSED**

If you haven’t seen the fantastic jewelry we sell from EllieAdorn on It’s a Preemie Thing, you’re missing out!!  These necklaces are fantastic for mom’s with a Baby(ies) that are easily distracted while breast feeding, or for those like my son who just ALWAYS wants to chew on something while teething!   You can use her gift certificate at her Etsy site, http://www.etsy.com/shop/ellieadorn.

Another great thing this momma has recently done is started her own blog about Postpartum Depression, Infertility, and many other topics that other mothers share their stories about!! <3

TO ENTER:  First and foremost…YOU MUST BE A FAMILY WITH A PREEMIE…they don’t have to be newborn, but they had to be a preemie.

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  2. FanEllieAdorns FB Page, tell them we sent you and then tell us a little about your preemie!
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  • Posted to EllieAdorn= Sent from It’s a Preemie Thing. You have such a fantastic idea, since my daughter is CONSTANTLY pulling on my neclace, and tries to chew on it!
    My daughter Isabella was born @ 33 weeks @ 3lbs 4oz. She spent 3 weeks in the NICU, and is now 9mths old, and weiging in at 15lbs 4oz!

  • I’ve been a fan of your page and EllieAdorns for a while. In fact I think you originally sent me her way. You have talked so much about these necklaces and I can’t believe I still haven’t gotten one. Money is tight, so this would be an awesome win! My little guy is currently 13 months born at 27 weeks (2lbs. 13oz) just 2 days before Christmas. I was discharged Christmas day and had to leave my little guy behind not knowing what the future held for us. That was by far the worst Christmas ever! Thankfully, this year was by far our best Christmas ever!! Getting to have our preemie with us for the first time was so wonderful!! He is around 20 lbs now and doing fabulously, we are so blessed!!

  • Hee hee! I’ve “liked” both IAPT and EllieAdorn for quite some time now. I already have one of Cristi’s necklaces, but I was just thinking last night that I’d like to have another! At 7 months old / 4 months adjusted, Peter is starting to grab toys and grow teeth, so he appreciates teething necklaces. And I like it when he has something to pull on other than my hair!

  • Already a fan of both pages!! Love them both!!

    Tweeted it http://twitter.com/#!/KimberlyRags

  • My son was born on January 12th at 30 weeks. My water ruptured and I was admitted to the l&d. After 2 days, his HR started to drop so the doc decided to do an emergency c-section. He was born weighing 3lbs 8ozs. He scored a 9/9 on his APGAR and has done great since! We are hoping to bring him home this week!

  • was already a fan of both pages, lol. My little man not only was in a rush to be born, but he also got two teeth!!!!! My daughter was 9 months when she got her first tooth. Karson was 4.5 months (3.5 months adjusted!!!!)

  • I’m a fan of both pages. 🙂 My preemie chews on EVERYTHING (but food lol, hates food, hence the gtube) and I have to have a necklace that can stand up to his drool! He’s a 29weeker, spent 141 days in the NICU, and came home on high flow O2, and a gtube. Turns 1 next month! (can’t believe it!!)

  • I am a fan of both pages. I have a 27 weeker who is now 6 months old. He spent 53 days in the NICU. For being so early he did amazing. He is our miracle! I spent 6 weeks on hospital bedrest prior to delivering him with an emergency c-section. We are grateful to the doctors who kept me pregnant to give our child a shot at life.

  • Fan of both pages already. 🙂 My son was a 25 weeker. He is currently right in the middle of that stage where he wants to chew on EVERYTHING!

  • been a fan of IAPT and just fanned EllieAdorn.
    My baby girl is always trying to cram her fist in her mouth so I think when she gets a little older she will want to be putting everything in that mouth of hers 😉
    She was born at 25 wk 4 dy weighing 2 lb 1 oz and at 6 months (9.5 weeks adjusted) she is over 11 lb’s (I am thinking over 12 lb now, she hasn’t been weighed in a few weeks)

  • Hi, I’m a fan of your FB page, I originally found you through Twitter, I’m mom to 2 preemies, my oldest is James born at 30ish weeks due to severe pre eclampsia who is now 11 and a half, he’s had more than his share of preemie complications that linger to this day. My youngest is Will who is 7 months and was born at 33 weeks due to a complete placental abruption and severe pre eclampsia. Will’s favorite thing is jamming anything he can into his mouth, but won’t eat any food, thankfully he’s a good nurser!

  • I’ve been a fan of Ellie Adorn for a while now! I LOVE the necklaces and am able to look forward to teething because of them!! Would love to win this gift certificate!!
    (I posted this same story on other give away pages, sorry if it’s a duplicate reading to some!)
    Hi – I have been a fan of your facebook page for almost 3 months now. I do quite a bit of browsing but very little posting. It has been hard for me to talk about my “preemie” experience with others, as it was very traumatic and I am still trying to make sense of things. What I do know and what I can say is that I have been blessed with a miracle. My precious Zoe Love was born 11.20.10, at 28 weeks and 5 days weighing 2 pounds, 11 ounces. She spent her first week on the vent and oscillator. We were in the NICU a total of 65 long, grueling and heart wrenching days. We’ve seen it all and had all of the scares including a suspected Grade III IVH and a moderate PDA with questionable murmur. But through the power of what we believe is love and prayer all of the initial concerns have miraculously resolved themselves. Our “preemie-donna” is now a healthy 5 pounds, 4 ounces and 8 days old adjusted! The only major continuing concern we have is her reflux. We stayed an extra 10 days in the NICU because of her slow eating habits. She still has trouble with her suck, swallow, breath reflex and is still spitting up at almost every feeding. We have thickened her breast milk with so much rice cereal that her pediatrician and I joke that we are going to be spoon feeding her soon! I would love an opportunity to participate in all of your giveaways and have entered as many as possible.
    I know I have not done my Love’s preemie story justice in this short synopsis. It’s hard for me to think back on my days on bed rest in the hospital and her labor and delivery without my eyes and heart swelling in sadness. One day I hope that I am as strong as she is and will be able to share her story with the world.

  • Love this idea, my little girl is just starting to teeth and wants to chew on everything!!!! I am a proud single Mom of a preemie named Samantha, She was born at 30 weeks, 3.1 lbs and now is 5 months old but still on a apnea/heart monitor, reflux issues. She is getting stronger and bigger every day. She was my little miracle she stayed in …NICU 6 weeks and I was in the hospital 2 weeks after 1 1/2 months of bed rest.

  • Fan of both pages!
    I remember seeing these necklaces on your store site when I first found you…they really are an awesome idea! I haven’t had the pleasure of a teething baby yet…but I will soon ;p so one of these would be great to have. Thanks!

  • Also spreading the word via facebook to all my preemie mom friends:

    “Preemie parents…check out this blog 🙂 She’s having some awesome giveaways just for parents of preemies! 🙂
    It’s a preemie thing blog –

  • […] EllieAdorn Mama Necklace $25 Gift Certificate Giveaway […]

  • Already a friend of both pages…. and spreading the word. Would love to win, even though Austin is still a while from teething. 🙂

  • I fanned Ellieadorn on FB and let them know yuo sent me!

    I found you thru BBc and the preemie parenting board!

  • I fanned Ellieadorn on FB and let them know yuo sent me!

    I found you thru BBc and the preemie parenting board! I have a 32weeker who is now 1!!!

  • Tweeted about giveaway!

  • I am a fan of both sites. I may have actually found a preemie thing from EllieAdorn. I am finding my preemie’s hands attached to my necklace more and more. Ahh.

  • @beansprts tweeted @apreemiething http://bit.ly/g5nEbY

  • … you’re probably getting sick of hearing about my preemie on each entry… but at 9 1/2 months (came at 32 weeks), Anni loves to tug, pull and chew as she falls asleep… so I would love to buy a necklace from EllieAdorn :).

  • My daughter is now 5 months, 2 months adjusted. She was born at 26 weeks and since birth her left hand was jokingly called her “naughty” hand, because that was the hand that was constantly pulling out IV’s and vent tubes:-) Thankfully, iv’s and tubes are things of the past, but her new game is to pull off the electrodes from her apnea monitor. Recently, her chubby little naughty hand has discovered mommy’s necklace, and its just a matter of time before it becomes a chew toy 🙂

  • I have Fan’d both pages, yours a while ago now… Getting impatient on waiting for my Paisley Pull Hubby let me order.. McKayla is chewing Our shirts and we’re starting to feel like were drowning in drool! I know she’ll love the Necklace when it gets here!! She’s 5 1/2 months (BA) 3 1/2 (AA) now and this tooth she’s getting may drive us nuts! Mommy and Daddy that is!! She was born at 31 wks. due to a placental abruption. I have told this story somewhere here before and don’t want to sound like a broken record to you! Love your stuff!!

  • Lexi was born at 28 weeks and 1 day. She weighed 2 pds 5 oz and was 14 3/4″ long. She spent 52 days in the NICU. She was a fighter from the start. She only needed the vent the first day and stayed on the CPAP for several weeks due to Apnea issues. This was taken away about 2 weeks before she came home. Only one blood transfusion and her PDA healed itself by the time she was due to actually be born. What a miracle we have. She is a happy and mostly all smiles these days. She weighs 14 pounds and is 25″ long and is now 7 months or 4 months adjusted.

  • * Liked both FB pages! These are awesome… my lil teething monster would love one!
    * Posted on my blog and shared on FB!
    * My preemie is 8 month old Aiden. He was born 12 weeks early due to placental abrubtion. He spent 2 months in the NICU. He was also born with a cleft lip and palate. He had a partial nose/ lip repair this past November. His next surgery is scheduled for May, with another following in the Fall of this year! My litle man has been through so much and still has a LONG road ahead of him. But he is a trooper and mommy’s little hero!!

  • Hello again, I like this page too – I think I got her to 1000 likes 🙂 I would like to enter this contest also. My son was born 12/18/09 and is doing great. He currently has 9 teeth and getting 3 more and is a drool machine, everything goes in his mouth. These necklaces look great!

  • My Ella Rose was born on September 11, 2010 at 32 weeks because I developed severe preeclampsia. She was such a fighter and never needed to be on oxygen. Just 30 days in NICU to gain weight and we got to bring her home. Now at 5 1/2 months (3 1/2 adjusted) she has started to find mommy’s necklace and glasses! A necklace from you guys would be amazing!

  • Love these necklesses, i have one already and would love to get more. My Son was born at 32weeks and spent 36days in the NICU.

  • Such a great idea and product!!!! Love these! Check them out. EllieAdorn – Momma Necklace $25 gift certificate : http://blog.itsapreemiething.com/2011/02/ellieadorn/

    Just Tweeted!

  • fan of both pages. my 29 weeker, who is now 11 months, is a hugely active nurser so i would LOVE a nursing necklace to keep him occupied!

  • I was already a fan of both pages – and found you just by searching “preemie” on FB. I would love to win the necklace! My water broke at just 23 weeks and I’ve been in the hospital since….53 days and counting! My baby will be delivered at 34 weeks (if I can make it that long). It’s been a long road – but I’m just thankful that I’ve been able to remain pregnant for this long. Thanks!

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